Modern Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds in Hong Kong

Receiving wedding invitations from relatives, closest friends, or acquaintances is an unwritten contract to give the newlyweds a memorable gift for them. Every wedding guest wants to give the best and the most modern wedding gifts that couples will receive and appreciate it. No guests want to give a gift that looks like a cheapskate when newlyweds open it. If you want to calculate a specific budget for what gift you want to give to newlyweds, we have summarized it for you.

How much do you give for a wedding in Hong Kong?

Attending a wedding invitation is an honor for us, because we are people who are remembered or know the bride and groom closely. How much do you give is determined by your relationship with the couple. Traditionally, if you go to a wedding banquet in a hotel or Chinese restaurant your budget will be at HKD 500-1000. But if you can't come to the wedding, you may give HKD 300.

You don't have to be fixated on giving money directly to the bride and groom, because you have other options to give modern wedding gifts that you think are suitable. If you have determined the number that you give, all you have to do is adjust it to the budget, but still choose what you think is the best of the several options available.

What is a typical wedding gift amount?

The typical wedding gift amount is determined by many factors. Even though there are no special rules for how much you need to prepare for laisee, you have to adjust from a number of the most important factors such as the venue type, your relationship, return laisee, and your financial status.

There are some guests who want to give laisee directly to the bride and groom, some choose to give a gift. If you have ever invited newlyweds to your wedding, ensure the laisee you give is the same or greater amount for them in return. The typical amount for gifts is the same as the typical amount of laisee packets between HKD 500 - 1000.

But remember, even though you are trying to give your best for how much money you give to buy the best gift, you must pay attention to your financial status. If when your wedding invitation is in a tight situation, your arrival is more important than the laisee, but when you are in a state of well off, you can give a proper amount of modern wedding gifts.

What is modern wedding gifts for newly married couple?

wedding gifts

Some amazing local brands, or luxury things from a famous brand for wedding gifts are brilliant ideas. Bookmark this article for your preparation when you get a wedding invitation. We will bring you some of the best wedding gift ideas for newlyweds in Hong Kong.

  1. Personalised wine and glasses

Wine and glasses are one of the luxury gifts that you can choose. You can choose from many famous wine brands, such as Prosecco, Cloudy Bay, Calon Segur, etc. Giving a package of wine and glass is a great option for a wedding gift, but it will be even more memorable if you can provide an engraved wine bottle and wine glasses with the name, date, or silhouette of the newlyweds. Look for a wine store that is professional in its field for personalized wine bottles and glasses such as Design Your Own Wine, and get the right glass shape and favorite wine from the bride and groom.

  1. Shoulder picnic hamper for two

Fortnum & Mason has a shoulder picnic hamper that is suitable for newlyweds who are going to have a picnic on one of their honeymoon events. All the needs of a two-person picnic such as plates, cutlery rolls, knives, forks, spoons, and several other equipment that will make your picnic always memorable.

  1. Personalised coasters

Personalized wooden coasters can be a great choice for modern wedding gifts because you can include the newlyweds' names and the date they got married. With an elegant coaster, you can order it along with a photo or text with the design of your choice.

  1. Robot vacuum mop

Technology is advancing, and newlyweds need tools that can help them with daily housework such as sweeping floors. Choose a vacuum mop robot that has an efficient configuration for cleaning up to the mopping process. Even though a robot vacuum can't help to clean some corners of the room, it will make your life easier by cutting down your time to clean the house.

  1. Instant camera

Newlyweds will be happy if they are given an instant camera, because they want to capture their first moments when traveling together. There are some recommendations for the best instant cameras, such as Polaroid Now+ or Fujifilm instax mini 11.

  1. Pet carrier

If newlyweds are pet parents, you can upgrade their travel gear with an amazing pet carrier. Choose a carrier that has panels that encourage comfortable airflow, and a space that is easy to clean. Hygiene is a major requirement for pet carriers. If the pet carrier you choose has a washable liner, it will help you to keep it hygienic. It's a unique wedding gift that always thinks of their pets and never leaves them when traveling.

  1. World travel map

Are newlyweds a traveler? The canvas with a world travel map is a perfect gift for them. They can track their married travels starting from the day after the wedding. This map makes it stylish, can be installed in their living room or bedroom, plus it can be their great conversation for their future vacation plans.

  1. Anniversary journal

The anniversary journal is a perfect gift for couples who like to write down their memories and things they have shared together. It has many sections that can be commemorating from their first anniversary to their 60th. Each year has four pages to fill in their favorite memories, detailing how they celebrated, or where to put photos. The vellum paper in the journal makes it look luxurious and totally memorable.

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Choose a gift that describes the couple who received it, is useful for them, and is memorable. Coming to their wedding invitation and giving the best gift will make them feel happy and proud because you took part in their happy day.

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