The Best Memorable Gift for Friend

The happiness of loved ones is one of the most valuable things and cannot be replaced with anything. Showing concern for loved ones frequently is very important to maintain relationships and deepen connections. However, some events are no less important to celebrate and make memories together on special days like birthday, graduation, anniversary and wedding. Of course, we want to give something memorable for the people we care about.

What makes a gift memorable?

How many times have we received things without getting the connection with the sender? Oddly enough, some people started to lose the pure intention of the gift itself and perceive it as a must. We don’t want any of that to happen to our loved ones.

We all know that everything that we do with the heart will have the better results. Sincerity is the main key to make a gift memorable. It’s not just about what gifts do we choose but also the experience of giving the gift. Both are no less important to make such a memorable gift.

All the process of gift giving from choosing, wrapping, and giving is representing how we treat and value the other ones. The goal is making they feel special, wanted, and needed. It is also important to make the experience of giving itself memorable for both the recipient and the sender with the spark of personal touch.

How to make memorable gift?

Memorable gift is identic with personal touches that makes them feel valuable.

  1. Unique gifts that fit their interests

When choosing a gift make sure it is something that your friend might like and need. It will be better if you know what’s their interest such a hobby, favorite style, or favorite color. Try to think what they like to do or something they are up to right now. You can also choose something playful but still practical to use. That funny gift will be such a great memory for your friend.

  1. Personal message

While the recipient finds the joy in opening the gift, they also find excitement reading the message attached to the gift. Personal message adds sentiment to the gift. It’s not just about saying happy birthday. You can add your wishes, a poem, an expression of how much that person meant to you or maybe a little joke.

  1. Personalize gift

A little customizing is a great way to make a gift memorable. Initials or name engraved to the gift show that the gift addressed to them only and it will make them feel special on their special day. It’s perfect for a birthday gift, celebrating new baby born, and your friend’s engagement or a wedding.

  1. Giving the gift

Now that we already have the gift, giving the gift is something you also need to think about. The way you’re giving the gift make the moment even more special. Even if you are not doing this thing, it’s totally fine. You’re doing great already.

However, if you want a moment with your friend, you can meet up with your friend before the party having quality time and giving the gift at that time. In the other side, if your friend doesn’t throw a party then you can come to surprise them. Especially for birthday, you can throw a surprise birthday party with some of friends or even their family.

Some of the best memorable personalized gift

memorable gift

Now that we know how to make memorable gift, you might want to start finding a gift. So, here’s some of the best memorable personalized gift for your friend:

  1. Jewelry

There is a lot of jewelry shop that is offering personalized jewelry. There are engraved jewelry, initials jewelry, or different pendant based on birth month or zodiac. You can even get a pair of jewelry for you and your friend.

  1. Decoration

You can find a lot of custom decoration online in any type of things. Some of the popular one is custom print photo frame, spotify code plaque, and polaroid. This would be perfect for your friend who needs something to fill up their wall space. You can choose some of your best moment photos with your friend as a reminder of the memories.

  1. Plant

If your friend loves plant, you can give them a custom succulent pot that you can find online or even make one by yourself. Mini succulent pot looks great on table, window, or even bathroom. It is such a great decoration and easy to maintain.

  1. Custom water bottle

Custom water bottle is pretty useful. It makes the bottle different than the other so you don't have to worry about your bottle being exchanged with someone else. A cute bottle might motivate people to drink water.

  1. Personalized wine glass

If your friend is a wine lover, you could get them a personalized wine glass with their name or initials on it. You can also wrap it with their favorite wine or some of the best wine your friend might need to try. Design Your Own Wine is the best place to choose engraving wine bottle and glasses to be a memorable gift.

  1. Cookies or cake

Food is always made everyone happy, especially dessert lovers. You can order a custom cookies or cake with your desired words or initials on it. You can also make some by yourself with the help of tutorials and recipes on the internet. Whether you are a good baker or not, the effort is such a priceless gift.

  1. Personalized passport holder

If your friend loves to travel, you can get them personalized passport holder or luggage tag with their initials. It will be super useful for them when they are travelling.

  1. Custom socks

Are you looking for a funny gift? This might be the one. You can find custom socks on the internet and you can order one with your friend’s photo on the socks or even yourself.

  1. Personalized cooking ware

Are your friend likes to cook? You can give them personalized cooking ware like a wooden spatula or wooden soup spoon with their initials or name engraved on it.

  1. Custom phone case and pop-socket

There is plenty of shops offering custom phone case and pop-socket. Think about what your friend like such as color or character. You can request to put her name as well. Or you can use your friend’s head photos as a pattern on it and the same icon for the pop-socket.

Giving something to the people we care about cannot be done by just giving ordinary things. We must understand how to choose a memorable and useful gift for them. With so many choices and the right way to prepare it, it can be the best gift you'll ever deliver.

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