12 Best Gift to Employees as Appreciation for Their Hard Work

Did you know that gifts to employees have many benefits for the business progress? There's a lot of positive reactions when employees receive gifts from their company and provide a positive impact to the company. You need to choose the right time to give a gift to employees, such as during employee anniversaries, celebrating big or small milestones, welcoming new employees, promotions, or anything to show you care about them, and appreciate employees' hard work. Choosing gifts for employees seems like an easy task, but with a bit of planning and forethought, you can give simple gifts to be meaningful for your employees.

What are the benefits of gift giving?

We know that giving gifts is always appreciated, because it makes the giver and receiver feel closer to each other. Gifts can be a way to show how much you care about them, and if the office gives a gift to employees, that means the company cares about their team members. The recipient will get happy memories from whatever they get, making them more enthusiastic to contribute and focus on company goals. Giving gifts makes you more grateful to have a team that is solid, talented, and always strives for the best for organization.

Why gifting your employees matters?

A gift to employees can improve relationships between employees and higher-ups, there will be no social gaps and will increase retention. Employees will feel at home in the office and try their best to achieve company goals.

There are many positive impacts that both employees and the company get, when both can appreciate each other. Any gift matters, but you need to choose gifts that are suitable for employees. Don't give cheap or useless gifts, because you want to show that you appreciate your employees' hard work by giving the best gifts.

The top 12 gift to employees as appreciation for their hard work

We have collected several best gifts for employees to create a memorable experience for the recipients. Any gifts you choose below will be a source of enthusiasm for employees, and will bring many good impacts to the work environment.

  1. Custom engraved wine & champagne bottles

Wine & champagne is a symbol of success, celebration, elegance and luxury. Custom engraved wine & champagne bottles are the perfect gift to celebrate the best employee of the year, or employees with the hardest dedication to the company and bring many good impacts to the company's progress. You can get the best custom wine with engraving gift from DesignYourOwnWine.

Gift to Employees

Wine bottles can come with matching wine glasses, and add a photo or name of the recipient in the middle of the bottle and glasses. There are many choices of famous wine & champagne at DesignYourOwnWine, as well as high-quality seasonal fruits, hampers, and can be placed in a wooden box or any box that matches the color of the wine or champagne. Get the best wine & champagne gift set and make employees never forget this gift.

  1. Gourmet sweets

Something sweet is always appreciated when you give it to anyone. THe gourmet sweets gifts are enough to share with friends and family. Many choices of sweets and treats to please everyone, such as gourmet nuts and cheeses, fresh fruit, cupcakes, chocolate, cookies, or healthy selections like fresh meat and meals. Ensure any selections you choose are safe for recipients, allergen-friendly and adjusted to dietary considerations.

  1. Fun desk items

Any desk items to support employee work can be useful gifts ever. Provide fun desk items such as desk fans, mug warmers, stress balls, or charging stations. For example, mug warmers can keep beverages at a desired temperature, for employees who often forget their drinks because they have to complete projects. Several unique and useful items will increase employee enthusiasm to continue to focus on their work, while creating a sense of fun in your office.

  1. Noise canceling headphones

Depending on where your office building is located, sometimes the environment around the office makes noise and can disturb workers' concentration. By providing headphones with good quality, you can turn a noisy office into a quiet one. Employees can be more comfortable with less distraction and more fun with their work. Some headphones can be personalized with company logo or soft case for easy use.

  1. Spa relaxation gift

Every employee certainly feels overwhelmed with their work or burnt out. Give employees something that can reduce their stress and tension after long hours of work. Give a relaxation gift such as a spa gift box with coconut bath soak, soy wax candle, body lotion, body sea sponge, shampoo and conditioner to bring self-care and the next level of relaxation when employees are at home.

  1. Culinary box

For employees who are good at cooking, you can give a culinary box with some exotic spices and kitchen necessities to give recipients the opportunity to create a new menu that they have never made before. Some cooking ingredients that are good as gifts are organic extra virgin olive oil, garlic & rosemary sea salt, and 5 or 10 different handmade spices.

  1. Engraved ballpoint pen

A pen can be a meaningful gift when you can make it personalized. Every employee will think about the company that has provided laser-engraved ballpoint pens that can be personalized with any logo, name, or slogan. The ballpoint pen can be used in the office or at home, with several color and font options to suit the recipient's personal style.

  1. Cushy foot rest

An upright body posture and comfortable feet while working are factors in maintaining focused performance. The cushiony foot rest is the perfect gift for employees whose feet always feel tired after working for a long time. The foot rest fits under a desk, and helps recipients to get a comfortable position when sitting all day. Their feet will get soft space to rest and comfort while working. The foot rest has different sizes to accommodate employees of different heights.

  1. Bean box coffee sampler

Coffee lovers will love this gift, because it contains several whole beans or freshly ground coffee, an artisan treat, and tasting notes. This set of four curated coffees can help employees to get through a long day of work or meetings, with unique and tasty coffee flavors. You can add a cold brew machine in the office to facilitate every employee who wants to enjoy coffee in the morning before they start to work.

  1. Desktop vacuum cleaner

Cleanliness of the work desk can be a constant need for some employees. With a desktop vacuum cleaner, employees can clean the corners of desks, laptops, or several parts of the table from crumbs or dirt. The mini vacuum is USB chargeable and comes with a nozzle and brush to fit hard-to-reach places. It might be a mini gift, but very useful for keeping employee desks clean.

  1. Lap desk with support cushion

Treat your remote worker colleagues to a lap desk that can prop their laptop at a perfect angle, so they can work comfortably on their bed or couch. A cushion on a lap desk can help employees stay comfortable while typing. The lap desk features a first pad, a device holder, storage pocket, and a comfortable lap cushion for the comfort of remote workers while working wherever they want.

  1. Personal development gift

Employees will feel more appreciated when they get the opportunity to develop and learn new things in their field of work. Give your employees new books, courses, seminars, or new assignments that they have never tried before. Employees will be grateful for whatever the company provides for their improvement, because it can have a good effect on the company's progress and their self-improvement.

Unique Ways To Celebrate Job Promotions on Your Team

We need to appreciate employees who give full dedication to the company's progress and have achieved many accomplishments until now. Show your gratitude by giving the best gift to them which you can choose from the options above. Giving gifts to employees will bring many benefits to the company. Some of them are high retention, employees will maintain their good performances, inspiration for employees who want to achieve the same achievements as their coworkers, and positive culture to always appreciate anyone who makes a contribution in the office.

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