15 Memorable Going Away Gifts to Send Off Your Coworkers Proudly

Saying goodbye to coworkers has never been easy. We often encounter coworkers who move jobs to other cities, move houses, retire, or leave their recent job to try something new out there. As good coworkers and we care about them, sending them off with goinf away gifts will be something unforgettable and help them remember how they will be remembered in your office.

Giving farewell gifts must be thought of and not chosen haphazardly. In this article, we will discuss a list of gifts that are worth giving as a symbol of sending your coworker off with pride.

What is a going away gift?

Going away gift is a gift for someone who is going to leave their job, move cities, or other situations. There are many reasons why coworkers leave their job, because they are moving to another country or city, retiring, going off due to family conditions, etc. As a friend who cares for them, there's nothing wrong with giving a memento for them as a symbol for you to continue to remember them.

What do you give someone when they are going away?

There's a lot of possibilities about what you can give for going away gifts. You can give gifts according to what the recipient needs, what they like, according to their hobbies, or something that can help them after they are leaving.

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The possibility is limitless when you want to find the right gift for coworkers. The things you have to think about are budget, functionality, and how the recipient will like it. Because there are so many and varied choices of going away gifts, we have summarized some of the best gift ideas that you can get.

15 memorable going away gifts for your coworkers

  1. Succulent gift box

The succulent plant gift set is a housewarming gift for those who are about to leave the office and ready for their next chapter of life. You can order a succulent gift box along with a personalized wish, sugar scrub, scented candle, and a succulent. Don't forget to leave a note about how much you miss them after they leave the office.

  1. Wine gift set with engraving

Have you ever imagined getting a wine bottle & glasses with a certain name, photo or date in the middle? Design Your Own Wine can make that happen. Design Your Own Wine since 2012 has been making outstanding personalized gift sets for people around the world.

Going Away Gifts

All you need to do is choose the best wine or coworker's favorite wine along with the appropriate wine glass. You can choose a design that is suitable for engraving, as well as a color that matches the wine bottle. The recipient will happily drink the wine, and keep the bottle and glass while always remembering that you are the one who gave them this best going away gift.

  1. Personalized notebook

Any personalized items are acceptable for going away gifts. The personalized notebook is great for bosses and coworkers alike, as it will remind them of their work in their old office, especially since it's made just for them. Choose the engraved leather journal and use good quality paper so that the gift will look elegant and chic.

  1. Signature guestbook

The concept about this gift is almost the same as how kids sign each other's yearbooks. The signature guestbook collects the signatures of every employee at the office, while writing their best wishes or something that can remember coworkers who are leaving. The middle part of the guestbook can be designed for a particular piece of writing, and the rest is the perfect place to write a special message for a coworker, boss, or employee before they go on to their next chapter of life.

  1. It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

This is the outstanding farewell gift for coworkers who are looking to relax. Whether your coworkers want to relax after getting out of work, maternity leave, or enjoy their retirement, the 5 O'clock somewhere will help them for their relaxation. The gift set includes a cocktail mixers variety pack, Moscow Mule mug gift set, insert cards, Sugarfina small candy cube, and reusable straw set.

  1. Personalized mug

Mug is one item that is used almost every day by anyone to sip their drink at anytime. If you give a personalized mug, this will always remember things to have. You can give a special design on the mug with unique words like "You are a Legend" or "the office will be lonely without you". Choose a ceramic white mug so that the text you choose is clearly visible, and the mug will last for a long time. The ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, because the letters never peel off, and the high-gloss ceramic is known for its durability.

  1. Customizable poster

The customizable poster is one worth going away as a gift, because you can print it on canvas print, metal print, or photographic paper print. The personalized poster is great for bosses or coworkers who have been guiding you in the office for your improvement in your life and your career. You can put their name on the poster and give the best quote you'll ever give for their next chapter of life.

  1. Holiday cocktail kit

Giving your coworker a delicious cocktail experience is a wonderful gift. They can enjoy it during the holidays, and let them learn how to make great beverages while remembering about having a good time with you at the office. The cocktail kit will make any celebration comes to perfection when they enjoy it after they leave the office.

  1. Success crate

This is a self-improvement going away gift for people who like learning and adding to their skills. The personal development kit helps entrepreneurs and employees to increase their knowledge to become their best version of themselves. The contents of the kit are featured books on exclusive workouts, personal development tools, activity sheets, seminars, etc.

  1. Book club box

For coworkers who like to read, the book club box is an interactive monthly book subscription containing 3-5 wrapped books. The books are inclusive and diverse, so that the recipient never gets bored reading them. The box is equipped with custom gifts that are suitable for getting along with each story.

  1. In good taste gift card

The In Good Taste gift card offers some excellent options for cocktails, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. When you want to say goodbye, you want to give your coworker something with a good taste, right? This is one of the great opportunities to give them a good taste that is more than extraordinary.

  1. Wooden custom USB module music box

The USB customizable music box is a sleek-and-chic gift with a simple and modern design for men and women who like something unique. The customizable box can choose a song to match the recipient's preferences, to make it more meaningful gifts and as a symbol you care for them.

  1. Concert tickets

Before your coworker moves to another city or office, you can order a concert ticket to watch together. Determine the schedule for you and your coworker to go together to the new location that's halfway between you two. Enjoy the moment to watch the concert while having a long chat before they leave.

  1. Plush blanket

The big plush blanket is perfect for winter or rainy days when your coworker feels homesick for their coworkers. Every time your coworker wears that big fluffy blanket, they will remember you. The faux fur blankets are one of the cozy hug gifts you can give and can be thoughtful gifts for coworkers who leave their pets at home.

  1. Dinner out

You can choose to either bring your coworker at their favorite restaurant in town, or give them a gift card to use when they arrive in their new home. The first option, you can invite other coworkers to be a surprise party by organizing it to meet together and try to visit with everyone before the coworkers leave.

Second option, you can look for a gift card that matches your coworker's new place of residence, to buy food when they arrive at their new place. Showing that you're ready with your gift ahead.

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Choosing a gift is always fun, but we have to think carefully about giving it to a coworker who will leave us for good. Giving something memorable will show that we care about them, and this is not the last time you will meet them, because you and they also believe that someday you will meet again.

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