Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds

Marriage is a special moment that brings two people together and is celebrated in a sacred wedding ceremony. As family, friends, or co-workers, we will come to the event while watching the bride and groom tie their sacred vows for life. These beautiful moments will become more meaningful when you bring a wedding gift for them.

Giving a wedding gift HK has always been the main symbol of appreciation and one's best wishes for a newly married couple. It's a chance for family, friends, and colleagues to show their support, love, and happiness towards the bride and groom. A wedding gift should not be considered paid when you come to a wedding invitation or compensation for the costs incurred for the reception and wedding. You have to give a wedding gift as your expression to the couple.

Giving wedding gifts doesn't have to be a purchase on a bridal registry, but you can get creative and give gifts as you wish. Not only in Hong Kong but everywhere will need wedding gift ideas. We have compiled recommendations for you about wedding gift ideas that can bring couple joy and make their lives more enjoyable.

Why Do We Give Wedding Gifts?

Every wedding guest not only stresses about what to wear to the wedding ceremony but also there are other things to think about when attending a wedding, which is what to give a happy couple. This decision involves many factors, such as how important they are in your life, how much money you need to spend, what items are useful to them, or what they like.

Wedding gifts originated from dowry or the notion of a bride price that was paid to the family. The first dowry was exchanged in 3,000 B.C., and its contents are in the form of animals, land, money, or other historical wealth. A couple of thousand years later, the Renaissance came through and gave a new idea in the form of ornate marriage chests. These chests contain all the bride's future goods, which are useful for placing in her groom's house.

As times progressed, new ideas emerged that turned wedding gifts into more symbolic ones. For example, a leather key basket will be given to the bride to be represented her as mistress of the house. The contents of the leather key basket are door keys, cupboards, and chests to symbolize her new status.

In 1924, Macy's unveiled the wedding gift registry, which is still being given to brides until earlier days. But in the current era, guests are starting to choose other options to give newlyweds something more personal. Modern couples are looking for creative ways to celebrate their wedding, and guests are also looking for proper wedding gifts, and don't refer to old ideas.

What is a Good Gift for a Couple Getting Married?

Any kind of gift would be great if you can adapt to the needs of the newlyweds or know what they want. If you want the most practical presents, you can choose traditional gifts like cookware and appliances, and they're most frequently on the couples' wedding registries. Giving gifts to soonlyweds according to their wishes will bring joy, but if they are not registered for traditional wedding gifts, they probably already have one.

When in doubt, pick up creative yet memorable wedding gift ideas for brides and grooms. Family-portrait illustrations, honeymoon-themed books, books of memories, tableware, or wine improved with age.

  • Family-portrait illustration

Sometimes some couples don't choose to have photo-booth strips or photos to remember. There is a unique gift, such as a family-portrait illustration to describe the new family, plus a family name and established date as the caption. Unique images of their family members, such as cats, dogs, or other pets will make that illustration more meaningful. Don't forget to give a piece of card with your writing about your best wish for them.

  • Honeymoon-themed book

Find the right book to explain the beauty of a wedding, what can be done to enliven the honeymoon or the procedures for providing the best for couples. Many books or novels that we can give to newlyweds open their horizons about marriage and their preparation for their new journey.

  • Book of Memories

Remembering something with a friend is the most beautiful thing. You can order a hardcover book with pictures and letters about essential moments with friends from your youth until your best friend gets married. Let your best friend flip all through its pages while remembering what moments you spent with them.

  • Wine as a wedding gift

The wedding day can be very hectic for each bride and groom, and sometimes they can only taste a few sips of wine that was served at their event. You can give wine as a perfect wedding gift. It can be kept by newlyweds for special occasions like honeymoons or anniversaries.

wedding gift

They do not need to drink it immediately, because the wine will improve with age. The longer the wine is stored, then that wine can be a memory of how far life is after marriage. Finding a wedding gift HK will be easier if you know the right place to buy. Visit Design Your Own Wine. We made in personal. Since 2012, our mission has been making the best personalize gift for our friends all over the world. With us, you know you will get a gift that create beautiful memory.

What is the Most Given Wedding Gift in Hong Kong?

If you follow the traditional way, guests will give envelopes with money inside. But some guests gave gifts containing cooking utensils, home utensils, or other supplies. Right now, wedding gift Hong Kong has started to vary and don't just follow the traditional.

Red envelopes have become commonplace for Hong Kong wedding gifts, and you can think of other, more captivating gifts. Try starting with wedding gift hampers with personalized things that the bride and groom wished for when they were single with elegant packaging.

If you want a more luxurious gift, give the bride and groom in the form of wine plus a glass. It will be more memorable if you can order a customized wine glass with the names of the bride and groom or their wedding date.

What is an Appropriate Amount for a Wedding Gift HK?

It depends on how close you are to the couple. Normally gift of money with total to lucky even numbers HK$600 up to HK$2800. If you don't provide an envelope containing hard cash, you can give wedding gift ideas Hong Kong with a nominal value of HK$500-1000. Make sure you provide the amount that you think is appropriate for the relationship between you and your partner.

You have to think of venue type as a factor. The more luxurious the venue, the bigger amount of wedding gift HK you should give. For example, if the wedding is being celebrated at a cocktail party, the Laisee reference is HK$700. Restaurant lunch or certain types of the restaurant about HK$1000, and for hotels up to HK$1200. The more luxurious the hotel, the greater the laser reference for guests.

How Much Money Do You Give for a Wedding Gift?

If you choose to give money in red envelopes, you should know some rules for determining the amount you need in Laisee. First, give the number with lucky even numbers. Don't provide odd numbers because it's only suitable for funerals. 

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Next, the closer you are to the couple, the more amount for the laser. The relationship can be seen from how close you are to their parents or couple, depending on who invited you.

Don't forget to look at your situation. If you are in a difficult situation, it's okay if you give a little lower than normal, and the couple will understand. But if your condition is good, you can give the laisee a bigger amount. The amount depends on how much you can afford. Start from HK$500 to HK$2800 according to your ability.

If you are married first and the couple who invited you has come, you can prepare a laisee with an amount equal to or greater than that amount. For example, when they give you HK$500, you can give them the same amount or more than HK$500.

Don't forget to keep giving laisee even if you don't have time to attend their invitation. You can give Laisee in advance or after the event or leave it to colleagues who come to the same event.

Conclusion for Best Wedding Gift Ideas

Giving wedding gift to newlyweds will bring a positive impression of you. You can choose to give wedding gift traditional like laisee or other general needs. But if you want to give something creative, you can choose wedding gift ideas Hong Kong, such as wine with custom glasses, a book of memories, a family-portrait illustration, or a wedding gift themed book.

Give the couple the best wedding gifts, so that their lives will be more memorable. The closer your relationship with the couple, the more appropriate you are to give a luxury gift or a large amount of money.

Your arrival at the wedding ceremony and the gift you give is a sign that you respect their invitation and share the best wishes for their new life chapters. 

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