The best Mid Autumn Festival Gifts ideas

Mid-autumn season have lots of many festivals. Everyone has different plans for celebrating with their loved ones, starting from where they will go, where the event will be held, and who they will meet. But maybe we are still confused to choose what mid autumn festival gifts that can elevate the moment and are suitable for us to give to family members and friends.

But don't worry, because we will discuss mid-autumn festival gift ideas as your gratitude to your loved ones and make the festival more memorable.

What is the meaning of the Mid Autumn Festival?

The mid-autumn festival, also known as the mooncake festival or moon festival, is a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture. The festival symbolized family reunion when the moon is at the foolest according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar, coinciding with the 15th day of the eighth month.

In the evening celebration, families will gather together to eat moon cakes, light lanterns and appreciate the round moon. That's why the moon festival is used as a symbol for family reunion, or known as the festival of reunion.

How people celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?

As the most important festival in Chinese culture after the Chinese new year, the Mid-autumn festival is celebrated in various ways. Some of the traditional celebrations are dinner with family, eating mooncakes, admiring and worshiping the moon, and making festival lanterns.

Because the symbol of this festival is the reunion of the family, usually the public holiday is up to 3 days so that Chinese people can have enough time to reunite with their families. They can enjoy the festival by having dinner with their family, eating mooncakes as a symbol of completeness and sweetness, eaten after dinner while admiring the moon.

A fairy maiden in the legend of mid autumn festival, Chang'e lives on the moon alongside with a cute rabbit. Some believe that by worshiping the moon, Chang'e the moon goddess may fulfill their wishes.

Don't forget the lanterns that are part of the mid-autumn festival. People make lanterns and bring them during moon gazing, hang them in the trees or houses, or release the sky lanterns. This traditional activity is a symbol of luck, light, and familial togetherness.

Do we need to bring gifts on Mid-autumn Festival?

In Chinese culture, choosing a proper and premium gift for each event is important. This makes it difficult for foreigners to choose the right gifts for the second most important event after the Chinese New Year. If you are invited by friends or colleagues, you should bring the best mid autumn festival gifts to the invitee as a feeling of gratitude for their dearly-held home reunion dinners.

What gifts do you give for Mid-Autumn Festival?

You can choose whether to bring traditional mid autumn festival gifts or delight your host with luxurious and quirky gifts. But before we give out luxurious gift ideas, we need to know some of the traditional gifts that are brought during the mid-autumn festival.

  1. Tea

All types of tea will be suitable to be enjoyed while admiring the fool moon. Several quality flavored teas such as Oolong tea, white tea, green tea, black tea, masala chai, and various other types of tea. Choose tea that is not only a refreshment, but also has many health benefits for anyone who enjoys it.

  1. Mooncakes
Mid Autumn Festival Gifts ideas

Mooncakes are one of the obligatory foods at every moon festival. The only problem is which flavor will you choose for Mooncakes. The many flavors for Mooncakes make us confused about which one to bring. You can choose according to the recipient's personality or their favorite taste. Some popular Mooncake flavors are red bean mooncake, wuren mooncake, salted egg yolk mooncake, white lotus mooncake, minced pork mooncake, snow skin mooncake, fruits mooncake, greentea mooncake and yam mooncake.

  1. Lanterns

A handmade lanterns can be used to decorate the house or we can give as a gift. You can make it as unique as possible with pictures, wishes, and unique colors according to the decorations used by the recipient at their home.

  1. Fruit basket

Besides tea, you can give healthy gift items like fruit baskets. Choose a variety of fruit to make baskets filled with different colors. Choose the best quality fruit, match the color with a nice arrangement to add elegant value to the fruit baskets you provide.

  1. Wine

Wine is very suitable to be served when gathering family members or serving to guests. Mid-autumn festival is very suitable to be celebrated with wine as a symbol of social events and enjoying poetry, painting, and other cultural events.

If you want to give the best mid autumn festival gifts, choose the engraving wine bottle & glasses from Design Your Own Wine. Since 2012, Design Your Own Wine has been making amazing personalized wine gifts with engraving on the bottle or wine glasses. You can choose the best wine to combine with several other gifts like fruits, mooncakes and foods. Best quality wine and glasses from Design Your Own Wine, elevating your gift for someone special.

Do people give gifts on Mid-Autumn Festival?

The mid-autumn festival is not only devoted to family reunions, but also a traditional festival with people who love to give gifts to their family members, relatives and staff. The classic gift is a box of mooncakes, brought when someone visits a family for dinner. Another option is to bring fresh hairy crab as one of the gift lists for the festival with tender meat, delicious taste, high nutritional value, and regarded as a delicacy. Even though bringing gifts is not a must, gifts will always be appreciated.

What is the tradition of mooncake gifting?

Mooncakes are known as reunion cakes and gifts for relatives and friends. It's a common way to express gracious greetings and express gratitude to your friends, family, and colleagues. Gifting mooncakes express your love and best wishes depending on your relationship with the recipient.

Making and sharing mooncakes during the week of the festival symbolizes completeness and reunion. This is one of the hallmark traditions of the mid autumn festival and signifies the unity of families. When someone gives you a mooncake, return the favour. Give them some back as a simple gesture about your relationship with that person and also appreciate the Chinese culture.

What to bring to Mid-Autumn Festival dinner?

There's a lot of food that can be brought to celebrate the festival. The popular moon festival foods include pumpkin, mooncakes, duck, and hairy crabs. Mooncakes, as we know, are the most important food during the moon festival. Each region has different types of crusts and fillings.

Duck, pumpkin and hairy crabs are special seasonal delicacy and are cooked with tender, sweet and lots of health benefits. Pumpkin can also be an alternative healthy food for olders who can't enjoy a lot of sweet foods and to maintain their health.

Bring food or drinks to elevate the festival and increase harmony with the family. Make sure you bring the best quality food and drinks as a form of your appreciation in celebrating the moon festival.

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As the most important event in Chinese culture after the Chinese new year, you have the right to bring the best mid autumn festival gifts for family, friends and colleagues. Don't hesitate to give luxury and delicious gifts to hosts or family members. You can reunite with your family and gratitude when you are invited to dinner at your acquaintance's house. Design Your Own Wine is one of the best gifts for the mid autumn festival with engraving wine bottles & glasses alongside hampers or other mid autumn festival box packages.

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