5 Best Ways to Celebrate Work Anniversary

Every step the company makes each year is no small feat, or five, ten, or more. A work anniversary is something that is worth celebrating for all staff and also higher-ups, remembering that all the team's performance is a source of pride and something to remember. Celebrating a company anniversary is more than just a kindness, because it will foster a sense of closeness between each other, as well as a sense of belonging to the company in every employee, thereby increasing retention. Make the anniversary memorable for improving office culture, keeping your team engaged, and happy to be in the office they fought for together.

Is a work anniversary an accomplishment?

Announcements mark every milestone in everyone's career. For a company, an anniversary is the best step to demonstrate recognition and appreciation for the team's contributions and showing that the company values every effort and commitment. Every company will accomplish something every year they develop. There will always be new things that the company will discover, and the team will always grow stronger after facing various obstacles, up to this latest point.

What is the best work anniversary message?

Each individual needs to convey a message to express their happiness that the office they have been in has grown older and is struggling together with colleagues to achieve common goals. A message like "happy work anniversary" "Let's have another year of growth" "Be successful together" is a simple but powerful message for team progress. Supervisors or managers can convey every good message to colleagues as a mutual encouragement and mutual understanding that each individual is praying for the best for the company's progress.

Celebrate Work Anniversary

This culture can make each individual appreciate the team's performance, try their best to achieve a common goal, and also want to stay to ensure everything is as expected.

Best ways to celebrate work anniversary with your team

Celebrating a company anniversary can be done virtually, at the venue, or at the office. It is the duty of employees to celebrate anniversaries in a festive manner so that each employee feels proud of their achievements in the office together with the team. We have prepared some of the best ideas for how you can celebrate your work anniversary with your team.

  1. Dinner and wine celebration

Having dinner with everyone in the company while discussing office progress is something that can increase positive culture and employee recognition. A dinner will be more memorable when you prepare luxury wine to drink together, because wine is a symbol of celebration, success and fortune. You can choose a famous wine to enjoy together, and it will be even more festive if you can customize the bottle of wine to add a company logo or anniversary date in the middle.

Where can you customize a bottle of wine to celebrate an anniversary? DesignYourOwnWine is the answer. For more than a decade, Design Your Own Wine has focused on creating eternal gifts and customized wine bottles & wine glasses for various occasions. Imagine you are serving wine with a company logo, photo, date, or quote in the middle of a famous wine bottle. Every employee will be impressed with what you bring, and you can enjoy that famous wine while admiring the bottle which can be kept forever.

Celebrate the anniversary with your favorite wine selection, and let everyone feel the joy at the moment. Even though the anniversary will be over in a few days, everyone who sees that wine bottle with engraving will always remember their happy moment when they celebrated the anniversary with the team.

  1. Workspace upgrade

A company anniversary is the perfect time to refresh your team's workspace and get ready for another year. Help your coworkers to maximize their performance by upgrading their home office or whatever their requirements are at work. Encourage them to get new tech accessories, office chairs, lamps, stationery, or whatever needs they have wanted for a long time. Something new on the work table will increase employee morale, and they will feel that everything they do will produce commensurate results.

This idea will be very good for companies that have remote workers, because your remote employees will be more enthusiastic about achieving the company's goals with a positive outlook and a rejuvenated office.

  1. A memorable experience

Celebrating an anniversary doesn't have to be at the office, but also provides an unforgettable experience such as providing cooking classes, surf lessons, weekend trips, helicopter tours, etc. A special experience is something that employees have never imagined before, and they can experience it together with coworkers. For a few moments, your team will go together and create great memories that they will never forget. Give them extra tickets so they can invite one of their family members, loved ones, or friends.

  1. A monetary bonus or raise

For many employees, a monetary bonus and a raise are fantastic ways to reward and celebrate a work anniversary. Surveys say that increasing employee salaries or giving cash bonuses will increase productivity more than the amount of money given by the company. Whatever incentives are given to employees can be a form of invisible investment, because employees will be more enthusiastic to work hard and achieve higher goals than before.

You can tell employees how much bonus they will get transparently, so that employees understand that the amount is commensurate with what they do. Don't hesitate to accept suggestions from employees regarding the appropriate amount for employees to get, because the benefits of bonuses and raises will also be felt in real terms by the company.

  1. A half-day off or early holiday

Sometimes a lot of work every year will make our team overwhelmed and tired physically and mentally. Providing rest time for employees outside of normal holiday time will be something enjoyable for them, because employees have the opportunity to go on holiday with their family and friends. A time off for employees is an opportunity to rest and enhance their physical and mental health.

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Celebrating the age of the company must be celebrated with the team to increase retention, closeness between employees, and other positive things. Start thinking about celebrating a company anniversary to be memorable and give an unlimited impression to employees and higher-ups.

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