How To Let Employees Pick Their Gift And What Does That Mean

Employee best performance can provide many positive things for the organization. One way to maximize employee engagement is to maximize employee gifting programs. Gifting cannot be an arbitrary thing, because we show how we appreciate employees. The increasing number of gift options out there makes offices confused about choosing which one is suitable. Occasionally let employees pick their gift to provide more value than dictating rewards for them.

How to Let Employees Choose Their Own Gifts?

It's time for you to give more individualized, purpose-driven gifts that employees can respond to positively. There are several steps you can take to let employees pick their gift.

  1. Decide gifting occasions

Determine the right time for employees to choose their own gifts. Events such as promotions, birthdays and work anniversaries are some moments that are suitable for personally selected gifts. You can also give employees the opportunity to get prizes of their choice when employees get any accomplishments or reach certain milestones.

  1. Determine how many recipients

Determine how many employees will get a gift. You don't need to give gifts to all employees, unless there is a big event at the office. Give employees an offer on how to determine their own rewards for their accomplishments. Sometimes coordinating group rewards will be much easier because you can just do a bulk order. But when employees are given the freedom to choose their gifts, you have to calculate how many possible employees will receive the gift.

  1. Set a budget

Giving employees freedom does not mean giving an unlimited budget for everyone and their gifts. Your budget can be determined from a variety of parameters. For example, employees who have been in the office for 10 years and have a higher position will have a larger budget compared to new employees who have only been in the office for 1 year. For team rewards, you can set the same budget for each team member. You can buy any form of gift as long as your budget is met.

  1. Gift selection and delivery

Let employees experience online shopping. All you need to do is check and calculate whether the gift selection is in accordance with the rules and your budget. You can choose whether the gift is sent to the office or directly to the employee's home.

Corporate Occasions to Let Employees Pick Their Gift

While you don't need a special reason if you want to give gifts to employees, you can determine the right time for selecting and sending gifts so you can have time to prepare a budget. Let's dive into corporate occasions to give gifts chosen by employees themselves.

  1. Welcome gift

New employees will feel happy if they are greeted in a friendly manner, can get to know their coworkers easily, and have the opportunity to choose their own gift even though it is their first time coming to work. This corporate gift will set the tone positively for working relationships, and show how dedicated you are to employee wellness.

  1. Team milestone

Each team has its own goal. Celebrating team milestones can be an encouragement for each team member, and motivation for other teams to achieve the same achievements. Every individual will feel they have an obligation to give their best performance, because they can have the opportunity to choose a gift according to what they have achieved.

  1. Promotion

Let your employee know how long their journey is to get their new position by being free in their gift choices after promotion. Also give a compliment card as a sign that you are proud of the employee's achievements, and give coworkers the opportunity to write support and best wishes for their new position.

  1. Retirement

Employees who have been dedicated for a long time to the progress of the office must have a special gift. A retirement should be celebrated, because employees have worked tirelessly for years, and they deserve to know what you can provide for them. Try to have more budget to give retiring employees the freedom to choose the gifts they like. Not only limited to items, but you can also give the opportunity to get a gift of experience.

  1. Employee appreciation routine

You can schedule employee appreciation regularly to foster a positive corporate culture. Sometimes you can give employees the freedom to choose their own gift within a budget limit. Any gift will always be appreciated, but there's nothing wrong with employees being able to get the gift they want without you having to decide. Every form of appreciation will foster new enthusiasm for employees so that they can maintain their good performances.

  1. Thank you

Always remember to say thank you to employees' hard work and give suitable gifts to them. You can create a pleasant surprise by giving employees the freedom to choose the gift they want. Thank you gifts and messages do not need a special occasion, because you can give them whenever you want to convey your gratitude to the dedication of each employee for business progress. Saying thank you and giving gifts are powerful steps for employee engagement, and teach employees to say that magic word in the work environment.

5 Most Selected Gifts That Employees Pick

After knowing how employees choose their own gifts and when is the right time to give them, now is the time to see a list of what employees often choose as special gifts for them. Let's look at the list below.

  1. Personalized wine gift set

Give your employees the opportunity to select their favorite wine and glasses to open up for a special occasion. Wine and spirits are classy elegant gifts to elevate any celebrations and can be kept as long as the recipient wants. What's special about this gift is that the wine bottle and glasses can be engraved with a photo, date or text chosen by the employee according to their wishes.

Employees Pick Their Gift

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  1. Self heating mug

Many employees forget their hot drinks in the morning because of the many tasks they have to complete. Coffee and tea will no longer taste good when cold, and that is why employees choose self-heating mugs to maintain the temperature of their drinks so that they remain drinkable whenever they want. This gift selection is perfect for cocoa, tea, and coffee drinkers. Self heating mugs will keep any drinks at the desired temperature, making employees always enthusiastic and accompanied by drinks that stay warm all the time.

  1. Shower steamers

Some employees will choose gifts that can make them more relaxed after a tiring day of work. The aromatic steamers will provide a luxurious spa-like experience when employees have a hot spa at home. Shower steamers will create scented therapeutic steam, such as bath bombs experience made with citric acid, baking soda, and essential oils. This gift is relaxing, refreshing, and supports employees' emotional and mental balance.

  1. A portable blender

A portable blender that is useful for making shakes, smoothies, margaritas, frappes, or anything that requires a little blend. This gift promotes a healthier lifestyle for employees who like various fruit or vegetable juices. The portable blender has a small size, can be placed on a work desk, taken to the gym, in the car, at the beach, or in the kitchen with a small counter space.

  1. Self-development books

Sometimes employees want to develop better in their knowledge according to their field of work, but don't know how to start. Some employees prefer to buy books for self-development, and read them during their free time at the office. Employees' desire to continue to develop must be well appreciated. You can create a mini library or give each employee the opportunity to take courses or seminars according to their respective fields of work.

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Every employee will feel happy when their company appreciates and recognizes their hard work. One way to provide more comfort to employees is to give each employee the freedom to choose the gift they want. Choose the right time for the special gift, and budget according to the occasion. Every gift is always appreciated, but it would be more meaningful if employees could have the opportunity to choose their own gift.

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