How to Choose Wine That Fits Your Personality

As the notion of self-love and care is more emphasized nowadays than it ever has, knowing ourselves has been a hit that it results in more demand of customized stuff, including a wine tailored to your personality. This article is about to give you clues to what you need to know when choosing the right wine for your personality to make your moments memorable.


You know you are an extrovert when socializing is your thing, and meeting people always energizes you. Extroverts are often labeled as bold and confident.

If you are an extrovert and want to find the right wine for you or any extrovert you know, try Champagne, as it is the most extroverted-kind of wine that you’ll likely find in every celebratory drink. Its appeal is in its bubbles that spill forth when the bottle is uncorked that is caused by tiny drops of liquid disturbed by the escaping carbon dioxide or carbonic acid gas which is a natural by-product of the unique double fermentation process of champagne.

If you really are into wines that contain higher alcohol to boost your natural extroversion, you can choose Sherry, Port, Madeira, and Rutherglen Muscats.


Wine Personality

While extroverts are the life of the party, introverts, on the other hand are quite the contrary, whereas they enjoy being alone, and are more comfortable socializing with only a small group of people.

Many white wines are designed for the gentleness of this type of personality, such as White Bordeaux, Dry Roses, Gewuztraminer, Muscats, and Viognier that tend to be light and fruity that offers calmness through their fragrances when you are having some relaxing time alone. Other reds that can offer the introverts tranquility are Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and some types of Shiraz.

In addition to extrovert and introvert, there are many kinds of personality traits with various terms that you might have heard of. Below are those traits you might be curious to find the best wine for!



The stoic is someone who accepts what happens without complaining or showing emotions. This kind of personality realizes that all things that happen don’t matter, as the one that really does is his own reaction to it. They are kind of tough and strong people, thus Cabernet Sauvignon is the exact wine for them as it is a thick grape with durable skin, making it resistant to any outside conflict as a result of breeding a red Cabernet Franc grape plant and the white Sauvignon Blanc.


Wine Personality

If you identify yourself as the kind of person who can lead but are unwilling to take initiative, or you are one of those who can motivate others to kick start their career or decisions in life, then Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for you.

This wine, which is also called Wild White, is the most common white grape planted across the globe, and has a very conspicuous taste compared to other whites as it has flavors of herbs and greens. The secret of its taste is in the aromatic compound pyrazine. In addition, it also has flavors of fruity lime, green, and kiwi.


Your high standards might make you a bit delicate for others to manage. When you are put in a situation that you don’t like, you might make bad impressions to others. However, your qualities are needed for others to explore finer tastes, and your devotion to quality is something that others should look up to.

If you think you fit in this type of personality, then you are a connoisseur and Chardonnay is the right one for you. This dry wine is made from Blanc de Blancs in New Zealand and is the easiest to enter the wine market. Currently, you can find this type of wine made of various techniques used to produce an exquisite flavor.


Mediators easily connect with anyone. They are blessed with approachable demeanor and welcoming presence that others can accept them with little or no disapproval.

If this type of personality suits you, then you are perfect with Merlot that is compatible with any kinds of food and beverage. However, just like the mediator who will connect more intentionally with those who compliment them well, Merlot is also complimented perfectly more with meat like steak or lamb. This is because Merlot contains medium acidity and very dry texture which is great for meats.


Wine Personality

You are a romantic kind of person if you are devoted to your passions. You see your pursuit above the rest that cause you concern or even distress. But when you encounter people with the same sentiments as you, it is the purest joy ever.

The Pinot Noir is a product of passion as well as devotion because it is one of the most difficult grapes to nurture. This type of wine is often served in grand feasts and thus loved by many. The enthusiasts of this wine are considered highly idealistic because they tend to think of Pinot Noir as the best among the others.


Conservators are the ones who try hard to keep the tradition alive while allowing some room for innovation because they commit to their community, just like Malbec that cannot grow outside of France. Without conservators and Malbecs in your life, you might have no place to call home.

Although it can only be from France only, it is a cheaper alternative to other varieties like Pinot Noir and Merlot. This is because it has the essential components of wine and produced in a mass allowing it to be available at reasonable price.


Wine Personality

The adventurers are the authentic ones who are able to adjust with whatever circumstances while still making a lasting impact. People love the adventurers because they always come with exciting stories and crazy encounters. They easily become part of any social group, but they don’t remain in one place as they like to explore new tastes and experiences.

If you are an adventurer or know some adventurers, then Riesling is the exact wine you need. It is considered one of the rarest white wines in the world. It is available in various flavors, ranging from sweet to very dry depending on their place of origin. Riesling wine is exceptional because the semi-sweet acidity of the Riesling goes along well with anything that is hot and spicy.

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