Remarkable Housewarming Gift Ideas in Hong Kong for New Homeowners

Moving to a new house will always bring a lot of joy and happiness for new homeowners. As they enter their new place and are ready to create new memories and stories there. Celebrating a special housewarming with them can really bring a lot more fun for them. 

We might think of big treasured things to give them a remarkable housewarming gift, but the thing is, you only need to focus on items that can add new digs on their life there. No need to be something big, but you have to make sure that things you bring are valuable.

A good housewarming gift can really ease their transition during the most hectic of times and the best housewarming gift can help them to see the light at the end of the unpacking tunnel. 

List of Best Housewarming

Finding a housewarming gift can be so tricky.  Especially for those who are having very close relationships with the homeowners. You might think of unique housewarming gifts that might be considerably pleasing. Something that new homeowners will actually use. Or even go beyond it, how they can truly enjoy the gift that you give. 

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First thing first, you have to understand their taste and or do a bit of research on how their new house looks. It can help you to fit your gift. So, it can be remarkable for them. But don’t worry, here you got it covered!

These are some housewarming gift ideas in Hong Kong that you can consider to pick one of them. Go check them now:

Custom Framed Photo

You can make your housewarming gift stand out by bringing the new homeowners a custom framed photo. It’s personal, unique and can be displayed on their new house. If you’ve been in each other’s lives for a long time, you can picture one of your favorite memories together.

This can be very special, especially if they are moving to another zip code than you. So, they can still remember the good time shared together with you. 

Another option is, you can make a custom framed photo with their favorite landscape. If they are an adventurous family or they love travelling, you can pick good scenery on pinterest or any other website to find a beautiful landscape. Then frame it! Or another thing, you can frame your picture together. 

But please remember that these ideas will be very remarkable if you have known each other and you really know what their tastes are. It will be memorable and get personal.

Don’t worry about the size of your frame, keep it smaller rather than larger anyway. The smaller one will open up more areas for it to be placed.

Homesick Candles

The actual moving can be so dragging, the homeowners need to pack and unpack. But it’s actually an exciting time for them. For all the reasons they move, from starting a new job to school moving, it’s a new place for them to create memories. Candles are one of the best housewarming gifts that you must consider about it! It will give a very special impression for the new homeowners.

As soon as they light the candles, it sets the mood and tone on a new room. It helps to set the atmosphere and put the homeowners in a good mood. You can choose the scent that you think really suits the family. So, they will have a good time with their family in a new house. 

The Monstera & Hoya Bundle

Giving a plant as a housewarming gift is really a great idea! Plants symbolise good luck, happiness and prosperity. Hence, they can also give a new touch to the new place. The Monstera & Hoya Bundle is one of the best housewarming gifts, this iconic duo can give a perfect accent to any sunny place and even in the room. It also gives an aura of freshness and the potential to spread joy. 

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Fruit Basket

Moving to a new house can be so hectic. The house owners might be not thinking about the daily needs like fruit. They usually focus on the items to be moving. This is a reason why a fruit basket is the best idea for housewarming. It’s edible, delicious, fresh and healthy!

The modern look of a fruit basket can be a good idea to welcoming house owners to their new house. You can easily get the beautiful yet impressive fruit basket Hong Kong on Design Your Own Wine, we have fresh fruit all day. You can also choose the fruit basket design that you like.   

Cheese Boards

It might be surprising to you, if a cheese board can be a remarkable housewarming gift idea. Give your foodie colleague a personalised cheese board. Get into personal, with personalized names on the cheese board. It gives a sense of recognition.

You can also put special wishes on the boards, to get it personalized you can order a Personalized Cheese Board in Hong Kong. You can also request the design that really suits the home owners.

Custom New Home Wine Label

Every now and then, wine always suits every occasion. From birthday, graduation to housewarming. It is always a good idea, especially when you make it personalized.

You can customize the wine with their name, add a little wishes or even you can make a custom new home wine label. It’s gonna be lit and become the best housewarming gift ever. You can personalize it in Design Your Own Wine and go get yours now!

At the end, you can choose a housewarming gift that really suits your friends or loved one. Whether it matches their personality, their taste towards the item, or their favorite things.

You must know it well, so it can be a remarkable housewarming gift for them. They will feel happy as they enter a new chapter in their life as they enter the new house.Go ahead and choose one or more items for them. 

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