12 Awesome Coworker Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

The journey at the office is up and down like a roller coaster, and there are coworkers who accompany us when we are happy, sad, fail, or succeed. Remembering the kindness of coworkers for our success and progress at the office, makes us need to think about what gifts are appropriate for our lovely coworkers. Gifts are appropriate objects which you deliver admiration, appreciation, and gratitude for the friendships and collaborations your colleagues provide. Let's take a look at coworker gift ideas that can enhance coworker connections, boost morale, and simply make them happy.

Do you give gifts to coworkers?

Gift giving is a form of appreciation or a reminder that you enjoy working with your colleagues. It's okay if you want to give employees a gift and they are ready to accept it. You can give a limited number of gifts only to coworkers who are close to you, or have helped you in times of trouble. You can choose to give it in person at the office, or have it delivered to their house.

Should I buy gifts for colleagues?

Buying gifts for coworkers is acceptable, but you need to know the policies of the company. Sometimes a company has its own rules about giving gifts to anyone in the office. Ensure you ask your supervisor about the appropriateness, value, and timing in terms of the gifts you want to give to anyone in the office.

This is to ensure that you are not seen by other workers as trying to buy a shortcut into a promotion. If you want to give gifts to managers, supervisors, or department heads, ensure you give them outside of the office and explain what you mean by giving them.

12 best coworker gift ideas in 2023

Let's dive into the 12 best coworker gift ideas in 2023 to bring your shopping experience and find excellent gifts for your buddies at work.

  1. Custom champagne & wine gifts

Champagne & wine are luxury gifts to coworkers as a token of gratitude and the professional connections with them are essential in your eyes. Champagne & wine can be given in special occasions, like promotion, birthday, retirement, or events like mid-autumn festival, thanksgiving, new years eve, etc. What's interesting about this gift is that you can customize the bottle and glasses with engraved photos, dates, names, and quotes.

Coworker Gift Ideas

Design Your Own Wine is the best place to get a personalized champagne & wine gift as the most heart warming gift you've ever given. Since 2012, Design Your Own Wine has been on a mission to make the best personalized gift for everyone in the world. Choose the champagne or wine for your coworkers, and make a beautiful memory with them.

  1. Goodies and drinks

Send coworkers a mix of goodies and drinks that they can enjoy on the go, at the office or at home. Cookies, biscuits, chocolates, honey, are some choices of goodies, and coffee, green tea, herbal tea, milk are some choices of drinks that you can choose. It's a perfect blend of pleasure and convenience. Your coworkers will love it because they can taste the nutritious food while working, and provide healthy drinks according to their preferences.

  1. Personalized leather bag

A vintage leather bag is an elegant and classy gift and it's perfect for a trip to the weekend getaway. Your coworkers will appreciate this gift because the leather bag is spacious, allowing them to pack everything they need when traveling. Engraving the name on the front of the bag will add value to your gift, because it can be a memorable gift with their name on it.

  1. Custom fruit infuser bottle

Sometimes our coworkers want drinks with various flavors, but they want these drinks to be healthy and not contain added sugar or preservatives. A glass infuser is a great gift with the ability to transform water and cold drinks into flavor sensations. The water bottle is durable and practical for use every day at work or at home.

  1. Tech lovers box

Especially for tech lovers, give a box full of new tech or the work needs of your coworkers to stay connected and improve their productivity. Choose several items such as leather mousepad, wireless keyboard, portable charger, cable organizer, blue light blocking glasses, wireless mouse, wireless headphones, etc. Your coworkers will be happy when you think about the convenience of their work, and you will support their progress in their development.

  1. A relaxing experience

An experience-based gift is one type of gift that can be a relaxing getaway for your coworkers. Sometimes coworkers will seem tired of their work, stressed, and need time off. Give them a relaxing experience by inviting them to have a spa, massage, sauna, or other relaxing stuff they want to have.

  1. 1000 piece custom puzzle

A 1000 piece of puzzle might be overwhelming, but it's fun and can be a memorable gift for coworkers. You can send a giant puzzle printed with a picture or photo of your choice. Your coworker will be excited to complete a puzzle that no one has ever solved, because the design is customized. The large size of the puzzle can be displayed and pasted on by the recipient after it is finished, making it a gift that your coworker will always remember.

  1. 3D puzzle

For coworkers who like solving puzzles, there is another puzzle that can keep any curious mind busy for as long as they need. A classic 3D wooden puzzle can be a quick and enriching break for coworkers, and can be a suitable decoration on their desk. There are many choices of wooden game puzzles made of solid wood, the surface is very smooth and suitable for any finger movement. Coworkers will never get tired of playing this 3D puzzle in their free time.

  1. Glass desk frame

The minimalist frame with the best group photo when you and coworkers do a company retreat or team-building event. Coworkers can put the glass desk fame on their work desk or at home. The design will blend with any decor, no matter what room they want to display it in. This is a perfect going away gift or retirement gift, because coworkers will remember you and have gone through many things together while at the office.

  1. Cane massager

Most people will feel an afternoon back and neck after a few hours of sitting and focusing on getting their work done. The cane massager can bring relief to any neck or back pain in no time. This self-massage tool has several knobs that can be massaged into muscular nooks and crannies, and the shape makes it easy for the user to control the pressure and intensity.

The cane massager is durable even though the coworker pal leans in with their full power. The plastic won't bend or snap, and is suitable as a relaxation tool when in the office.

  1. Smart coffee warmer

If you work with someone who always prepares their morning drink like coffee or tea, the smart coffee warmer will be your best gift for them. Sometimes someone will forget when they made hot coffee or hot tea, and leave their drink cold because they have to finish the job right away. With a coffee warmer, coworkers can consistently keep their coffee or tea hot for hours. This warmer will fit on any desk or side table, and is compatible for any mug.

  1. Cold brew coffee maker

But what about coworkers who prefer cold brew over hot coffee? Don't worry, because you can give a cold brew coffee maker as a gift. Cold brew is concentrated coffee brewed without any heat. To make it, coffee grounds must be left at room-temperature with cold water and left to soak 24 to 36 hours before the liquid is strained.

The cold brew maker is suitable to be placed on the office desk or in the kitchen because you can choose a size that is not up to 9 inches tall. This tool is small but mighty for making smooth coffee in the easiest way.

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Many people feel happy and enthusiastic when there are coworkers who can support them in their work or become good friends outside the office. Giving gifts to coworkers is something to think about carefully to show our gratitude and how much we love them. Hopefully our coworker gift ideas can help you choose the best gift for your pal, and strengthen your relationship with them.


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