Best 15 Gifts for People Who Have Everything

We all have criteria for people we don't want to give gifts to because they claim they already have everything they need or claim that they don't want anything. But in fact, they are people who are hard to please, or simply they have enough for everything. We believe that gifts are for everyone, even though they say they don't need anything. Our intention is to give the best on the recipient's special day, but we also have to think that the gift we choose cannot be simple and must provide a lasting impression. We have prepared for you a collection of things that can be gifts for people who have everything.

What is the most meaningful gift you can give someone?

People who have it all are the most difficult criteria when it comes to being someone who will receive a gift. But we can overcome this by thinking about what could be meaningful for them, showing that you understand what they want and what matters to them. Gifts for people who have everything is complicated, but that doesn't mean we can't find and give them. We can provide personalized items, because that item may not be available if you buy it the normal way. Or you provide according to what matters to them, showing you pay attention to what they need.

What gift suggestions for someone who doesn't need anything?

Finding gifts for people who have everything is tricky because we have to understand what their likes are, what can have a positive effect on their life, and what their interests are. Don't give traditional gifts, because even though they appreciate our gift, it may not necessarily be memorable for them. We suggest you can give something that has personal value and gives a lasting impression. If you are confused about what is suitable to give them, we have prepared it for you.

Best gifts for people who have everything

With the list we have, you no longer need to worry about the gift you will give, because our list is suitable for everyone and for any occasion. Now it's not about them not needing anything, but we can give something meaningful for them and feel grateful when we give it to them.

  1. Champagne glasses gift set with engraving

People who have everything certainly like something valuable and luxurious. One gift that falls within these criteria is a luxury drink such as champagne. You can choose famous champagne and combine the gift with glasses that match the bottle. Does it still not give the impression of luxury? You can add it by engraving it on the glasses or on the champagne bottle. Customize the champagne gift set with the content and design you want such as name, photo, or special text for the recipient.

gifts for people who have everything

DesignYourOwnWine is the right place to choose famous champagne including engraving with the best quality. DesignYourOwnWine is the best place to make customized champagne because it focuses on creating eternal memories for people around the world. All products come with a lifetime guarantee with the best quality.

  1. Wake up light sunrise alarm

Give them a gift with something positive, such as making them wake up more regularly with an alarm clock that replicates a sunrise while producing soothing sounds like ocean and birdsong. Traditional alarm clocks only emit annoying beeping sounds that wake up and will not be pleasant for anyone who uses them. But with this wake up light sunrise alarm, they can wake up enthusiastic because it's like seeing the sunlight directly in front of them and start the day with enthusiasm.

  1. Mini fridge

You can give them something they can use at their work desk, such as a mini fridge. The mini fridge can be used to keep food that they bring from home cold, or drinks that they really want to keep so that they can enjoy cold drinks whenever they want. An enough space to store any drink for someone who continues to focus on their work, of course they will be happy to receive it.

  1. Instant cameras

People who have everything do not necessarily have instant cameras that can print multiples of the same photo. Now most people only take photos using their cellphone without any physical photos, and once the cellphone storage is full, they will be confused about deleting the data contents of the cellphone and may have to delete photos with important memories. Mini instant cameras can be connected via Bluetooth to choose stickers, filters, and immediately print out your edits. It's a great gift for anyone even if they already have everything they need.

  1. Home diffuser

Your friends may have everything they need, but they don't necessarily have a signature scent for a special room such as a living room or dining room. Choose this home diffuser with plugs into an outlet, can be controlled via smartphone, emitting chosen fragrance at certain intervals to keep the room subtly scented. Pair it with premium fragranced for safe and clean air around the room, and provide long-lasting fragrance for tens of hours to come.

  1. Gardening tool set

Does your friend have a gardening hobby recently? You can provide a gardening tool set with a variety of tools that can fulfill the maintenance of various gardens at home or in the office. Choose gardening tools made of stainless steel that are shiny, durable and do not break easily. You can give a set along with plant seeds, a small pot, and planting medium so that the recipient can immediately create a vegetable garden or herbal plants in their backyard or home garden.

  1. Coffee maker

We may know that our friends already have everything they need, but we can tell that they are coffee lovers who almost every morning never miss drinking hot coffee before starting work. A coffee maker can be a suitable gift to fill their morning with a hot cup of coffee. This machine can automate the brewing process from home, will help the recipient to make your favorite coffee like a true barista.

  1. Wine & champagne chiller

Choose an insulated wine & champagne chiller with a cool bucket without having to prepare ice in it. The double layer of the champagne chiller is effective in isolating the temperature inside and outside the bucket, to keep the luxury drink at the best temperature. The wine & champagne chiller is forged with 304 double-layer stainless steel which is specifically designed for beverage products. It's durable, sturdy, and continuous insulation. Easy to clean, will not rust and corrode, always maintain the best condition of the drink.

  1. Shower bombs with essential oils

Do you want to give something scent-sational to your friend? You can give shower bombs for personal care and relaxation while bathing. Shower bombs are available with various scents such as Lavender, Eucalyptus & Menthol, Vanilla, Watermelon, and other aromas. Why this could be the perfect gift for someone who likes to smell good when they want to relax during their bath time. The aromatherapy shower shooters are made from natural fragrances and essential oils so recipients can enjoy their spa at home.

  1. Portable campfire

Do your friends like to camp around the house or even in their backyard? You can provide a portable campfire that is suitable for carrying on picnics, hiking, camping, and more. This item is portable and convenient, which you can take anywhere. You can make an outdoor fire pit hassle-free and bring a little warmth whatever activities you do. How to use it is very easy, you just light the recycled paper briquettes using a lighter or match until the fire spreads. Slide the lid back on to smother until the flame extinguishes after use.

  1. Portable wine cooler bag

Another piece of equipment for someone who likes to drink wine or beer with friends is a beer and wine cooler bag. The next time your friends want to go to a barbeque or festival, they can pack up wine bottles or beer cans in the insulated bag and carry it easily. No cooler packs or ice needed, because the cooler bag has been specifically designed to chill cold drinks.

  1. Temperature control smart mug

Now there are mugs that can maintain the temperature to keep hot drinks at the desired temperature between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be set in an application on a smartphone. The mug is rechargeable with a 1.5 hour battery life, so you can keep your tea or coffee warm all day long without worrying about it getting cold when you leave it to work or do other activities.

  1. Personalized coffee mug

Want to give something more personal? You can make a personalized coffee mug with animation, photos, or initials of the recipient. You can give them a mug along with their favorite bag of coffee beans or brew of tea so they can immediately make a warm drink and use the mug.

  1. Noise cancelling earbuds

If you feel that headphones are too big for a gift and are uncomfortable to use when running or other sports, you can give noise canceling earbuds with a more elegant design and practical for use whatever the recipient does. The wireless noise canceling earbuds are easy to connect with Bluetooth, with a long battery life so they can be used when traveling or when you want to exercise without hearing sounds from the outside world.

  1. Personal home safe

People who have everything also need a safe storage place. You can provide a personal home safe to secure their most prized possessions such as important documents, money, jewelry, or anything that needs to be looked after.


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We can still think about what we can give to someone who has everything by looking at what their interests are and what matters to their life. Choose one of the best gifts and the recipient will definitely be happy with your gift, because whatever you give will certainly make a good impression.

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