How to Give Appreciation Gift to Team Member

Do you feel like your team member doesn’t really interested to be engaged in their work? Though we got paid for what we are working on, sometimes we might still feel underpaid. It’s probably because they don’t feel appreciated enough. Money and appreciation gift is two different things, however if we appreciate the work of others, it might give a huge impact to them.

Why you need to appreciate your team member?

  1. Build connection

Conversation in daily basis is important to build connection with your team member. But we might want to do a little extra. A small extra can bring them happiness and comfort in workplace. Your connection become more stronger than before and it might benefit both of you in workplace.

  1. Build loyalty and makes employees feel valued

Both long-time employees and new employees might think twice to quit if you appreciate their work. Because not all company have a co-worker or a boss who appreciate their work. Even though it’s their job to do it, they might slowly lose the passion to do their job if the environment surrounds them treat it like it’s normal for them to do excellent job. With appreciate their work, you might make them want to stick around and keep their passion and performance great.

What can you do to appreciate your team member?

appreciation gift

We believe that everything you do to appreciate team member should be done with sincere. Here’s a few things you can do to appreciate your team member:

  1. Compliments their work

Words can make a big impact to someone. Instead of saying nothing or saying few words, how about you put all in when it comes to compliments. It is important to show employees how much you value their work. Let them know the impact of each individual has on the team progress. With continuous feedback, you show them that you pay attention to them and you value their work.

  1. Treat them with foods or drinks

It doesn’t have to be in a luxury place or expensive cafe. Even just a piece of donut and a cup of coffee is such a great way to treat your team member. Enjoying the coffee and having a great conversation can strengthen your relationship with your team member.

  1. Give a gift

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift? Gift is never failed to make someone’s day better. Especially after a long and hard day of work, a gift can be so rewarding. Even though, Money can bring happiness, a gift is more meaningful than just money.

How to pick a appreciation gift for co-worker?

Choosing a gift for co-worker might be really confusing when you don’t really know what their hobby or interest. The best way to choose a gift for co-worker is simply buying something that is more likely for them to use. You can also give them something relaxing or fun for them to take a break.

Some appreciation gift ideas for co-worker

  1. Relaxation kit

After a stressful day at work, relaxation is such an important thing to do to calm down the mind. Scented candle is perfect for relaxation after work, you can also add a soft blanket and essential oil.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones

Some people like to listen to music when they are working and some people doing online meeting frequently. You can give your co-worker noise cancelling headphone as this thing can be pretty handy for them.

  1. Beer brewing kit

Beer brewing could be such a fun activity to do. While working already take most of the time that we have, a little beer brewing kit might be pretty handy to try something new.

  1. Coffee Thermos

Not all people have time to enjoy their coffee in the morning. Coffee thermos is a nice gift for such a busy people. Now they can bring their coffee everywhere without losing the warm.

  1. Wine

If your co-worker loves wine, you can get them a bottle of wine or a custom wine glass. It will be a great gift when your team achieve something great. Do you want to get engraving wine bottle and glass from proffessionals? Design Your Own Wine is the answer.

  1. Event tickets

If there is a local event on the city, you can buy them the tickets. Make sure the event is something that your co-worker might like. Going to an event on a weekend after work days can be a fun activity to reset mood.

  1. Snacks

Snacks is a great quick gift to gift your co-worker. Some people like to eat something light when they are working. You can get your co-worker nut and dried fruit basket, oat bar, candies or some cookies.

  1. Coffee kit

A coffee kit is a such an amazing gift as well. You can get them some of amazing coffee powder and a coffee mug.

  1. Chocolate treat pack

Chocolate was proven can bring up the mood. Not just a chocolate bar, you can give them cocoa powder drink or maybe with marshmallow as well. This delicious gift is also suitable for a Christmas gift.

  1. Gift card

Last but not least, you can gift your co-worker a gift card. You can find online gift card who offer custom note to express your appreciation.

Giving appreciation to the team can increase trust and also increase enthusiasm for team members. A positive work environment will foster good cooperation and also achieve mutual success. All of that can be started by appreciating team members with gifts.

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