How to Plan a Perfect Birthday Party

The birthday is getting closer. If you want to celebrate a birthday party for relatives, coworkers, or for yourself, you have to start planning. The birthday event will require a lot of people and activities, so you shouldn't be careless in preparing it, and need a few days to prepare.

If you have never prepared for a birthday event, maybe you will be a little overwhelmed. You need to break the plan into smaller tasks and have things ready long before your birthday approaches. Let's see what to pay attention to for a party planning guide.

What does a successful party look like?

A successful party is a party that keeps the big-impact moments and keeps the night casual and natural. You have to know the secrets of how to make the best party or family celebration so that it is memorable not only for the birthday party, but also for the guests.

Thinking of a successful party doesn't have to take the pressure on yourself. Perfection in a birthday party is not necessary but necessary. Keep in mind, you as a planner should not be burdened with responsibilities and expectations that are too high. Feel it more like a chore and avoid overpacking the birthday event schedule.

Once the party starts, you'll see that it's all about bringing people together, celebrating, and having fun. You still have to have a planning checklist, creating an event timeline, and have decisions if something goes sideways. The major goal is making a memorable moment for everyone at the event.

What items are needed for a birthday party?

birthday party

You must have a list of what to prepare for the birthday party. Also adjust to who is the owner of the main event on the birthday, because we can't match all items for everyone. Some of the items below are some common items that need to be prepared, and don't forget to decorate your party room.

  1. Birthday cake

Every birthday event, cake is a must have item. Cake is a tradition that has been around for a long time. Not only cake, but on top there are candles that have the shape of the appropriate number or the number of candles according to age. Whether you make your own birthday cake or buy it, don't forget to adjust it to the birthday person's preferences.

  1. Invitations

Make a guest list starting from family, friends, to neighbors. Even though on average there are only 60-70% of attendees, you still have to prepare food like everyone will attend, or more than that.

  1. Food and beverages supplies

Anything related to food and drink such as cups, platters, spoons, forks, bottle openers, and other supplies adjusts to what menu you prepare. Don't forget to keep the food steady and refill it until half of the event is over. For a more memorable event, you can order personalized items such as wine along with a glass with the name of the birthday person on it. Design Your Own Wine will fill the need.

  1. Tables and chairs

Rent some tables and chairs if you feel you are not enough with what you already own. Check the weather forecast before you prepare for the event. For example, if you are renting furniture for an outdoor party and the weather is cold outside, try adding heaters at several points. It will be safer if you hold a birthday party inside the house just in case it rains or there is a fairly strong wind.

  1. Entertainment rentals

You can add bouncy castles, karaoke machines, balloon decorations, and magicians to enliven the event. Even if you already have an event rundown, you still need someone else to add the fun.

After all the items for the party have been prepared, the next step is the party planning checklist. If you still don't have an idea of what to plan for a party, consider the steps below.

Steps to planning a birthday party

All items are ready to be prepared, now you are thinking about planning from the start. Keep in mind the place that you will use for the party, if you feel that many attendees will attend, booking a venue can be an option. Let's get into some steps to plan a birthday party.

  1. Party theme and style

Pick viral themes that you've often seen at events you've visited such as disco, jungle, cowboy, rockstar, or anything related to birthday person's hobbies. Having a theme will help you to pick other elements like food and decorations.

Party style also needs to complement your theme. If you want to invite people for brunch or dinner, you can ask your guests to dress up according to the theme you are using.

  1. Set the date

A proper date is crucial when planning any birthday party. It's a key factor that can determine how much attendance will be. Make sure you pick a day that has the most chance your guests will show up. If almost all of the attendance are workers, then it will be suitable for you to set the date on weekends.

If you want to rent a venue for your event and are still concerned about costs, consider choosing the middle of the week, because venues will offer lower rates and allow you to hire more upscale locations at affordable prices.

  1. Deciding the party budget

You don't have to spend a lot of money and organize luxury events, but you have to organize everything. Divide the budget into several elements such as catering, decorations, venue rental or furniture rental, beverages, and entertainment.

Don't rush the process, look for some references according to what you need. Choose the best for your budget, while adjusting to the theme and style that you have prepared. Try to calculate in detail whether it is more economical when you prepare your own food or order it from a caterer.

Creating a budget is important, because you can choose the best solutions to spend as little as possible, but the event can still be memorable.

  1. Wrap it up

The final step is to prepare the items discussed above, such as the guest list, birthday party food and beverages, and entertainment. After everything is ready, send out party invitations. Right now, you can create e-invites or fillable invitation templates. Whatever option you choose, don't forget to fill in all the essential information, starting from date and time, location, the RSVP date, contact info, dress code, BYOB, etc.

See? Planning a perfect birthday party can be fun and exciting. Start organizing the event and adjust it to your budget. Ensure you prepare the event according to the checklist, and enjoy the moment until the event is successfully implemented.

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