15 Secret Santa Gifts on Any Budget

Sometimes our office will hold an office gift exchange before entering the holiday season. If you are starting to stress about choosing which gift is suitable for secret Santa gifts, then this article is made especially for you. We have summarized some of the best choices for everyone on your list. You will not be given simple information about choosing a gift card or giving money, but rather choosing a special secret Santa gift on any budget.

Why is it called Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a Western tradition, with the idea of giving anonymous gifts during the holidays. This is often done in offices, so the gift recipients don't know who the secret Santa is. Sometimes, employees try to guess who the gift giver is after they opened the gift. This focuses on gift exchange, not forgetting to adjust how each employee must receive a gift so that there is no social gap between one employee and another.

What is the meaning of Secret Santa gifts?

It's a fun twist during the Christmas holiday season to elevate the traditional gift-giving, with a game-like concept but everyone is a winner. All participants will receive a gift, but they all don't understand who sent it. Family or employees can choose to buy gifts and give them to team participants in the gift center, or via delivery. The concept is that the recipient does not know who is giving it, and can be given the opportunity to guess who the secret Santa is.

The meaning is to make Christmas shopping easier with the spirit of giving anyone what they want by customizing your Christmas list or not. A gift exchange can be something interesting to do in the family or office.

15 best secret Santa gifts for friends and family

We have prepared some of the best gifts to reduce your stress in choosing the many gift options currently available, and ensure that your recipient will give a priceless impression.

  1. Christmas wine gift set

Events with family on Christmas Day will be more festive when you give a wine gift set. You can give a bottle of the recipient's favorite wine, a wine glass, as well as a Christmas greeting in a note or in the center of the wine bottle or wine glasses. Is it possible? DYOW is the answer.

Secret Santa Gifts

Since 2012, DesignYourOwnWine has been making personalized wine gifts for any occasion with a choice of luxury wines and champagnes to elevate the event and give a lasting impression. You can customize wine bottles and glasses to add engraving on the recipient's name, photo, date, or special events. Choose the best wine and set it together with the glass, provide your address information, and your gift order can reach its destination easily.

  1. The holiday box

The concept of a holiday is to enjoy a relaxing day with your family or alone. You can fill the holiday box with a camping mug, sheet mask, scented candle, wireless speaker, gradient puzzle, or whatever interesting items suit the recipient's preferences. Any unique gift that is suitable for use during the holidays will be useful and make the recipient curious about who their secret Santa is.

  1. Personalized docking station

Does the recipient like neatness? You can provide a personalized docking station to place several items such as phone chargers, pens, paper clips, watches, necklaces, and more. You can give the docking station the name or initials of the recipient. Choose a color that matches the recipient's favorite color as a sign that Secret Santa understands the gift recipient personally.

  1. The winter pack

The winter pack is specifically for recipients to enjoy their day at home with comfort. This holiday gift contains several items to keep warm, with good-quality items such as jogger pants, socks, warm hats, scarves, gloves, and anything else that the recipient can use to get through their daily routine in the cold winter.

  1. Barbeque set

During winter, many people will wait for spring to do barbeques in the back yard while enjoying the warmth of the sun. The barbecue set is a suitable gift for a secret Santa gift because you can give a complete set for the barbecue such as tongs, fork with ergonomic handles, spatula, recipe book, and more. Let's hope the recipient can enjoy grilling during the winter or all year long without having to worry about their utensils breaking or getting lost.

  1. At-home spa box

It's hard to find time to relax and take care of themselves if they are busy with work every day. With an At-home spa box, you can provide several simple spa equipment such as relaxing masks, bath bombs, scented candles, towels, bath scrubs, and anything that can be used for relaxation while bathing. This box will give recipients the opportunity to soothe their stress anytime soon.

  1. Wearable blanket

Another best secret Santa gift is a wearable blanket, an elevated version of a throw blanket that can be used for traveling without fear of getting cold out there. The wearable blanket is comfortable, comfortable, and versatile for use like a coat. Choose material from 100% cotton for maximum warmth, used at home or outside the house and still provides the warmth needed. Choose a color that suits the recipient's preferences so that it can be a useful gift in their favorite color.

  1. Self heating mug

For busy people out there who always make drinks to accompany them at work, but don't feel like the drink is too cold because it's been sitting at the desk for too long. The self heating mug is very suitable for warming coffee, tea, cocoa, or any other warm drink so drink drinkers can always sip their drink at the desired temperature. The warming pad can be used anywhere besides the desk, even in a car when the recipient is stuck in traffic, they can still sip their warm drinks without problems.

  1. Indoor herb gardens

For friends or family who like gardening, you can provide an indoor herb garden with a hydroponics growing system. The fresh herbs can be grown at home in any room you want, with soil-free, no-mess, and a spectrum LED lighting system to grow the herbs indoors year-around without having to think about climate. There are many types of crops that can be grown, such as mint, thyme, parsley, basil, cucumber, etc. The hydroponic growing system can speed up the growing process by between 30-50% compared to growing in soil.

  1. Face ice roller

One tool for facial care is a face ice roller to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, clear pores, improve blood flow, and lock in moisture. Feel the chill from the ice roller to soothe the condition of the face and make the recipient have a youthful face.

  1. Ceramic mini heater

If you have friends or family who always feel cold in winter, you can give them a ceramic mini heater to turn up the heat with personal space. This small-but-mighty device can provide warmth in small rooms, because of the ceramic coils. Choose a color that suits the recipient's favorite, starting from crisp white to bright blue.

  1. Wireless charger

The digital era means we need to stay on our phones as long as we want. With a wireless charger as a gift, you can give the recipient the opportunity to charge their modern phones like Samsung, Google Pixels, iPhone, AirPods, and more.

  1. Screen magnifier for smartphone

Do you have adults in the family who are starting to find it difficult to look at the small screen on their smartphone? Give this magnifier for smartphones to magnify media up to 12 inches. It's easy to install and place on any desk to watch movies during tub hours or while cooking.

  1. Desktop vacuum cleaner

The desktop vacuum cleaner is easy to operate, suitable for use on office desks, study tables, or for quick cleaning. You can hold it by your hand, and move the vacuum cleaner until the desk is clean. The table cleaner can be used to clean annoying little messes around your home or your car. Powered by batteries, the mini desk vacuum has enough power for suction power and pick up the largest piles.

  1. Touch lamp with Bluetooth speaker

Two tool functions in one, for nightlight and Bluetooth speaker for your friend's kitchen counter. The versatile speaker and bright lights make this gift suitable for everyone from teenagers to the elderly. Don't worry about power, because this lamp Bluetooth speaker has a long-lasting battery life.

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The secret Santa gift is very suitable for making gift exchanges at the office or at home. By choosing the right gift for someone, you can see their expressions of happiness with your gift, and the holiday atmosphere becomes more beautiful with office friends or family.

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