12 Best Office Gifting Ideas For Every Event

Being at the office there will be moments where we need to give gifts to coworkers or employees. Don't be that person who does office gifting recklessly by grabbing whatever random thing they can find. Maybe coworkers or employees still smile at your gift, but they won't use it or feel happy with what you give. Planning ahead gifts will bring many benefits to your relationship with coworkers and employees to avoid awkward moments or fake smiles provoked by useless or poor gifts.

Get the ideas about office gifting with us, and earn your reputation as the best gift-giver after reading this article.

Should I buy gifts for colleagues?

Gift giving is a way for you to show appreciation, as a reminder that you have good colleagues and enjoy working with them. There's nothing wrong with buying gifts for colleagues, because you can give them on special occasions or whenever you want. Gifts are always appreciated for everyone, including employees or coworkers.

But there are three rules you need to know about gifts for your coworkers or employees. First, think about your financial comfort levels. Don't think too hard about a gift that you can't afford. Ensure you can give the best gift without burdening your financial condition.

Second, be thoughtful for the gift you choose, don't carelessly choose cheap quality items or items that don't last long. Third, you can get information from coworkers for possible items they need, or the type and color according to their preference.

What is a good gift for office employees?

A good gift for employees or coworkers according to needs or events. For example, you need to think of a different gift for remote workers or office workers. Also differentiate from events held by the office, such as work anniversary, coworker's birthday, or promotions. Each event will have a different gift depending on the meaning of the event and also the function of the gift you will give.

For example, you can give a gift when the company wants to give a proper thank you to their employees for the hard work, such as a gift of experience or a bonus fee. Or the company gives corporation gifts at work anniversary events while having lunch or dinner together with employees. But if you want to give gifts to coworkers, you need to think about the best gifts according to how close you are to them.

Best office gifting ideas

We have summarized the best gifts for coworkers and employees for all occasions and strike the right balance between thoughtful and professional. Let's check it out.

  1. Mug warmer and lid set

Have you ever made hot coffee or hot tea in the morning, and forgot because you have to do your work until the drink is cold? This mug warmer can be the best gift for coworkers who always make hot coffee to elevate their morning to keep their drink at a toasty temperature and can last up to eight hours.

The gift recipient will be pleased that you thought up their morning habit of enjoying a hot drink. They also don't need to rush to finish their hot drink, because they can maintain the temperature and sip it slowly while continuing to work.

  1. Custom engraved wine bottles & glasses

Wine is the perfect compliment for coworkers you have worked with and faced many ups and downs together. Engraved wine bottles & glasses can be gifts that are kept for a long time even the wine has been enjoyed. Get the best personalized wine bottle & glasses from Design Your Own Wine, with a large selection of famous wines and accessories that elevate the elegance and value of your gift.

office gifting ideas

Design Your Own Wine has made amazing gifts for people around the world since 2012 by maintaining the best quality wine and glass sets with engraving photos, dates, and names on it. You can choose a wine gift set according to many occasions, like promotion, work anniversary, wedding, mid-autumn festival, christmas, New year's eve, etc. Choose the best package for coworkers with wine that shows the personality of the recipient.

  1. Bath & beauty gift

Thinking about the beauty of coworkers is also a compliment to strengthen our relationship with them. Give coworkers the bath and beauty gifts including face masks, eye masks, foot masks, scented soaps, moisturizers, and whatever they need to pamper themselves from top to bottom.

Bath and beauty gifts have many choices and can be combined into one set. For example, you can collect according to a special scent like lavender, rose, peach, or the recipient's preference. The bath and beauty gift set is a gift that helps relax and revitalize.

  1. Home office essentials

For remote workers who need a special space in their home to become their work space, home office essentials will be the best gift for them. You can provide stationary, including pens, notebooks, work mats, and work equipment for laptops such as wireless keyboards and wireless mouse. You can order custom items, such as adding the recipient's name to a pen or notebook. Giving personalized items to remote workers will increase their enthusiasm because they feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Desktop vacuum cleaner

Every worker will be more comfortable if they work with clean desk conditions. A desktop vacuum cleaner is a sophisticated tool with a detachable design for cleaning dust and crumbs in areas near your laptop or computer. The vacuum nozzle is detachable and can be used according to the needs. It's ideal for cleaning dust, hair, and crumbs on your keyboard and the corners of your desk.

The desktop vacuum cleaner comes with a universal USB charging cable, can charge up to 2 hours and can be used up to 4 hours. You can charge the vacuum cleaner via a power bank, computer, mobile adapter, etc.

  1. Modern mouse pad

Convenience when using the mouse is also a factor in increasing productivity. With a mouse pad made of full-grain leather, it's surely elevate the recipient's workstation whether it's at a coffee shop, home, or in the office. The mouse pad is sleek and comfortable for any type of mouse to be used.

  1. Lap desk with support cushion

Treat your remote worker colleagues with this lap desk that can be adjusted to fit their laptop at an angle, so they can work comfortably from their bed or their couch. The lap desk will make work more comfortable because it features a wrist pad, a device holder, a lap cushion, and a storage pocket.

  1. Plant therapy mini portable diffuser

The workplace requires relaxation and calm. Give coworkers a calming aromatherapy from a sleek mini diffuser that can fit on top of a desk. The mini diffuser delivers the essential oil in 10-minute bursts. The oil is rechargeable and compact, so the recipients can use it whenever and whenever they need it.

  1. Cold brew coffee maker

Especially for coworkers who love cold brew, the cold brew maker is an outstanding gift for them. No matter what the outside temperature is, coffee lovers will always like cold brew to elevate their work. The cold brew maker is leakproof, shatterproof, BPA-free, and easy-to-use whether in the office or at home.

  1. Event tickets

Event tickets are one of the office gifts as employee appreciation gifts. After your employees have done their hard work and shown their dedication, give them event tickets to a sports game, concert, festival, or show. If there are no upcoming events near your area, give employees a choice between watching the latest film, season passes to a local venue, or looking for virtual events.

  1. Hatch idea journal

The hatch idea journal is a notebook for employees that is suitable for planning that structures the project management journey and entrepreneurial into three stages, including conceive, incubate, and hatch. The journal is perfect as a work anniversary gift so your employees can visualize and actualize their goals, breaking down the process into small chapters.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones

Even though noise canceling headphones are not an inexpensive gift, they can boost the employee productivity and peace of mind for someone who can focus more in a quiet environment. The noise-blocking headphones contain a microphone and are bluetooth enabled. Choose wireless headphones to make it easier for recipients to move while working.

Right now, every wireless product has a long battery life, with solid sound quality. These headphones can reduce ambient noise up to 90% and make an outstanding gift for remote or office employees.

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That's all about office gifting ideas. The items on the list are the best options for coworkers and employees to increase productivity and also be memorable for them. The most important factor in a thoughtful gift is expressing our gratitude and showing that we care and put effort into the gift we are going to give.

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