12 Best Farewell Party Ideas for Colleagues

Every employee who will be departing from a company must be appreciated by holding a farewell party. Each of their services is a valuable thing from the company, and as good colleagues, giving a surprise by thinking farewell party ideas are great things to do. The purpose of these activities is to strengthen team bonding, appreciate former employees, and leave an unforgettable impression on us colleagues who will continue their future elsewhere.

Thinking of an event that involves team bonding and at the same time appreciates someone who has given their dedication for so long in the office is not easy. This article will provide some examples of office parties and some versions of farewell parties that you can use for the best coworker you've ever had.

How do you make a farewell special?

Think of something memorable and plan with co-workers for the best farewell party by aligning it with the interests of the person. If we think about something more personal, what their likes are like, and what they need, it will make your colleagues feel special and loved. Other employees who think about the success of farewell party ideas will also bond with others, and get to know someone who is about to leave the office.

Farewell doesn't just say goodbye, but leaves a special impression of how we will miss them after they are no longer together in the same office.

Do farewell party necessary?

The idea of a farewell party is necessary when an employee leaves voluntarily and on good terms. A fond farewell will give an unforgettable impression to people leaving the company, and knowing how much they are considered and cared for, and affirms them leaving the office on good terms.

Farewell party ideas don't have to be sentimental or sad, but how do we show pride in their achievements while in office, and convey our best wishes to them in the future. Hoping one day if you meet again anywhere, you and they will still be good colleagues, and always remember being in the same office.

Lists of the best farewell party ideas

farewell party ideas for colleagues

If you are confused about finding suitable ideas for a farewell party or going away party, we have prepared a special list of the best farewell parties you've ever imagined.

  1. Guest-of-honor trivia

This is a fun game that involves the departing coworker as a source of trivia. You can choose whether the departing person is making inquiries, or the office is making inquiries related to that person. The colleague who can guess the most will get a special gift from the office. Common questions about usable offices such as "how long did the employee worked in this company?" "When did the employee first come to work?" "what is the departing employee's favorite color?" "When is the departing employee's birthday?".

You can make this event virtual or live in the office. This game makes employees understand more personally, and helps improve team bonds.

  1. Memory lane

This activity helps colleagues remember what activities are carried out together with the departing coworker. Organize this activity by sitting in a circle, with the departing coworker in the middle. Colleagues can mention some good memories, until the departing coworker replies "I remember". The game will continue until the departing coworker conveys all the good memories he has with his colleagues. This activity is one of the best methods for bonding because it encourages the team to talk about happy memories.

  1. Team sports

The company holds special events where colleagues compete in sports like football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, or other sports. Organize this activity by providing a special place for the chosen sport, split players into teams, you can choose a team based on gender or departments in the office. The best performing team wins the game, and prepare the appropriate prize. This activity is a great way to increase teamwork, build trust with each other, and the spirit to compete. The departing employees can take pictures together as memorable moments, and can be printed in special frames to take home.

  1. Farewell party buffet

One of the excellent farewell party choices is buffets, because they allow employees to interact, connect, and engage with everyone. Pay a catering service office to prepare food, drinks, snacks and desserts. You can organize an event, preferably with the departing employee to give a speech, followed by bosses and other colleagues before enjoying food. These gatherings allow everyone to convey messages to the departing employees, while increasing the familiarity between higher ups and employees.

  1. Wine party

Wine parties are also social gatherings where employees can enjoy luxury drinks, by selecting their favorite wine from the departing coworker. This event will be more memorable if you order a special wine bottle and wine glasses with engraved photos, dates, or text related to the departing coworker. Design Your Own Wine is the best place since 2012 to make personalized gifts for people all over the world, with the best quality and a wide selection of famous wines. You can add atmosphere by playing good music, as well as employees dancing together or toasting with the honoree.

Best Farewell Gifts Ideas for Seniors

  1. Comedy show

One hillarious event where employees share their funny jokes, or colleagues tell appropriate jokes about the departing employee. Or if no one can convey a good joke, you can invite a comedian to share funny experiences but are still related to the department colleague. This activity helps create a hillarious and happy environment where employees can enjoy their time at the office and talking to each other others discuss funny things.

  1. Photo booth

A photo booth can be one of the best ideas because it allows employees to create unforgettable memories by taking pictures with departing employees. You can prepare themes and suitable backdrops. Choose the right props such as oversized glasses, fake mustaches, cool hats, etc. You can rent Polaroid cameras or a photo studio to print to the size you want, and take freestyle pictures to show how much fun your office has to celebrate employee departing.

  1. Sing together

Karaoke night is a simple activity that can involve employees singing along to their favorite songs. You can do this in the office with a projector, mic and speakers, while selecting a curated playlist of farewell songs. Give the best performance as a tribute to departing employees. This is an excellent way to show appreciation to employees when they leave a company.

  1. Memory book

Memory book is a tangible gift for coworkers who leave a company. You can fill in the book with pictures of memorable events while at the office or any office activities, and with other employee signatures. Don't forget to write best wishes for the departing employee, and show how much they care about the person. The memory book is something physical that can be seen from time to time, while always remembering the good times while at the office.

  1. Coming to the departing employee’s house

It will be an interesting surprise when employees can stop by the departing employee's house while bringing gifts, food and drinks. Apart from being able to get to know him more personally because we visited his house, but also as a form of farewell that was unforgettable because all employees and higher ups were present at the honoree.

If there are too many employees, you can schedule them to take turns. Don't forget to prepare all the dishes or snacks, because the office shouldn't bother the house party because it's the office people who want to visit, and hope that the home owner doesn't need to prepare dishes for guests.

  1. Have a packing party

You can do things that are useful for the departing coworkers by showing up to their place and helping them to pack or organize together to assist the movement of their office or home items. Help them pack, clean out their unused items, or donate any unwanted items to charity. After packing is done, have a low-key celebration with others while enjoying boxes of pizza and some wine.

  1. Choose the right venue

Finding the right place to host your event is one of the best choices for a farewell party. Find the location that is not far from the departing employee's house, and choose attractive packages for food, drinks, and several events provided by the venue. Whatever venue you choose, you can line up the additional needs, such as adding a photographer, bar staff, furniture rentals, or a professional caterer.

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Farewell parties are memorable events as a form of appreciation for employees who will be leaving a company. Workers can take part in these celebrations by participating in selected activities, and by contributing memorable things to the departing employees. Try to create this event to make departing employees feel loved, special, and appreciated. These activities also provide an opportunity for team bonding, a good work environment, and many positive things for the team or personally.

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