Top Alternative Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Birthday parties are an important part of childhood, what about adults? Adults enjoy parties just like children, and it's really nice if they can share their happy day with loved ones. But birthdays are not always celebrated with a party like children do, because adults seem to be having their alternative birthday party and don't have to miss out on the fun day.

As we grow older, we know that birthdays are a rare opportunity to gather friends and family in one place and have fun together. We don't have to get hung up on making a party, but there are still lots of fun things to do. Let's check out some alternatives for an adult birthday party.

At What Age Do Adults Stop Having Birthday Parties?

Although there is no exact age reference for adults to stop having birthday parties, most of people after their 21st may wish to stop celebrating with a birthday party, but do other activities that seem fun and sometimes there's always alcohol in it.

Even though some are still celebrating their birthday by having a party, but you know that you're old enough to have control and there are many other things that can be done together with guests, without having to be like children waiting for a birthday cake and singing a birthday song together.

What Can You Do Instead of A Birthday Party?

There's a lot of things to do without you having to pay a lot to plan a perfect party. There are many meaningful alternative birthday parties for adults such as going on an adventure, volunteering projects, trips or activities, or planning an event. You can connect your ideas and hobbies together, and bring people you love to enjoy the day with you. Or you can choose one of the ideas below as an alternative birthday party.

8 Alternative Birthday Party Ideas

  1. Do a Spa Day

Relaxation is the best thing to do with your best friend or your family. Unwind and pamper yourself on your birthday, because it's not only good for your body, but also reduces stress and anxiety. If you get a complete spa package, you can relieve pain anc aches, improve sleep quality, and improve blood flow and circulation. Look for spa centers around Hong Kong that offer birthday packages if you want to do group bookings to save some money and get the ultimate birthday treat maximally.

  1. Take an Art Class

If your hobby is art, you can sign yourself up for an art class with your best friend or family. Painting, drawing, sculpting or pottery are some amazing options to try something new and fun. You can bring home the results of the art class and serve as a reminder for you to pass your birthday with joy and explore a new hobby.

  1. Host a Game Night

If you don't want to have a party, but still want to invite some close relatives over to your house, why hot host a game night? Uno, Cluedo, Monopoly, and many other games that can be combined with birthday gifts that you prepare for guests and make it for an unforgettable night.

Game nights can strengthen relationships with your guests, especially when you play team games. Add simple decorations, banners, and prepare snacks to elevate your game night and make a proper alternative birthday party.

  1. Dinner with Wine Tasting
Birthday Party Ideas

If you are good at cooking, you cook some of your favorite menus, and prepare the wine of your choice along with the glass. Your guests will be surprised with a wine bottle and glasses with your name and photo engraved on them. You can get personalized wine bottles and glasses at Design Your Own Wine, with a wide selection of famous wines.

  1. Cake Swap Day

Even though we don't have a big party, we can still celebrate birthdays with frosting and candles. Ask each guest to bring their favorite cake, and do a cake swap with each guest or eat together to celebrate your birthday while knowing the favorite cake of your closest person. Don't forget to bring the guests the cake that you have prepared as an appreciation for those who want to join in on your cake swap event.

  1. Watch a live show

A trip to the theater with your best dress is one of the perfect things to do on your birthday. You can choose between musicals, orchestra, or concerts for every upcoming tour date according to your birthday. Booking a love show trip might be an expensive one, but is worth it for the night as sophisticated entertainment.

  1. Slideshow

Host a birthday slideshow by gathering your favorite photos together with those closest to you with a special focus on remembering old memories. Ensure you have lots of photos of lots of moments to laugh, cringe, and cry together. Don't forget to take a picture on that day by hiring a photographer or renting a photo booth.

  1. Video Game Tournament

If you own a console, it's time to create a game tournament to make you feel like a kid again. Load up fun multi-player games, and prepare small prizes for tournament winners. It will be more fun if you play retro games as a memory of your childhood with those closest to you and remember how happy you are playing these games in the present.

Are you ready to choose the best alternative birthday party ideas? Start planning now before your birthday comes, don't forget to turn your day into a memorable and fun one with the people closest to you, and prove that birthdays don't have to be held like when we were kids.

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