12 Unique Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Do you understand the importance of employee recognition in an organization? Organizations with outstanding employee recognition programs have stronger business outcomes and have high retention. Being appreciated is the desire of every employee, and you will get positive things from them. One way to show you care for employees is to give gifts when they get an accomplishment. If you are confused about what is suitable to show your appreciation to employees, we will provide employee appreciation gift ideas for you.

What is a small token of appreciation for employees?

A small token for appreciation is giving something to employees with a minimum budget, or you are still in the initial steps in finding out about employee appreciation gifts. Some simple gifts such as handwritten letters, thank you cards, gift cards, flowers, are some small tokens of appreciation. But if you have a certain budget to give your employees more, then you need to choose one of the employee appreciation gift ideas.

Why is it important to appreciate your employees?

Employees will work to the best of their abilities to achieve success. When employees do a good job and get accomplishments, they want to be appreciated and recognized. They will feel proud of their achievements and will maintain their performance so they can excel another day.

employee appreciation gift

Coworkers will also be motivated to get the same achievements and want to show their great performance. Appreciation will increase workplace morale. You can foster a positive corporate culture by starting to give appreciation gifts.

12 unique employee appreciation gift ideas

You can start from a small token of appreciation, and continue with a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Celebrating any employees' goals and milestones will make them more enthusiastic in completing tasks and achieving company success. Let's see what gifts are suitable for employees who work hard for the company.

  1. Wellness or spa experience

Sometimes employees do not have the initiative to invest in well-being and self-care. Employees focus more on other needs, and do not think about spending money on exercise or relaxation. You can give your employees a spa experience, gym membership, yoga class, or anything for relaxation and physical fitness. By providing wellness and self-care gifts, you can make employees stress-free, more focused, and healthy. Employees will feel proud of their office which pays attention to the mental and physical health of its employees.

  1. Mini company retreat

A company retreat is an event that has been planned in advance to make progress, share ideas, and get to know each other. Try to plan a schedule with employees according to their interests and passions. Company retreats can be in any location, as long as you can focus on personal growth and employees' wellness. The function of a mini company retreat is to invite employees to carry out activities outside the office such as venues, restaurants, or places suitable for collaborative events.

  1. Personalized wine gift set

Wine is a luxury gift that signifies celebration and success. With employees successful in achieving company goals, you need to give the best gifts such as personalized wine gift sets. You can get engraved wine bottles and glasses with many famous gift choices from DesignYourOwnWine. You can add names, photos, quotes or dates to the wine bottle or glasses, making the wine gift set more meaningful and can be kept at any time. DesignYourOwnWine has been making employee appreciation gifts for more than 10 years by preparing the best wines and gift sets for all customers in this world.

  1. Learning experiences

Employees will be happy if there is room to develop. Give employees the opportunity to gain new knowledge in their field by providing books, courses or seminars. Applied curiosity can direct their interests into higher interests and give them the opportunity to gain life-changing skills. Every employee who can continue to increase their knowledge will gain lots of new talents and this can be useful for their field.

  1. Tickets to a live show or sporting event

Give employees the opportunity to have fun by watching their favorite music artist, art exhibition, stand up comedy, magic show, etc. Add merchandise related to their preferences to add to the experience after coming to the live show they want. If your employees like sports, you can provide any tickets for sporting events. You can give them their favorite jersey with their name on the back to make it the best personalized item they have ever had.

  1. Houseplants or mini desk plant

Houseplants and mini desk plants are great employee appreciation gifts and provide excitement for those who like growing plants in their office or home. Succulents, flowers, and other plants from a local florist can be your choice for employees plus a garden kit to help them care for their plants in the long term. Choose several types of plants that can continue to grow in conditions that are less exposed to sunlight if your office does not have a room that can be directly exposed to sunlight.

  1. Favorite drink and snacks

You can make a small survey as an icebreaker during meetings, and ask questions about what employees' favorite drinks or snacks are. You can give employees a box containing enough snacks and drinks to stock them for a while if they want to enjoy them at home or at the office. This gift box will put a smile on employee's face because they can enjoy their favorite food for some time to come.

  1. Fun company holiday

A suitable time for a company holiday is a work anniversary. You can make this event a sign of thanks to employees for their hard work by inviting them to picnics, weekend trips, going to theme parks, water parks, hiking, and whatever outdoor activities they can do together with the family. Company holidays will be more meaningful if done together, and provide an opportunity for employees to get to know each other and their families.

  1. Wall of gratitude

Create a physical wall of gratitude for a special place for employees to add positive comments, thanks messages, and shoutouts to motivate, inspire, and reward your team members. Every employee has the right to write anything to support their coworker when they reach accomplishment or when they get a new position. Put photos of the best employees on the wall of gratitude, and every employee has the same opportunity for their photos to appear there.

  1. At-home services

If you have employees who work remotely, you can provide the home services they really need even in their busy schedule. You can provide some practical value such as personal assistance, childcare, cleaning, decluttering, or anything that is a hassle to their personal or professional lives. Some employees who are always busy at home with their office and home work sometimes don't have time to do something for their home. That's why at-home service can be a valuable gift for your employees.

  1. Work anywhere day

Sometimes working in an office continuously adds to the feeling of boredom and reduces enthusiasm. If your office is used to working stay at the desk, encourage employees to spend the day working from anywhere. Give your team a flexible budget for them to work in a cafe, coworking space, or take out lunch so they can work relaxed at home.

  1. Themed office celebration

Make your office inspired by holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or other interesting days. Create your own employee appreciation week event by letting your team choose the theme, activities, decor, and food. Doing something fun together at the office can be a form of relaxation and stress relief. 

How to Give Appreciation Gift to Team Member

Employee appreciation is an essential thing in a business. You can get many benefits when you pay attention to your employees and recognize their hard work. Appreciation gifts are not only in the form of goods, but also a form of experience. You can choose any gift that is best to foster enthusiasm, team bonding, and positive corporate culture.

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