12 Best Ways to Celebrate Job Promotions on Your Team

Every year there will be significant changes in employee performance, and we hope that the annual performance shows something good. If the employee's performance results in good things for the company's progress, then it is appropriate for the employee to receive a promotion. Your employees work hard to earn that promotion, and those efforts need to be celebrated and known by all employees. This article will explain how you should celebrate job promotions and understand the benefits of celebrating employee promotions.

Why should you celebrate a job promotion?

Every employee is waiting for their performance to be notified by the company. There are no employees who just work to complete tasks without wanting any reward. Every employee has high hopes for the company to provide something commensurate with their hard work, from recognition, rewards, to promotions.

A promotion needs to be celebrated because it's a simple way to show how the company recognizes and appreciates an employee's success. This will be an inspiration to team members to follow the steps of employees who get promotions, because they understand that the company can provide appropriate positions for anyone who has contributed to improving the office.

On the other hand, if you only have a one-on-one meeting with someone who received a promotion and there is no celebration, other employees will not understand why that person is entitled to that promotion and what hard work has been done.

Not all employees know what their coworkers do, because each employee is busy with their own tasks and goals. It's an opportunity for the company to tell what positive things have been shown by the promotion recipient, as well as promote team bonding, boost team morale, and inspire fun in the work environment.

How do you celebrate your partner's promotion?

Before we discuss how to celebrate job promotions from the office to employees, we will give an example of how we celebrate when our work partners get their promotion. We are proud of their achievements, and we want to show our pride by wishing them best wishes for their success in their new positions.

You can send congratulation messages and give gifts to your partners, or invite them to their favorite place and you pay for it. Invite some of your close friends at the office to join in the celebration, to give encouragement to our friends who will enter their new role.

Everyone who receives a promotion still doesn't know how they will spend their working day in their new position, and we as good friends encourage them to do the best and ensure everything will be okay.

12 unique ways to celebrate job promotions

There's a lot of benefits when you celebrate job promotions to your employees. These benefits are motivators for other team members, building a culture of recognition, and reinforces company and personal goals. Let's look at some ideas for celebrating a job promotion.

  1. Celebrating with personalized wine gift set

Wine is a luxury drink that is often associated with celebration and success. Sometimes wine gift sets are given on special occasions such as Christmas, Anniversary, or Promotion. Giving a personalized wine gift set will provide memories that can be cherished for a lifetime, while showing how much you care for your coworkers and their success.

promotion gift

DesignYourOwnWine is the right choice to get your favorite wine with matching wine glasses, to be engraved in the form of a photo, date or name of the recipient. Since 2012, DesignYourOwnWine has been making personalized gifts with great engraving quality, and tailored to the sender's needs to give the best impression to the recipient. Keep good memories lasting and fresh with the best wine gift set you'll ever give.

  1. Social media shout out

Employee shoutouts include steps for recognition by using social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook as an impactful way to celebrate an employee promotion. This method can be started with the company LinkedIn page announcing a new position and the new leadership's or manager's personal LinkedIn page. The posts are followed by enthusiastic messages from team members about employee's accomplishments and congratulating them.

Many companies use LinkedIn as their best social media platform because it is a highly visible professional forum and is beneficial for employees or companies because it takes pride in their employee's success.

  1. Team dinner

Team dinners are the right way to gather the team and congratulate employees who have obtained their new positions. You can choose between the company determining the dinner location, or let the employees choose their favorite place. Team dinners will strengthen the relationship between the manager and their team members and be a fun opportunity for employees who want to relax after finishing their working hours.

Any celebratory dinner can be something that will always be remembered by employees, because they know the company will provide the same thing when employees achieve success. But don't limit team dinners to just celebrating promotions, but do it at any time of the year to foster team bonding.

  1. Weekend adventure

There is nothing more interesting than giving employees the opportunity to go on a weekend adventure. Each new position will give rise to new responsibilities. Before your employees take on their new chapter of the job, treat them to an awesome adventure with their loved ones.

You can choose several adventurous trips such as hiking, surfing, diving, or let employees choose what fun experience they want to try before entering their new role in the office.

  1. Employee care package

One perfect way to complete an employee's promotion celebration is to provide care packages. You can give a gift basket containing office supplies, sweet treats, spa gift sets, coffee mugs, etc. Customize your gift with their name or new position to become a new spirit for someone who will start their new role at the office.

Care packages will show how you care about your employee's needs before starting their new position. Besides, you want to give some additional gifts to elevate the employee's spirit when starting his new day as a manager.

  1. Meet the CEO

Every employee wants to talk and discuss important issues in the office with the company CEO. When your employees give their best to the office and get a promotion, give them special time with the CEO to discuss their new job and what they can do for the company in the future.

Your employees can get to know the CEO personally and have the right to convey their opinions and ideas to support the company's success.

  1. Upgrade their workspace

New role means new responsibilities. Whether your employees work remotely or in the office, provide them with new work equipment ranging from desks, stationery, laptops, to other accessories. Small or big differences in upgraded computers will support employee success in their new roles.

Your employees will like their new settings and make them more enthusiastic to give their best performances. This can be a reminder for other team members to achieve the same achievements so that their workspace is upgraded according to their respective achievements.

  1. New wardrobe gift

Every employee who gets a promotion is entitled to get a new wardrobe as a symbol of professional looks. You can provide a wardrobe set starting from ties, down to shoes. If you don't know the size of an employee's clothes to trousers, you can give a gift card to give employees freedom in shopping for their new wardrobe.

Apart from giving basics like ties to shoes, you can give other gifts such as new briefcases, laptop bags, or any items that can give confidence to employees in their new role.

  1. Quick trip with family

Taking the family to travel is the dream of every employee. You can give this gift of experience by adjusting the office budget or adapting it to the new role the employee is getting. Give employees a trip that they can enjoy with their families for a few days, with all costs covered by the office, from holiday destinations to accommodation.

Providing memorable gifts for employees and their families will foster new enthusiasm for employees to strive as best as possible in their new role. This is also a message for employees to work to show their best performance, as the company provides rewards commensurate with its employees' hard work.

  1. Additional day off

After holding a promotional party at the office, you can add a gift in the form of an additional day off before employees carry out their new responsibilities. Sometimes a new role can be something that makes employees nervous. By giving more days off, it is hoped that employees can be better prepared before they start their first day as managers.

  1. Movie night

Encourage your team for coworker success in their new role by watching movies together. Let employees choose what films and what times to watch together so that the team can enjoy little moments outside of working hours.

  1. Office party

Office parties for promotions can be filled with special remarks from higher ups, followed by employees who receive promotions to deliver their speeches. Let the coworkers congratulate you on your promotion personally, while eating and drinking at an office party for team bonding.

14 Ways How To Celebrate A Promotion On Your Team

Don't let the promotional moment pass by and leave the employee unnoticed. Choose the best way to celebrate the moment, and give a happy impression to employees who accept their new positions.

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