Best 12 Going Away Gift for Boss

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing for everyone. If you are someone who loves managers, bosses or leaders because they have given you a lot of knowledge and opportunities at work, of course you will feel lost. To treat this feeling, you can think about a going away gift for boss as a form of your gratitude and also want to give an everlasting memory to your relationship with them. You can change from a bittersweet occasion to a happy moment because you understand you will give your best for your boss's departure.

What do we do when our boss is leaving the company?

Everyone has a different reaction when their office friend or boss resigns or leaves the office because of other interests. But especially for employees who have a good connection with their boss, they will certainly feel lost because their mentor or leader will leave the office soon. There are several things you can do when your boss is about to resign or leave the office. Look for opportunities during work time or outside work time to communicate with your boss. Whatever communication you have with them will show how you feel about their departure.

If you feel that communication alone is not enough to heal your feelings of loss for your mentor while you are at the office, you can think about a going away gift for boss as your relief and also as a hope for your boss to always remember you.

Do we need to give our boss a gift when they are leaving?

Your closeness to your boss is the main reason why you should or not give a gift for their departure. Going away gift for boss becomes necessary when you feel that your leader has helped you a lot when you have difficulties, given you a lot of knowledge, and has also been a good work friend throughout your life.

But remember, you cannot give gifts carelessly when you are in the office because there are office regulations. If your workplace allows it, it won't be a problem. If you are not allowed to give any gifts while in the office, you can give them personally while at their home or outside the office. Giving gifts is always appreciated, but also remember business etiquette and company regulations.

Top 12 going away gift for boss that they'll always remember

We have prepared the best going away gift for boss ideas so that neither you nor the recipient will forget the good times you had together and their presence in your life or vice versa.

  1. Wine Portrait Retirement Trophy

For your boss who is ready to retire and has to leave the office to enjoy his old age, give a wine gift to celebrate your boss's success after work plus a personal touch with a portrait of their face in the middle of the wine. At the same time, the trophy case at the bottom of the wine bottle says happy retirement or other engraving according to the design you want.

Going Away Gift for Boss

This gift is the best choice because wine is a luxury drink which also reflects the success of a leader during his tenure. Apart from that, what makes this gift unforgettable is the photo of their face in the middle of the wine bottle and the trophy specially made for the recipient.

You can make this wine gift set at DesignYourOwnWine. We have more than a decade of experience in making personalized wine and champagne gifts with many engraving methods and can be combined with hampers, glasses or other items to give a more elegant gift impression. Choose your best wine that describes your boss's character or his preferences, and engrave it according to the design you want at DesignYourOwnWine.

  1. Succulent gift box

If your boss is someone who likes growing plants at home or in the office, you can give him one of the best houseplants that is suitable as a gift, namely a succulent gift box. You can give this housewarming gift in the most unique shape, easy to care for, and give other items that match the color of the succulent, such as a scented candle, or a toolkit for caring for the succulent.

  1. Signature guestbook

Of course, in the office you are not the only one who wants to say goodbye to the best boss they have ever had. You can choose a gift that can give other employees the opportunity to contribute to it with a signature guestbook. Let each employee write their best wishes for their boss and sign it. This personalized going away gift will provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to convey their impressions and messages to the best boss before they leave for their next chapter of life.

  1. Personalized poster

You can choose a personalized poster containing photos or objects that depict the figure of your boss in the eyes of his employees. You can choose to print the poster on canvas print, metal print, or photographic paper print. Choose your boss's favorite color, and give a quote that will keep them enthusiastic about life after not being in the office.

  1. Insulated tumbler

Do you often see your boss carrying a tumbler everywhere because they like to bring hot or cold drinks to all their activities? Before they leave, you need to give an insulated tumbler as a gift so they can continue their habit of carrying hot coffee or ice water throughout their day outside the office. Every time your boss uses an insulated tumbler, they will certainly remember you as the gift giver.

  1. Neck pillow

Especially for bosses who like to travel, you can give them a neck pillow to make it easier for them to rest during long trips. Relaxing in their seat and being able to take a nap will give them more energy when they arrive at their destination. You can give a neck pillow according to your boss's favorite color for a personal touch.

  1. Self-care items

You can show your gratitude for your boss's services to you while you are at the office by giving self-care items. There are many items that you can give, such as bath bombs, skincare, sunscreen, body soap, facial soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face mask, or therapeutic book.

  1. Mini cocktail kit

For bosses who like to mix their drinks and impress the guess with their signature cocktail, give them a mini cocktail set with a bar spoon, wine stopper, ice filter, ice clip, measuring cup and other equipment. Choose a cocktail set with high quality such as stainless steel so that you provide a set that meets the bartender's standards. You can give some cocktail references that your boss can make so that they can make their own classic drinks for those who come to their house.

  1. Tickets to a sporting event

For bosses who love sporting events, you can give tickets to their favorite club's matches, as well as their favorite player's jersey. This will be a surprise for sports lovers because they have the opportunity to watch their club's matches with full live support. Don't forget to give more than one ticket to a sporting event so that your boss can see their club sport together with their spouse or children.

  1. Back massager heat

For your boss who has long wanted a relaxation tool because they sit in a chair all day, you can give this back massager heat to ease pain and soothe achy muscles. It will be helpful for your boss who no longer has office activities but wants to enjoy their relaxation time whenever they want.

  1. Bike phone mount

Does your boss like cycling in his spare time? Now that your boss is free from work duties, they can cycle whenever they want. You can give this small but useful gift, namely a bike phone mount to make it easier for your boss to place their phone while cycling so they can listen to songs, text, or measure how far they have cycled. This phone holder ensures that your boss stays in touch with their phone while cycling.

  1. Golf trunk organizer storage

One of the hobbies of bosses who have passed their tenure is playing golf. If you think golf bars or golf equipment are still quite expensive, then you can give golf trunk organizer storage to make it easier for your boss to pack their stuff before going to do their hobby. The storage has enough space for gloves, tees, balls, and even their sunglasses.

10 Meaningful Retirement Gifts for Boss

What about our list of the best gifts that are suitable for your boss? We have thought about everything from hobbies, routines, to your boss's interests. Don't forget to make the gift you choose more personal with engraving or card notes as a sign of how much your boss means to you.

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