12 Best Wine Gift Boxes in 2023

Did you know that wine is the perfect gift to give? Wine has always been associated with the royal and divine spheres, making wine a luxury gift for anyone special in your life. Giving wine gift boxes is a symbol of uniqueness, wealth, prestige, and integrity. You can choose an engraved wine box or a wine set that is suitable for special occasions. But before you choose wine for a special gift, you need to know several reasons why you choose wine and how wine can be a memorable and meaningful gift.

Is wine bottle a good gift?

Wine bottles are not only a good gift, but can be a perfect gift for a celebration, promotion, retirement, party, anniversary, dinner or other special occasion. The secret fact is, if you give a wine bottle as a gift, it's a way to ensure you will be invited to other future events. Another reason why wine bottles can be good gifts is that wine can be stored for a long time. As you know, the longer wine is stored, the more distinctive it will taste.

What is considered a good wine gift?

There's a lot of famous wine choices that you can choose from. If you have a favorite wine, you can choose it as a special gift, but it will be more memorable if you give wine according to the recipient's preferences.

Perrier-Jouët, Moët & Chandon, Cloudy Bay, Veuve Clicquot, Krug Grande Cuvee, are some famous wines that you can choose from from mid-range to high end. Do not choose the cheapest wine that you have never tried before, because cheap wine will taste cheap. A special person deserves a special wine, or at least you can give decent wine at a reasonable price.

You can also choose wine by considering the season. Picking wines by the season will predict like in summer, you will choose wine with something lighter than you do in the winter. Or if you are still confused, don't be shy to ask the liquor store for which wine is suitable for a special occasion with some of the criteria you need.

12 best wine gift boxes in 2023

Wine Gift Boxes

Now we know that wine can be an outstanding gift that can be given to anyone at any event or cause. A wine gift box is a budle packed with a wine bottle or other wine accessories. Wine gift boxes make perfect celebration gifts, retirement gifts, corporate gifts, or any other special day that everyone will appreciate more than a common gift. Let's take a look at some wine gift ideas that are popular in 2023.

  1. Wine time capsule

As the name implies, capsule type wine contains set wine for 3 different times, waiting for the opening of memories and the future. This gift box is suitable for newly married couples, because the first wine is opened for the 1st anniversary as the beginning of the story, the second wine for the 5th year as a continuation of love blossoming, and the third wine for the 10th year as a step closer to eternity.

You can get wine time capsules from Design Your Own Wine, since 2012 they have been making outstanding wine gifts for any special occasion. The box can be filled with surface name and time customization, making the gift box more personal.

  1. Work anniversary gift

You can celebrate employee's hard work by giving this wine gift set. Choose a wine suitable for a celebration and fill the set with a non-alcoholic beverage, fun party favors, tumbler and gift card. Your employees will feel honored with the gift set you provide, while celebrating work anniversary together with them and staying hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Beer club membership

For wine lovers, they will develop the palate and look for wine varieties that they can make their favorites. You can choose friends, family members, or coworkers to get the beer club membership. The membership will deliver 8-16 delicious brews from the craft beer scene pool every month, so recipients can try a few new beers over a glass of cabernet. Even though this is not a wine box, this gift set is an alternative wine box for apra beer drinkers who want to try new alcoholic experiences from various countries.

  1. Engraving wine and bottle gift set

Imagine you get your favorite wine along with a glass that matches the wine style. It will be amazing if you receive a wine bottle and glasses with your photo, name, or wedding anniversary in the center of the bottle and glass. Design Your Own Wine is the best place to get engraving wine bottles & glasses, because there are many choices of glasses, as well as famous wines from all over the world. Get your best choice of wine and mix it with a wine glass that suits the recipient's preferences.

  1. Meat and cheese with wine

A wine gift set will feel more premium if packed with savory delights such as cheese, spicy sausage and sweet honey hot mustard. What's unique in this box is that we can taste savory delights with a wine, to turn the recipient's kitchen or living room into a cozy wine tasting room with savory snacks. Recipients can serve up elegance and finesse of creamy cheese and savory salami, and ready-made wine in several glasses. Makes the party even more special and memorable.

  1. Virtual wine tasting box

What if you want to give your co-workers as remote workers? The answers is a virtual wine tasting box. The recipients can enjoy the best wine offered by small wineries without having to leave their homes. The box will feature several selected wines or other things selected by the sender such as gourmet food or accessories. You can send directly to coworkers' addresses with safe delivery and stunning box contents.

  1. Wine box subscription

The wine subscription will give recipients about your choice from 1-3 month supply of recipient's specific preferences. A gift like this gives the recipient the freedom to decide which wine suits them best with detailed feedback to get the bottles they want. Choose a wine box subscription that can provide many palate preferences and there is an expert team ready to guide recipients to choose which wine suits their taste.

  1. Wooden wine box

The deluxe wooden box can add elegance to the wine you choose for the recipient. A wooden box can be a perfect vessel for a luxury gift like wine, especially if you add your name, date and name as the sender. Wooden boxes and wine can be stored for a long time, let the recipient open them whenever they want. The presentation will look amazing and will make an unforgettable impression on the recipient.

Top 10 Luxury Gift Boxes for Someone Important

  1. Wedding wine box

Wine gift boxes can be given specifically to wedding couples by adding personalized letters, wine glasses, small gifts, and more. Even though your arrival at their wedding is a memorable thing, you can add a letter by showing that you are also happy with their next chapter of life. You can put wine, letters, and other items in a customized wooden box and wrap it like a gift.

  1. Wine and chocolates

A box of chocolates can bring joy to whoever receives it. But don't forget that our main gift is wine in a bottle or color that matches the chocolate you choose. Dark chocolate is the perfect pairing for red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon. Let the recipients taste the bitter sweet from the chocolate and continue with a sip of red wine to make their night more delightful.

  1. Wine and books

For someone who likes to read, you can think of a wine gift box containing the recipient's favorite wine and a book. You can choose books about self-development, novels, or books about wine that can excite the recipient to read the book while tasting the wine you provide. Combining wine and books are two of the best things for people with a passion for reading.

  1. DIY wine basket gift

First, choose 1-4 bottles of the highest quality wine. Choose decorative items for the basket, like a hand towel to put in front of the basket. Add a delicious dip like chips, crackers, or veggies, and don't forget to put organic cheese and cheese spreaders. Get creative to install some of the items you choose by adjusting the colors, adding ribbons, or any fun festive decor item to make the wine basket more beautiful.


Wine is a luxury gift that you can choose and combine with other items to become wine gift boxes. Wine is a symbol for celebration, prestige, luxury, which can bring joy to the recipient. Ensure you can choose the best quality wine and combine it with several selected items to make it more memorable and suitable for any special occasion.

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