Top 10 Fun Office Birthday Ideas For Coworkers

The office is a place where you spend more focus, energy, and thought. Sometimes, if a coworker is having a birthday, there's nothing wrong if we celebrate it at the office, just like we celebrate office birthdays. Office birthdays can be a breeze and an opportunity to bond with coworkers. There are many activities that can be done for personal or team on birthdays, so that no one is forgotten in the company on this happy day. Whether you are looking for some office birthday ideas for your boss or coworkers, let's explore why office birthday stuff matters.

Is it OK to celebrate birthdays at work?

Yes, let the company know that their employees are happy on their birthday. Companies must think about how to celebrate their employee's big day by planning celebrations in advance as a way to give trust to employees because they feel valued. Office birthday ideas can be a positive reaction to how employees feel about their job and their work environment.

Is it important to celebrate birthdays at work?

Celebrating someone's birthday at work is important to strengthen relationships. When coworkers get together to prepare surprises or plan on the birthday party, it will foster a sense of community and provide an opportunity for everyone to socialize, get to know each other, and is useful for collaboration and teamwork.

How can I make my friends birthday special at work?

Everyone will feel special when they feel cared for. When you make plans for their big day, give gifts, or come to celebrate together, it makes your friends feel special. Make it personal by knowing what they like by looking at their hobbies, habits and preferences. That way you will never go wrong to make a birthday surprise and be more special because there are some specific things you know for their birthday.

Top 10 Office Birthday Ideas

Office birthday ideas are a chance for everyone to show how they are paying attention to their colleagues. It doesn't take a lot to make your colleagues feel special as long as you understand what their hobbies and passions are, because you understand them on a personal level. Now we will show you lists of birthday ideas to make your teammates appreciate and feel special.

  1. Office birthday game show

The game shows are an opportunity for everyone to be involved, laugh, compete, and enjoy the birthday. You can make questions related to the birthday person, let coworkers answer the question, and the birthday person becomes the judge whether the answer is correct or not.

How to Plan a Perfect Birthday Party

This is the fun way to find out which people in the office know the birthday person best, and feel special because they are cared for. Even though there are some colleagues who don't really understand about birthday persons, with these game shows, they will learn some new things personally, but in a fun way.

  1. Cooking party

This is one of the best birthday party ideas for someone who loves cooking. Gather all the employees, and select a few people who like to cook to cook together for a whole dish. Each participant can present their best dish according to the ingredients prepared, or the dish the birthday person wants. Besides that, cooking parties can be fun and collaborative activities, combining several experiences together to deliver all the necessary ingredients.

  1. Celebration with personalized wine

Wine is a symbol of celebration, and is a perfect gift for someone's birthday. Give a personal touch to your wine bottle or wine glasses with an engraved photo, name or birthday date. Design Your Own Wine is the best place to make personalized wine, so that a birthday party with wine becomes livelier and more personal. The birthday person can keep a bottle or glass to take home as a memento for their special day.

Birthday Ideas For Coworkers

Design Your Own Wine since 2012 has been making outstanding personalized gifts for people around the world. You only need to choose the right favorite wine and glass, then give it a personal touch to make it an unforgettable gift.

  1. Social recognition

Apart from holding parties, social recognition is important to ensure that everyone in the office knows about their special day. Everyone can share a memory about how it was at the office or outside the office with the birthday person, and say it in front of everyone. This can be a relief for everyone who feels they are not being cared for or feels alone in the office, because everyone has the opportunity to share memories together, make birthday people feel that they are valuable in the same office, and get enough attention.

  1. Office lunch party

The birthday lunch is one of the simplest office events for those of you who can't prepare for another event in the near future. Lunch at the office always works well, because it can be done at any time, even during the week, and is a great way of relief for every employee, even during busy times in the company. After all, everyone can eat together while chatting with the birthday person or teammates. Let the birthday person express their gratitude for the event, and their colleagues personally congratulate them.

  1. Decorate their desk

Each employee makes a special schedule and arrives earlier than the birthday person. Then colleagues will decorate their desks according to the passion or hobby of the birthday person. This is a fun work birthday party idea because many people like decorations, and want to show their creativity to surprise their co-workers.

After finishing decorating the special table for the birthday person, employees can continue to decorate their own table with their own creations, but not much different from the theme. Let one to two days the office is with special decorations, for personal touch and feelings for the birthday person.

  1. Birthday party themes

A whole office can be specially designed for birthday party themes. You need to find out what the birthday person's preferences are for the main theme, such as their favorite band, favorite movie, favorite sports team, or their hobby. If the birthday person likes discos, you can arrange a disco ball, speakers, favorite songs, and special clothes for dancing.

  1. Signature cocktail idea

You and your colleagues can make cocktails by finding out birthday person's favorite liquor. The best experiment is to combine the requested flavors and ingredients, to make a delicious cocktail to serve. Next, prepare cocktail glasses that are suitable and can be taken home by the birthday person. The personalized glass can be a memorable thing because it is more personal and useful.

  1. Pudding finger-painting activity

Pudding with finger painting can be an office birthday party delight, because it can bring out the employee's inner child and creativity. First, decide what color the participants will provide for the pudding, prepare pudding boxes, food coloring, foil cupcake pans, and one large canvas for all.

  1. Donate to charity

You can make a donation to the birthday person's charity of choice. If the team is small, you can volunteer together with colleagues. Be sure you make plans for both the birthday and charity and what activities will be carried out.


Birthday celebrations can be a positive workplace culture. The main function of celebrating birthdays is to create a culture of recognition and foster a sense of gratitude from employees who feel cared for. Employees will feel more comfortable because celebrating staff birthdays tells employees that they can live life like a home even though inside the office.

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