15 Memorable Valentine's Day Gift For Someone You Love

Valentine's day is coming, and of course you have already given the right gift to the special person in your life. Whether it's for your best friend, spouse, wife, husband, or whoever you want to give a gift to on February 14, you will definitely choose the best gift for them. We will make it easier for you to find what you need, by bringing the best Valentine's Day gift ideas so that you can focus more on choosing and preparing the budget before the day arrives. Let's take a look at what you can buy for someone you love on Valentine's Day.

What's the real meaning of Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is a cultural, religious and commercial celebration of love and romance in many regions of the world. On that day, lovers express their affection with gifts and greetings. This is an annual festival to celebrate friendship, admiration, and romantic love.

Do you give gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day is the right day to express love and affection to the loved ones. Gift giving will make the day even more special and memorable. It depends on the individuals and the relationship, because that is how you express affection and love. Every couple has a different way of showing their love, and there's nothing wrong if you want to give gifts on Valentines Day.

How do I choose my Valentine's Day gift?

Valentine's Day is a reminder for everyone that this is the time to express how much we love our partner or best friend. If you're still uncertain about what to give this year, here are some tips for handling Valentine's Day gift giving. 

  1. Make a list of the recipient's interests

Write down whatever the recipients like, from small to large items. Although you don't have to choose everything to give, you can have an idea of what gift the recipient will appreciate.

  1. Memorializing a special moment

Prepare a photo or quote about the recipient's special moment, because a simple gift can be added with nostalgia to make it more memorable.

  1. Experience gift

Sometimes, a gift doesn't have to be a physical item. You can provide a small trip or a new experience that the recipient can enjoy on their day.

  1. Make them laugh

Unique and cute gifts are one way to express your love and become the foundation of your relationship.

15 Memorable Valentine’s Day gift that will lasts forever

Now, we will enter the list of the best gifts that we can give to loved ones. Hopefully our list can help you determine which one is the best and make a good impression on the recipient.

  1. Personalized Champagne Gift Set

Do your loved ones like champagne? So, this will be an excellent and memorable gift for them. The champagne gift set contains your favorite champagne and matching glasses. Not only that, you can provide engraving and color details in the middle of the champagne bottle or glasses with a photo, name or favorite quote for the recipient.

valentines day gift

Design Your Own Wine is the best place to get champagne glasses gifts by giving a personal touch to the champagne of your choice. DYOW Hong Kong champagne bottle engraving has been making the best personalized gifts since 2012, focusing on making every gift full of love and creating everlasting memories for every customer around the world.

  1. Chocolate bouquet

Chocolate is something that is commonly given on Valentine's Day. Make it special by giving a bouquet of chocolates, especially if your lover is a chocolate enthusiast. You can create your own bouquet design, or order it directly with a personalized one to make it more memorable.

  1. Polaroid photos

You can give your loved ones a collection of Polaroid photos with frames that are suitable for room displays or cellphone casing decorations. A polaroid photo can be something memorable, especially if you take a photo of the two of you at a special moment.

  1. Romantic date

A romantic date is an experience gift and a romantic gateway to spend time together to make them feel special. You can book a place at their favorite place, or you can give them a surprise by inviting them to a fancy dinner at a luxury place once in a while.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a popular gift given to partners and lovers on Valentine's Day. Flowers will give a romantic vibe, and natural beauty will never disappoint. Choose flowers in the recipient's favorite color, and wrap it in a mini pot, basket, or unique paper along with other gifts such as chocolates or jewelry.

  1. A memorable event

Invite your partner to see a sports event, favorite band, stand-up comedy, or your favorite place in town. Make it memorable by spending time together, chatting about anything that remembers how long you have been a couple, while experiencing good things together.

  1. Mini oil diffuser

The scent diffuser or mini oil diffuser can be a stress relief and relaxation for anyone who uses it. Spill a few drops of essential oil and fill it with water to enjoy the pleasing aromas that will fill your room in no time. The mini oil diffuser is just over five inches tall, so it can be placed in any room, at any time.

  1. Custom mug

A mug is an object that can be a daily necessity for enjoying warm drinks in the morning such as tea or coffee. By giving them a mug, you can give them something memorable because they will continue to use it when they need it. Give a unique picture, photo or quote that can be engraved in the middle of the mug, so that this gift will be more memorable for the user.

  1. Rose signature candle

Romance moments can be enhanced with the rose signature candle. The scene for romance will be more pronounced with the glow of candlelight. You can make this rose candle the perfect gift for Valentine's Day because it comes with a pink-trimmed, has notes of delicate roses, and can be used by your partner when you want to relax or make the room atmosphere more romantic.

  1. Wireless charging pad

Many people want practicality in storing items such as cellphones, keys, Airpods or reading glasses. With a wireless charging pad, you can provide plenty of space for your stuff while charging your phone simultaneously. The charging pad has an elegant shape and is suitable for placing on a work desk or table in the bedroom.

  1. Shaving set

Let our men have time to shave regularly by providing a shaving set. The stainless steel set will give an elegant and long-lasting impression for our men who need shaving every few days. You can provide a hair shaving brush, a fusion razor, and cream to make it easier for our men when shaving.

  1. Espresso maker

Everyone who likes coffee will definitely like this gift. You can provide an espresso and cappuccino maker with a push of a button. They can combine the flavors they want by mixing espresso with other ingredients such as milk, palm sugar, or anything in their sleeves. Let their day be brighter with an espresso maker because making cappuccino or espresso is as easy as pressing a button.

  1. Instant cameras

For someone who likes capturing memories, you can give instant cameras for documenting everyday life or any social events. The instant camera is easy to use, by having good photo quality for every photo taken. There is always something special about instant film, because the image quality is different from what we take on our smartphone cameras.

  1. Wireless earbuds

A great pair of wireless earbuds can be an interesting gift for music lovers. The wonderful sound quality of wireless earbuds is very suitable for wearers when they want to listen to music while exercising, traveling, or while in the room relaxing. The earbuds work well with Android phones, and can be used with most any Bluetooth device. The passive noise cancellation can be a solution for recipients who want peace of mind and good isolation from the outside world.

  1. Mini waffle maker

Breakfast will be easier when you give a mini waffle maker to your loved ones. The waffle maker makes a unique gift because it is heart-shaped and makes it easy for them to prepare a lovely syrup-soaked breakfast to delight the day. The waffle hearts might be too cheesy for you, but remember that you can give any gift that can make your partner giggle and love you more with little things that matter.


Whatever you choose for Valentine's Day gift, make sure you give it while showing how much you love your loved ones. Adjust it to your budget, and make sure the recipient will be happy with your gift because it matches what they want or need. Don't worry about whatever gift you choose, because every gift will be appreciated. But still choose the best as proof that your love for them is limitless.

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