10 Best Promotion Gifts for Colleagues

Witnessing our colleagues, coworkers, or closest mate one step further on their career ladder is a matter of pride for us and we need to celebrate it. They invest all their effort and work to be the best and upgrading their position which they have been waiting for. Promotional gifts are an incredible way to celebrate and connect with colleagues in their special milestones, and make them feel engaged and appreciated.

But we know that there are lots of prizes to choose from and prices vary. It is our pleasure in this article to offer some suggestions for the best promotional gift ideas you can choose from.

Would you congratulate someone that get a job promotion?

Everyone who receives a promotion in their job is the result of their hard work and dedication. It is only appropriate that colleagues, close friends, partners, or family celebrate their success when they take a higher level. Starting from giving congratulations messages, holding surprise parties, to choosing and giving promotion gifts.

When people get their promotion is appreciated, they will be excited to take on their new position and try their best to carry out their responsibilities. Our messages are memorable for them and foster a new enthusiasm to succeed in whatever new things they do. So, it's a good thing to congratulate someone who is being promoted.

How do you celebrate someone's promotion?

Besides giving promotion gifts, there are many things that can be done to celebrate someone being promoted. While each worker has different preferences, you can adjust to what they like while thinking of less complicated activities. Here is the list to celebrate your colleagues' promotions.

  1. Congratulatory messages

It's a good company culture because it involves all workers up to top management to share the congratulatory messages and best hopes to the one being promoted. You can provide handwritten notes or custom promotion cards so they can be stored and placed on their desk. Don't forget to congratulate them personally with a playful and casual tone and put a smile on the colleague's face.

  1. Social media recognition

Mentioning them via social media is a great way to appreciate the team's efforts and congratulate them personally. You can post in stories or take photos together when they get the promotion. Many people will feel flattered because they feel cared for about their journey to the point of promotion, and feel appreciated because you are one of their best colleagues.

  1. Team lunch

Mentioning them via social media is a great way to appreciate the team's efforts and congratulate them personally. You can post in stories or take photos together when they get the promotion. Many people will feel flattered because they feel cared for about their journey to the point of promotion, and feel appreciated because you are one of their best colleagues.

  1. Weekend adventure

As a colleague and best friend at work, you can prepare special trips on weekends according to your budget. You can invite the promoted employee for spa, massage, hiking, fishing, or whatever makes them feel relaxed and having fun.

Now we will go over some promotion gifts ideas that are suitable for your colleagues.

10 best promotion gifts for colleagues

  1. Customized mug

Mugs with congratulations messages or words of encouragement to always fill the Promoted Employee's day with enthusiasm. Mugs can be used for drinking regularly while in the office. You can choose between stainless steel or ceramic mugs. You can choose words like "the best employee" or "next level of being awesome" and other words that can lift their spirits to be the best.

  1. Carry on bag

The carry on bag is a high quality bag that is spacious and attractive. With the choice of vintage leather hues, you can give promotion gifts with an elegant and luxurious impression. You can customize it with a logo, laser engraving initials, or a photo on the bag to give it a personal impression.

  1. Wine and glasses
promotion gift

Have you ever imagined getting your favorite wine and glass, but as personalized items? Design Your Own Wine is the answer to that. You can choose the best wine and the right glass, then you can customize it with a name, photo or promotion date. Design Your Own Wine is an expert in making the best personalized gift for all over the world. With us, you can get the best give that creates a beautiful memory for your colleagues.

Wine is one of the best gifts because it is a symbol of uniqueness, integrity and prestige. Your colleagues will feel honored with the personalized wine and glasses that you give.

  1. Family travel map

New promotion means new opportunity. You can provide a personalized family travel map with some bucket-list destinations. With so many pins are added, they will admire the adventures and memorize each place. It's a great gift for someone who loves to travel and wants to go further to fulfill their dreams.

  1. Eco-friendly plant pot

Potted flowers or greenery will give a new look to the desk with their promotion. The eco-friendly pot is designed for minimal environmental impact and optimal drainage for maximum durability. With something green in their desk, it will lift up their spirits.

  1. Headphones

Sometimes work can accumulate fatigue and stress. Bluetooth headphones are the best choice for relaxing your colleague to heep your colleague connected and productive. Life will be easier when they have hands-free gadgets while listening to their favorite songs.

  1. Perfumed candle

A perfumed candle will create a relaxing ambiance in the office room. The relaxed experience arises from candles scented in bargamot mixes, orange, grapefruit, or any fruit scent available. It will be the best thing to have when colleagues are on a hectic day and want something that can relax them and make them calm.

  1. Computer briefcase

A busy professional who has just received a promotion will be delighted to get a computer briefcase which provides a padded laptop compartment that ensures protection for the device. The spacious design can store many essentials needed, starting from notes, cell phones, stationery, to several books.

  1. Wireless charging stand

It's a great gift with a combination of today's technology, which is a wireless charging stand with a compact size and sleek design. It has 15W power output with fast and efficient charging. It will be reliable for any workspace and is an option for colleagues to charge their cell phones.

  1. Aromatic oil diffuser

The bamboo oil diffuser with various kinds of aromatics will give you an elegant look and an eco-friendly design. The diffuser will turn essential oils into a mist and create a rejuvenating and relaxing atmosphere in a room. The large water tank can run up to 10 hours. The diffuser features LED light in multiple colors, allowing colleagues to customize according to their preference.


Promotion is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated, as colleagues are proud of their achievements and hope they continue to perform their best. With various kinds of promotional gifts that you can choose from, of course you will provide goods that are versatile and memorable for them. The way you celebrate and congratulate them is how you recognize their efforts and talents, and your gifts are symbols of your appreciation for them.

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