15 Best Chinese New Year Gifts for Friends and Family

Maybe you think that gift giving is over after December and New Year, but that's not true. We still have Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year to prepare for. This holiday is the right time to get all the good vibes, like happiness, prosperity, and great health for the year ahead. But what we need to think about now is what we have prepared for Chinese New Year gifts.

Giving red envelopes with cash inside is the usual and traditional thing, but you can give something more like a gift box or personalized items for your loved ones. Here we have prepared for you the best list of Chinese New Year Gifts for various budgets, so that you can consider what you can give to your family or friends on this day.

Should you bring a gift to a Chinese New Year party?

The tradition about Chinese New Year is gathering with family and friends. Even though the host says you don't need to bring gifts, you can always bring proper presents to give to someone you want. Every gift on Chinese New Year is appreciated, just as you can receive gifts from anyone on that day.

What is the traditional gift for Chinese New Year?

Every Chinese New Year you will always see red envelopes to give to children. This is a symbol of luck and blessings. Not only envelopes, but almost all items given will be identical to the color red. If you want to give cakes or food, fish, chicken, noodles, dumplings, sticky rice and sweet rice balls are common food gifts during Chinese New Year.

15 best chinese new year gifts for friends and family

Maybe you will be overwhelmed by the many gift choices out there. Apart from that, you also don't want to give the usual gift for a big day like Chinese New Year, because you also want to give the best to the people closest to you. We have collected the best Chinese New Year gifts for you. Let's check it out.

  1. Personalized wine gift set

Are you confused about CNY gifts? Don't worry because you can choose wine as a form of celebration and prosperity. Make this gift more attractive by personalizing it in Design Your Own Wine. You can choose top wine brands such as Calon Ségur, Cloudy Bay, etc. with engraving in the middle of the bottle. Design Your Own Wine has been making the best personalized wine gifts for almost a decade to provide priceless impressions for gift recipients all over the world.

Chinese New Year Gifts

If you want a complete package, choose the best wine, along with the wine glass. Also combine it with a hamper containing fruit and goodies, so that the gift you give is more complete and can be enjoyed directly during the CNY event.

  1. Stuffed dragon

Just giving red envelopes containing money to kids doesn't feel like enough during Chinese New Year. You can add a stuffed dragon, because it's just too cute to pass up. Choose a stuffed dragon with a special design for CNY, made from plush polyester fabric, and with a cute shape that all children will like.

  1. Insulated mug

Mugs are one of the items that will be used every day. An insulated mug is a practical gift that can be used whenever the recipient wants. The mug will be a favorite for everyone who needs a morning drink such as coffee or tea, because the double-walled vacuum insulation can keep drinks cold for up to 6 hours, and hot drinks for up to 8 hours. If you want to give something special for CNY, then you can give a dragon design on the front of the mug.

  1. Embroidery kit

This kit is very suitable for all ages, because it provides the opportunity to learn art, one of which is embroidery. You can choose a kit with instructions, 10 color threads, some embryodery needles, 1 needle threader, and 1 seam ripper. Beginners can also start learning how to stitch techniques, and there is an example practice space with floral patterns for each stitching technique.

  1. Chinese loose leaf tea

Tea means long life in Chinese culture. With that, a loose leaf tea set will be an interesting gift during CNY. It's better for religious tea drinkers by providing a true experience of CNY with distinctive tea flavors. You can give it at the same time as a cute tea pot that can be used for the family.

  1. Fruit baskets

Fruit baskets are an appropriate gift for colleagues or family, and are easy to find in large shops. Apples and oranges are fruits that must be in fruit baskets because they are symbols of safety and fortune. Even though some fruit is seasonal, you can easily provide various types in one basket to give the recipient a choice when enjoying it. Don't forget to design the fruit basket in red, and your best wishes toward the year for the recipient.

  1. Flavored chocolates

Chocolate is everyone's favorite. You can give a nice gift for CNY with a sweet note. Get multi-flavored chocolates like dark, white, matcha, durian, strawberry, and any flavor that can be found in chocolate for cheerfulness and for recipients who have a sweet tooth.

  1. Electronics and gadgets

For tech lovers who like to work even though they are at home, you can provide electronics and gadgets to help their performance. You can provide a portable laptop stand, wireless charger, noise-canceling headphones, Bluetooth speaker, or power bank. Choose some electronics with good function and have a cool and sleek design.

  1. A small trip

If the recipient of the gift is someone who makes an impression on you, you can give an experience gift by giving a short trip to a tourist spot or nature. The small trip gift will unwind them and be the right relaxation to release their stress at work or rejuvenate their mentality. The trip doesn't have to be expensive, but you can give the recipient the opportunity to visit nearby resorts, lakes, or relaxing towns.

  1. Warm clothing

For seniors in your hosts' family, you can provide warm clothing such as gloves, scarf, hat, or clothes with colors that you match to their preferences. Don't forget to choose clothing made from warm materials that are durable for a long time. The beginning of the year is still synonymous with cold weather, so giving warm clothing can be an interesting gift for seniors.

  1. School supplies

For your nephews or friends' children, you can give school supplies such as notebooks, a writing pen, backpack, painting brushes, or books for them to learn something they like. Try asking parents what skills they have, so you can provide school supplies that can suit their hobbies, and can encourage them when they go to school.

  1. Chinese money plant

A Chinese money plant or pilea peperomioides is a pancake plant that is often given during CNY. This eye-catching green beauty is a favorite of many people because of its coin-like shape and easy care. Beginners with minimal experience in caring for plants can also care for this Chinese money plant, because it is pleasing to the eye.

  1. Personalized candle jar

Scented candles are one of the gifts that are often chosen because they can be the right item for relaxation. You can give a personalized candle jar with a dragon image in the middle, as well as best wishes for friends and family on the back.

  1. Festive home décor

You can give CNY decorations and give them before the day arrives. You can give lanterns, paper cuttings featuring zodiac animals, or decorative wall hangings. These decorations can help recipients beautify the atmosphere of the house, as well as infuse the home with the spirit of the festival.

  1. Wellness and relaxation packages

Everyone who throws a party will certainly feel tired and want to relax. You can give relaxation and wellness gifts such as giving aromatherapy sets, spa vouchers and meditation packages to rejuvenate after the festivals.

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Before Chinese New Year arrives, you can choose the best gift for the people closest to you. Even though all gifts for all budgets are acceptable, there's no harm if you want to give special gifts to friends and family. Don't forget to give gifts and cards with your best wishes to the recipient to bring joy and prosperity while celebrating the festival.

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