15 Grand Opening Gift Ideas For New Business Owners

A grand opening is a new step taken by your family, friends, clients or colleagues to start their new business. Opening a new business is a big step for someone to take, because it requires a lot of money, research, courage and other important things. A grand opening gift can be an encouragement for the recipient after struggling to open a business and hopes that the business will run smoothly.

Let's read this article for the best grand opening gift ideas that will leave an excellent impression on the recipient.

Is a grand opening an event?

Yes, a grand opening is a social event created by business owners to introduce their new business to the community. It can include a refreshment, party, or special pricing. For example, for restaurants holding a grand opening, they will use the term "soft opening" to invite special guests to taste their menu or discounts to the public before opening publicly.

What do you give someone who is opening a new business?

It depends on how close you are to someone who is opening the business. You can give gifts according to their new business, to help them with office decoration or new place needs. Sometimes new businesses only have limited items and there are still several important items that they don't have.

You can give a personal gift as a celebration of their success in opening a new business. The gift can be tailored to your budget, or personalized items to be more meaningful for the recipient.

15 grand opening gift ideas for new businesses

With so many gifts you can choose from, the possibilities are endless. Starting from luxury gifts to personalized items, you have to determine the main factor in giving a grand opening gift. Choose a gift that represents prosperity, growth, and a token of appreciation. Some of these things can make your gift leave a lasting impression. Let's take a look for some of the best grand opening gifts ideas.

  1. Business hamper with personalized wine bottle

A fruit hamper or food hamper is a suitable gift for the grand opening of a business. But what makes this gift special is the personalized wine bottle, where you can order a special wine bottle with a photo, date or congratulatory note engraved on the bottle. Choose a favorite wine and a large selection of fruit from any season as a token of appreciation.

grand opening gift ideas

DesignYourOwnWine is a specialist in making engravings on wine bottles & glasses. Since 2012, DesignYourOwnWine has been making personalized wine gift sets for customers all over the world, focusing on making memorable and meaningful gifts for any occasion. Choose the recipient's favorite wine, and complete it with a fruit hamper or other goods.

  1. Business essentials

If the new business opens a new office, consider giving a gift in the form of business essentials to run their business smoothly. The gift can include a desk organizer, office supplies, business card holder, a stylish planner, etc. Helping business owners fulfill their new office needs will give them a great impression, because you are taking part in the smooth running of their new business.

  1. Baked goods or delicious treats

Sometimes at a grand opening party there will be a meal together for important people who are acquaintances of the business owner. Consider gifting the business owner with a box of freshly baked cupcakes or cookies, or a basket of gourmet goodies. This thoughtful gift will be appreciated and enjoyed together.

Don't forget the best wishes at the top of the cake, or a note to show your best wishes for the smooth running of your friend's new business.

  1. Business coaching session

New business owners need a lot of new knowledge before they enter their new field. A session with a business coach can help new business owners to get guidance in running a business, get advice and strategies to strive for the business. Why this gift is good for business owners? Because it gives them the opportunity to share with an experienced business coach to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

  1. A set of entrepreneurial books

Every successful business owner will always increase his knowledge by reading books. Give new business owners the opportunity to read, with a set of books on entrepreneurship. This is the best gift for business owners who seek knowledge and inspiration. Even though new business owners have a lot to think about in order to progress their business, providing a book set will be useful for them in the future. Every business owner needs valuable insights and knowledge about advancing the business.

  1. Office plants and decor

Providing something green in the new office will be a new spirit for business owners. You can choose office plants and decor according to their needs, enhancing the workspace ambiance. Each plant creates a welcoming atmosphere and freshness. Employees also have the opportunity to care for office plants so that they continue to bloom and provide good decoration.

  1. Tech gadgets kit

A kit with tech gadgets to advance a newly opened business. You can provide bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, good quality headphones, charging stations, and anything related to technology to enhance new business efficiency and productivity.

  1. Custom business tote bag

Order a tote bag that can be customized with a business logo or name. After the grand opening party is over, you can use the logo of the new business and print it on the tote bag. Give tote bags as bulk gifts to provide new business opportunities to promote their brand wherever the tote bags you give are used.

  1. Mobile office computer backpack

Business owners are busy people and travel here and there to take care of their business. If business owners need laptops and other luggage every day, the mobile office computer backpack will be a suitable gift for them. The sturdy computer backpack can be filled with work equipment, a special place for a laptop, and ample space for stationery or documents.

  1. Brewer coffee maker

A good business opening must be given a luxurious gift such as a coffee maker. Choose a coffee maker with smart features that can have more than 10 cups of coffee in one brew. Coffee is a morning boost for many employees, because it can increase focus and energize. New business owners will find brewer coffee makers helpful, because they don't need to spend a lot of money on coffee every morning.

  1. LightShare Cherry Blossom Bonsai

New business owners will have a special room for them. Give the LightShare Cherry Blossom Bonsai as a unique lamp to place on your work desk, and you can change the colors according to the mood. The lamp has a timer, to turn it on, so that it adjusts to working time and lights up as needed. The sleek and elegant design makes this lamp look good in any office decor.

  1. Whiteboard and chalkboard

This gift looks simple, but effective for new business owners. Every business will require brainstorming with a team or holding meetings. Both whiteboards and chalkboards are tools for writing ideas, discussions, or solutions in each session. You can choose between a wall-mounted version, or a compact desktop model.

  1. Business management tools or software

A customer relationship management system, project management tool, or social media management software are some of the tools and software needed by new businesses. Giving a subscription for several months will be a help for new entrepreneurs to make their performance easier in organizing any tasks.

  1. Accessories for travel

Sometimes new business owners will often travel for their business needs. You can provide travel accessories such as passport covers, baggage tags, travel cushions, travel bags, which might be handy for professionals who are busy with any appointments.

  1. Powerbank or Wireless portable charger

A fantastic tool for keeping gadgets charged is a power bank or wireless portable charger. This can be a practical and useful gift for new business owners who need their gadgets to always have a full battery. You can make this gift personalized with the recipient's name or their company logo.

What is the Best Gift for New Business Opening in 2024?

New business is a new chapter for the business owner. To encourage and help them in advancing their new business, we need to give grand opening gifts as tokens of appreciation and big hopes for their success. Thinking of a suitable gift is the best thing for the people closest to us, and motivates them to keep going even though there will be many obstacles when running a business.

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