14 Ways How To Celebrate A Promotion On Your Team

When companies see how good their annual performance is, sometimes there will be well-deserved employees who will receive promotions. Promotions will be given to employees who have a positive impact on office progress, and show their best potential to contribute to the company's success. With promotions, employees will get a title change, new responsibilities, salary increase, and it doesn't stop there. Employees who are dedicated to the company need to earn the promotion right and those efforts need to be recognized and celebrated. How to celebrate a promotion? We will discuss it in this article.

Why should you celebrate a job promotion?

Every employee needs recognition and appreciation. While employees make great accomplishments, it is appropriate for them to get their rights such as bonuses or promotions. There are several benefits that companies can get when celebrating employee's promotion. These benefits are: building a culture of recognition, reinforces overall company goals, and motivates other employees.

Celebrating promotions will foster a culture of appreciation and recognition. It will make other employees excited to achieve the same achievements, because they know their office will give them something after their hard work. If there are several company goals that are achieved because of the good work of the employees, this will grow broader company goals and success.

How do you praise an employee for a promotion?

Create a special event for promotion announcements. Add specific details about the employee such as what their accomplishments are, and what points make him or her eligible to receive a promotion. Give promotion recipients time to speak after they get their new position. Don't forget to give praise quotes such as "you are an exemplary employee" "thank you for your dedication" or "We appreciate your commitment and labor of love".

14 ways how to celebrate a promotion

Now we know what positive things we can get when we give recognition and appreciation to employees. How to celebrate a promotion? Let's see some ideas for celebrating a job promotion below.

  1. Team lunch

While introducing the team that will be the responsibility of the promotion recipient, team lunches will be a great way to gather the team together and celebrate success. Let the promoted employee choose the restaurant he wants or you can order the food and have it delivered to the office.

The lunches strengthen the collaborative, employee bond, and provide a sense of satisfaction for hard-earned promotion. The promoted employees will be guests of honor, and their coworkers will see how you treat them as best as possible.

  1. Send promoted employee to the weekend adventure

Before promoted employees carry out their responsibilities, treat them to a weekend adventure where they can spend some quality time alone or with their family. You can start by giving a staycation vibe or giving the gift of an adventurous trip. Your employees will make the best use of this opportunity to enjoy a fun experience before they enter their new role. There are many adventure trips that you can choose, such as hiking, going to a theme park, jet skiing, playing golf, going to a water park, super car driving experience, etc.

  1. Coffee with the CEO

Meeting promoted employees with the CEO is something to be proud of, because the lower you are on the corporate ladder, it will be difficult for you to meet senior leadership, especially the company CEO. Let promoted employees spend some quality time with the CEO to discuss the future at the company and their new role. If you want to give a gift, let the CEO give it as another form of surprise.

  1. Upgrade their workspace

Upgrade the promoted employees' workspace whether in the office or at their home. You can give them upgraded computer monitors, laptops, or a stand up desk. Giving employees the opportunity to develop will make a significant difference to the company's progress. Your employees will like the new setting in their workspace, making them even more enthusiastic in their new role.

  1. Decorate the office buletion board

Dedicate a section for announcing newly promoted employees with their photo, new title, and other fun facts about them. Your employee will become the center of attention on the bulletin board, and let it be there for some time. Get employees involved to customize the bulletin board by posting congratulatory messages.

  1. Give them praise

Give all employees the opportunity to praise the promoted employee publicly or privately. You can speak your words of praise besides giving a congratulatory note. Your employees can hear the praise about their good performances, and appreciate that you can give up special time to reflect on their contributions.

How To Celebrate A Promotion

Praising coworkers will strengthen the bond between them, while teaching respect for each other's accomplishments without having to create social gaps or envy towards co-workers.

  1. Promotion engraved wine gift

Wine and glasses are a symbol of celebration and success. You can give promoted employees' favorite wine by engraving it with their name, photo or the date they received the promotion. Wine is a luxury drink which means that the longer it is stored, the more distinctive and unique the taste will be. Just like your employees who receive promotions, the longer they work, the more good things will bring progress to the office.

DesignYourOwnWine will help you get a personalized wine gift set for promotion, retirement, anniversary, or any special occasion. DesignYourOwnWine has been making the best personalized wine gifts since 2012 for the world.

  1. Employee care package

Employee care packages are perfect as thank you gifts, and as a means to celebrate an employee's promotion. Choose several items that promoted employees need, such as office supplies, decadent sweets, coffee mugs, scented candles, or self-care products. You can customize the package to be more personalized and make it more meaningful.

  1. Personalized gift

Discuss with coworkers what gifts are appropriate for promoted employees. Each employee has unique interests, and you will be able to get this information by asking coworkers. Find a custom corporate gift that fits the employee's personality while looking at what they need the most. By asking coworkers, they also take part in providing thoughtful and memorable gifts for recipients.

  1. Self development gift

The new position may be challenging for some employees. Give employees the gift of self-development by providing books, courses, or opportunities to learn new skills in preparation for their new role. Provide special time for promoted employees to convey what they have learned, so that they can share knowledge with their coworkers and produce many benefits for many people and the office. Employees will be happy because they have the opportunity to learn new things before they start their new responsibilities.

  1. Paid time off

Before giving promoted employees new tasks for their new role, give them paid time off to celebrate accomplishments and relax with love ones. If you are celebrating several job promotions, you can convey announcements earlier and let team members the rest of the day too. Paid time off will motivate other workers to get the same position when they achieve great accomplishment.

  1. Social media recognition

Sometimes employees will be happy with recognition on their social media. You can appreciate the team's efforts and promoted employees to refocus your company culture. Make a post about promoted employees and add a caption with congratulatory messages from top company management. If you have a podcast or blog, you can invite promoted employees to contribute the content by telling about their career journey until they received the promotion.

  1. Charity work

The charity work will teach employees to continue to be grateful for what they have, and the opportunity to share something with others. You can create a company-wide event and let the employees proceeds towards a good charitable cause.

  1. New wardrobe

A new wardrobe would be the perfect gift because it promotes employees with a new dress code as they move up the corporate ladder. You can give promoted employees the freedom to choose styles and colors. Another fantastic idea is to give promoted workers a clothing shopping gift card for freedom of choice and reflection on their new position.


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Celebrating new promotions for employees is a form of recognition and appreciation. Coworkers will be motivated to achieve the same achievements, while you foster a positive culture to teach us to appreciate someone's hard work. By celebrating employee success, employees will work hard and try to always give their best in achieving company success.

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