Best alternative birthday party venues in Hong Kong

One of our family members is having a birthday in a few weeks. It's time to celebrate! But aren't you bored with the usual celebrations? We need a party that is memorable and fun for everyone, but organizing a great birthday party can be stressful. We need to prepare about many things, such as invitations, costumes, food, drinks, activities, or some entertainment. What if we want to have a party without us having to prepare everything? Finding birthday party venues is the answer.

The venue we choose will determine the whole event. It can affect the party theme or even the activities at the party. These days, many venues are offering activity packages, food, drinks, and some extra services. So ensure we pick the best venue for the birthday party.

What can you do on your birthday in Hong Kong?

If you want to celebrate your birthday in Hong Kong, there are many things you can do. You can adjust the activities carried out according to the selected venue. Of course, indoor venues will have different activity options than outdoor venues. You can also choose activities to do based on your personal preferences.

If you prefer a classic birthday party, you can book a place for the people closest to you and then do activities together such as having dinner, drinking with a view, and karaoke together. But if you want something more exciting and a different experience, you can choose to do things together like go on a picnic, play bowling, grill BBQ, or book a staycation.

Another thing you need to think about is if most of your guests are parents who have to bring children. Then you can consider choosing children-friendly activities, such as holding a pool party or going to places that are suitable for children and families such as Disneyland, Ocean Park, or playgrounds.

The activities at our birthday party should be fun and suitable for all our guests. A venue that can accommodate our guests' needs would be a great choice. Don't forget to consider your budget when planning your birthday party. 

What are fun ideas for a birthday party?

You can make fun activities at a birthday party to enliven the atmosphere as well as appreciation for the guests who have come. There's a lot of fun things to do like make a quiz, playing card game, game tournament, popping balloons, and other fun things. Or if you want something more luxurious and elegant, you can do wine tasting with other guests.

Surprise guests by bringing your chosen wine and glass, but as personalized items. Right now you can get an engraved wine bottle and glasses with your photo, name and birthday date. Check Design Your Own Wine to get your favorite wine and how you want to display the photo or text on the bottle and glass you want.

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What if the birthday person wants something new to celebrate? Do you must have to celebrate a birthday party at home? Of course not. Here are 5 best birthday party venues in Hong Kong that you can use as your reference.

5 Best birthday party venues in Hong Kong

  1. Private bus party tour (Crystal Bus, Suite 1707, Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong, +852 2988 8202,,

The Crystal bus is one of the unique ideas with a stylish double decker with neon lights, decorated with Swarovski Crystals in a number you've never imagined. It's one of the best birthday party venues you need to choose, because it can provide a memorable experience for your family and guests. You can arrange a variety of food with various flexible prices. Some of the options you can choose from are Western food, Chinese, Michelin-rated dim sum, and desserts.

  1. Private pool party (Chillax Party, Room 1202, 12/F, Wah Shing Centre, No 11 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, +852 5961 5772,

Chillax Party with faux pool party venue with a glowing ball and full of different floaties. Children and teenagers will love this place because the fun doesn't stop just in the pool, but the venue also provides lots of games such as pool tables, jenga, ping pong, darts, and more. Enjoy the moment with your family and closest friends in the glowing pool or unicorn-themed ball pit.

  1. Bowling Bar (ikiTiki Bowling Bar, 4/F Centro, 1A Chui Tong Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2657 8488,,

TikiTiki Bowling Bar is a fun party venue for adults or children who have a hobby of bowling. It's fun for anyone who wants to learn how to bowl or for the pros. There are several party packages that you can choose from, one of which is two-hour parties for kids with themed cake, food, a birthday piñata, and don't forget the bowling part. There's also packages available for adults with a minimum of 12 guests to do private parties.

  1. Karaoke Party Rooms (RedMR, various locations across Hong Kong, 3125 3125,,

RedMR is a place to sing your heart out by choosing your favorite tunes. This is a karaoke party venue in Hong Kong that can be used for children and adults. You can choose kid parties from 10 to 30 children with party packages including main dishes, sandwiches, snacks, desserts, and drinks. If you want a complete party decoration, RedMR provides extra charge for decorations, party cake, or flowers.

  1. Disneyland (Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, 3510 6868,

We save the best for the last. Who doesn't know about Hong Kong Disneyland? No one. It's the magical place and dubbed as the happiest place on earth with a wide range of birthday party offers. Everyone will definitely want to choose Disney-themed cakes according to their favorite characters, and that character joining in the birthday celebrations. It's the ultimate party venue for kids and teenagers!

Birthday person can do character greetings for their unforgettable moment. There's also a wide-ranging list of activities you can do on Disneyland.

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Celebrating a birthday party outside the home is fun things to do yet exciting. There are many beautiful places in Hong Kong that are suitable for birthday party venues with various budgets. Choose the best place for you and according to your budget and make an unforgettable moment for your happiest day.

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