Top 10 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Married Friends

Wedding anniversary celebrations are a symbol to commemorate the love that married couples still feel no matter the ups and downs of their lives. Wedding anniversaries are an important event to celebrate because they can unite friends and family while strengthening the love of the couple. For friends and family who come to the wedding anniversary event, it will be more complete if they find the perfect gift for the happy couple. We have prepared anniversary gift ideas for the first few years of marriage, or couples who have been together for more than a decade.

What are the milestone wedding anniversaries?

Before we get into anniversary gift ideas, let's answer questions that often arise about wedding anniversary milestone years. Every year of marriage is a unique achievement for all couples. Some years can have more weight than others, but we have to celebrate it as a success for a couple who can maintain a successful marriage.

Milestone anniversaries occur every five years in the beginning, and followed by the 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. After a second decade together, it typically switches to every 10 years (30th, 40th, and so on). That's why many couples choose to commemorate their anniversary as a special milestone.

What is a good anniversary gift to give someone?

The choices for gifts are many and varied, but we cannot be careless in choosing them. We have to think carefully, because while celebrating the success of the couple to maintain their relationship forever. Choose a gift that is meaningful, useful and personalized. Some of these aspects will make your gift more valuable and serve as a reminder to the couple that you also wish them the best for their long-term life.

Choose items with the best quality, long lasting, limited editions, or have a great impression. Are you curious about what anniversary gift ideas? Let's look at the list below.

Best 10 anniversary gift ideas

You can adjust how many or how important the gift you give is according to how long the couple has been married. Whatever you choose below, we have prepared you for some of the best wedding anniversary gifts you will ever give.

  1. Wine engraving gift set

You need to give your best for your best friend's wedding anniversary. High-end gifts like wine gift sets can be memorable gifts for couples and name pairing gift boxes engraved with their appearance. Wine bottles and glasses will be a thoughtful and high-quality gift. But where can we get wine engraving gifts that are suitable for a wedding anniversary?

Anniversary Gift Ideas

DesignYourOwnWine is the answer. DesignYourOwnWine provides wine bottles and wine glasses with a lifetime guarantee to keep the recipient's good memories lasting and fresh. DesignYourOwnWine has been providing famous wines and glasses of the best quality for more than a decade to become customized gift boxes for customers all over the world.

  1. Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances include modern and fitting gifts for newlyweds or couples who have lived together for several years. After several years of marriage, of course there are some appliances that need to be bought new, such as frying pans, stoves, ovens or other important equipment. You can come to the anniversary event to see what the layout of their house is, and what colors are suitable for the appliances you are going to buy. Try to provide appliances that suit their needs and match colors.

  1. Coffee maker

For our best friends who never go through a single morning without coffee, the coffee maker will be a meaningful wedding anniversary for them. Any coffee maker can make lattes and cappuccinos too. The set includes a coffee maker and a milk frother for coffee lovers who want to make their morning drinks more delicious. Don't forget to give some coffee grounds or coffee beans as a complementary gift, so that your best friend and their partner can try various types of coffee that they have never tried before.

  1. Journey custom map print

Every couple certainly has a destination they want to go on holiday. You can provide a custom journey map print with maps of the cities or countries around the world. Choose artwork that can be painted on white wood and encased in a handmade frame. The map will be a symbol of several favorite locations for couples who travel to the place they want to go. Choose a wooden map print with clear and detailed quality which makes it an excellent gift.

  1. Tea cup with tea pot set

If we can give a coffee maker to our friends who like coffee, what about tea lovers? We can provide tea pot sets, tea cups, and also several types of tea. The ceramic tea pot and tea cup can cherish the recipient's tea hour, along with the handgrip that gives it a posh look.

  1. Crystal dinner set

Crystal dinner sets are versatile, feather-light, yet stylish for all meals and every type of cuisine. Every married couple will be happy with their new dinner set because it is absolutely durable, can withstand rough usage without scratching or chipping. Using a microwave and dishwasher is great, making this dinner set convenient for daily use. This is the flawless gift for any anniversary, and choose it with the married couple's favorite motif or color.

  1. Happiness hamper

Give the happy couple a hamper filled with hearty snacks. You can choose several sweets and snacks such as pistachios, black pepper cashews, chocolate cookies, premium chocolate bars, caramel popcorn, and several luxury drinks as complements. Ensure the gift box looks luxurious and tasty, can be enjoyed on any occasion. Or you can choose healthy snacks with fresh fruit as an alternative for happy couples who are steeped in healthy living.

  1. Couple watches

No matter how long the couple has been married, they will only fall deeper in love everyday. Give a classy and chic gift such as a couple watches in the recipient's favorite color. It is the right way to make our best friend with their couple still in style. They can use it at work, traveling, or at home. The watches will match any clothes and elevate their looks.

  1. Perfume gift set

A couple who smells good will increase their confidence wherever they go. Give a perfume gift set with various scents to choose from for any occasion. For men, give them a bold and strong scent that is suitable for use when working or traveling to important events. For women, give them a soft and delicate scent to add to their elegance when they want to go anywhere. Several perfume choices will give the recipient the freedom to use it at different times and for different purposes.

  1. Stationery gift box

Do married couples like to travel and write? So the sustainable stationery gift box will be an excellent gift for them. Fill the box with notebooks, small notecards, handmade pencils, pens, and several other writing tools. Make a unique design such as the recipient's wedding date, the couple's name, and their photo on the front of the box. This stationery box will accompany them wherever they go as their journal to share with their descendants.

Modern Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds in Hong Kong

Wedding anniversary is an important event for every couple. As good family and friends, we need to think about appropriate gifts to celebrate their success in staying together, and best wishes for being together forever. Ensure you give useful and meaningful gifts with the highest quality, and give a great impression to the recipient.

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