What Should I do for My Co-worker’s Birthday?

Birthday is a personal moment whilst we often feel like office is not a good place to share personal moment. It might feel awkward to celebrate or simply gift a little gift to your co-worker. Celebrating a co-worker's birthday will give them an unforgettable moment so that they feel even more special because their colleagues remember their happy day. Preparing a surprise or birthday gift can't be arbitrary. Later on, we will show you how to deal with it.

Why gifting co-worker on their birthday is important?

It is not a must to gift your co-worker a gift, but it will give them more than happiness. However, there are some reason why gifting co-worker on their birthday is important.

Maintain good relations

You don't have to give everyone in the office birthday gifts, but there are some people who might deserve a birthday present. Like colleagues who often work with us or teammates. by giving a birthday gift you show them that you care for them. Not only that, small gifts can bring happiness to anyone who receives it. It is very good to maintain good relations with your co-workers.

Establish a happy work environment

The office atmosphere will be more pleasant when we have a good relationship in workplace. With a good environment, doing work will be easier as well. So, this is good for you because you can reduce your stress levels in the office.

Should I say happy birthday to my co-worker?

A simply birthday message can be truly meaningful for your co-worker on their special day. The act of recognizing their birthday and express a kind message can boost their mood and confidence. They might also feel more respected and appreciated. It will be great for making the work environment joyful. So, you might want to say happy birthday to your co-worker for the sake of your relationship and happy atmosphere in the office.

What is a suitable gift for a co-worker's birthday?

birthday gift

Picking a gift for co-worker’s birthday might be really tricky. You don't want your co-workers to be uncomfortable because of the gifts you give. In other words, of course you have to choose an appropriate gift to give to a co-worker. You don't need to buy something very expensive. Find an interesting gift and something your co-workers might use would be better. Here’s some birthday gift ideas for co-worker:

  1. Lunch box

Some people prefer to bring lunch from home. By bringing lunch box, we can manage finances more carefully and maintain our food to be healthier.

  1. Brownies

Though brownies look simple, however the sweetness is authentic and delicious. The chocolate melted on the mouth is such a pleasure for dessert enthusiast. You can even buy brownies free gluten if your co-worker currently doing gluten free diet.

  1. Humidifier

Humidifier is very useful for relaxation. the room will feel more comfortable by using this tool. surely this tool will be very useful for relaxing after work. Especially when it combined with essential oils.

  1. Coffee mug

If your co-worker is a coffee addict you can give them a pouch of coffee bean and a custom coffee mug. It can be such a thoughtful gift for your co-worker.

  1. Notebook

Notebook is an essential item for work productivity. This is an ideal gift for your co-workers. You can also give a notebook with a customized cover with their name or initials.

  1. Gift card

Gift cards are also a smart choice if you don't have much time to shop. there are many online gift card providers who also provide the freedom to write greetings on the gift card. you can also easily send it via email.

  1. Card Holder

Card holder is a very useful item for everyday use. By carrying a card holder, you are ready to go anywhere quickly. This very handy tool makes it easy for us to access credit cards, identification cards, and even driver's licenses. You can also order custom card holders with the names or initials of your coworkers. That way this gift becomes more special and valuable.

  1. Wine

if you are looking for a gift that looks luxurious, wine is the perfect gift for that. You can give your co-workers a wine or pair it with a beautiful wine glass. this would be quite an impressive gift. Design Your Own Wine is the best place to get engraving wine bottle and glasses with co-worker’s name or birthdate on it.

  1. Slippers

Slippers are also a great gifts for your co-workers. Super soft slippers provide comfort when you wear them. Of course, the thing we want after coming home from work is to make ourselves as comfortable as possible at home.

  1. Candles

Candles are also an easy alternative when you want to give gifts to your colleagues. With a variety of scent choices, you can freely choose the right fragrance.

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