Best Farewell Gifts Ideas for Seniors

Saying goodbye to coworkers who have worked together for a long time is never easy. Especially when seniors are leaving the office due to retirement or other matters, it breaks our hearts, but we still have to cheer them up for their best of luck after not working in the same place. The closer we are to our seniors, the more we want to choose memorable and useful farewell gifts.

Even though there are many options available today, you don't need to be confused because we have prepared several gift ideas by ensuring the gift is unique and different from the usual gifts. Stay tuned until the end.

What is a farewell gift?

It's a gift given to someone who will be leaving the office. Some gifts that are often given as leaving presents are clothing, jewelery, household gadgets, stationery, fragrances, appliances, etc. Someone can leave the office for various matters, such as moving assignments to another city, getting married, retirement, family needs, or having a personal business.

Do you give a gift at a farewell?

Yes, especially if we are close to seniors and feel lost when they are no longer in the same workplace. If you care for seniors, and they also care for you, then both will left with memories. Giving farewell gifts will help seniors remember how missed they are.

As coworkers who are good and have a good relationship with seniors, of course it will be hard if we say goodbye. We try not to say goodbye, because goodbye means forgetting. By giving proper gifts that are useful and meaningful to seniors, seniors can remember us.

10 best going away & farewell gifts for seniors

We have prepared many gift ideas that are suitable for seniors, and neither of you will be forgetting any moment in the same office. Let's take a look at some memorable and unique seniors farewell gifts.

  1. Signature guestbook

The concept of this gift is the same as kids signing on a large canvas when they are going to say goodbye to their beloved school. The signature guestbook can be used to write short messages for seniors and your signature. It's a personalized gift that gives all coworkers the opportunity to convey their last message to seniors before they continue their life in a different place.

  1. Wine barrel hanging bar

The wine barrel that hangs in the living room to put your favorite wine is a classic and elegant gift to give. The hanging bar is unique and stylish for seniors who occasionally want to taste their favorite wine. This item is personalized because you can add their name and special date onto the wood and with the desired font style.

  1. Personalized wine bottle & glasses

After the hanging bar, a suitable gift is a personalized wine bottle and glasses. Imagine you get your favorite wine with a photo, name or date on the front of the bottle, it will be memorable and unique for the gift recipient. Design Your Own Wine is your place to order personalized wine bottles or personalized wine glasses with the design you want. Since 2012, Design Your Own Wine has been making outstanding personalized gifts around the world.

Farewell gifts

All you need to do is choose your seniors' favorite wine and a suitable glass, then explain what design you want. Get a personalized wine bottle with stunning results and become memorable items for seniors.

  1. Personalized poster

The personalized poster can be customized according to the material you want, starting from canvas print, metal print, or photographic paper print. Choose a design or picture from seniors that is suitable for making a poster, don't forget to give best wishes inside the poster. If seniors are managers or bosses, then you can put a quote about mentorship or an expression of how amazing they are as a leader.

The Perfect Retirement Gift For Boss

  1. Musical jewelry box

When we think about seniors, we will think about classic items. Musical jewelry box will make an amazing impression, because it has intricate design, detailing, and their favorite music when seniors lift the lid. By knowing their favorite song and classifying jewelry box, it's a perfect give for them, and they will realize how much they mean to the company, especially to their coworkers.

  1. Succulent gift box

When seniors are about to part ways with their co-workers, it will certainly drain their emotions and thoughts. One suitable gift is a succulent, sugar scrub, and scented candle which are in one box. It's a perfect housewarming gift for seniors who need relaxation after preparing them to leave the office for their next amazing step in life.

  1. A photo book

Just remembering memories is not enough if it is not equipped with photos. Photos are always excellent presents, because they can dive back memories for special moments while in the office, or maybe when seniors start working for the first time. You can choose to make a photo book and collect lots of photo files that you can get from co-workers or from files you have stored. Don't forget to remind them with some writing on each photo you put, while remembering what moments you and your seniors had together at the office.

  1. Weekender bag

Even though moving away means inevitable, some trips can come back to visit. Just in case seniors want to stop by the office and say hello to old friends, help them with a nice weekender bag that they can use for travels. The weekender is durable, customizable, and stylish. The spacious interior can have enough space for office luggage, or even a trip for a vacation.

  1. New home care package

If seniors move to their new home, choose a home care package such as cleaning supplies, hand soap, toilet paper, and box them up in a package so they can be stored and opened when needed. Home essential is always appreciated and saves costs for seniors to go to the store when there are many things to do at moving houses.

  1. A gift for their pet

If you understand that seniors have pets, show that you care by giving them treats, new toys, or special cages when they move house. Treats or toys will help distract the pet from boredom while traveling or seniors unpacking their things in their new home.

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That's all about the best farewell gifts ideas for seniors. Don't forget to give your best wishes about their next life chapter, and show them how much you miss them when they are no longer in the same office.

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