15 Top Gifts for Managers, Bosses, and Leaders

We already understand why corporate gifting is important for business, but have we ever thought that we also need to give gifts to our bosses, managers or leaders? Moreover, we understand that gifts for managers cannot be thought of haphazardly, because we have to look at the person we are giving the gift to, we cannot be careless in choosing the item, and the right time to give it. That's why this article will help you in choosing a good gift for your boss, leader or manager, with so many gift choices out there, so that you have some of the best references and choose one of them.

Should I give my manager a gift?

No, you shouldn't. But there's no harm in giving a gift if you feel it has nothing to do with work, purely because you want to give the gift to them personally, not because it's from employees to managers. Sometimes people will think it is unethical if we give gifts to higher-ups, but as long as we understand the company regulations regarding giving gifts, and what the occasion is when we think of gifts for managers, then we can give them the same as we would give gifts to friends or family.

How do you express gratitude to a manager?

There are many ways for employees to express their gratitude to their managers. Employees can send thankful notes via email or sticky notes, or anonymous letters if the employee does not want the manager to know who is showing their gratitude. Shaking hands, and saying it personally, are also some ways to show how grateful you are to have a manager who has had a positive impact while you were in the office.

You can also give gifts to managers, which you can give when outside the office, on birthdays, or when managers are holding a private event and we are invited to come to their house.

15 top gifts for managers and higher-ups

Gifts are communication tools that we can show to managers how we appreciate, understand and value them. Manager gifts can boost morale, enhance existing bonds, lead to conversations, and represent your work style and core values. Let's take a look at some of the best gift ideas for your managers.

  1. Wine engraving glassware pair gift set

Managers gifts are synonymous with something luxurious. You can give a wine bottle and pair of glasses which can be a symbol of success, elegance and luxury. You can add engraving to the wine bottle and glasses, to make it something to remember deeply. DesignYourOwnWine is the best place to get some famous wines plus engraving in various styles to match the wine glasses or wine bottle.

top gifts for managers

Since 2012 DesignYourOwnWine has been customers' choice for making the best engraving wine gift sets, because you can personalize the bottle and glasses to show your gratitude to managers. You can include photos or names of managers on your premium imported wines.

  1. Cold brew and tea

Cold brew coffee or tea is the right choice for managers to enjoy their morning drink. You can provide a cold-brew coffee or tea maker to make it easier for your managers to make tea or coffee with just a few simple steps, and the drink is ready to serve in minutes. The unique design for the cold brew coffee maker will cleanup a breeze, and be a great gift for managers who like coffee or tea in their life.

  1. Desk docking station

Every manager will need regularity in storing their items, whether in the office or at home. You can provide a docking station to store several important items such as watches, keys, earphones, glasses, pens and other small items in one place. You can make the docking station personalized with the boss's name and with the material you choose for a great look, such as wood or acrylic.

  1. Laptop sleeve

A sleek laptop sleeve is needed for managers to keep their laptops safe, even if they are traveling to several different places in the near future. This sleeve will help your managers to be as well-dressed as they are, by choosing a slim and lightweight sleeve that doesn't bulk the device up. Choose a laptop sleeve that can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag. Before you give a laptop sleeve, you must understand the size of the laptop used by your managers so that it suits its function.

  1. High-capacity power bank

A high-capacity power bank will be a useful tech for any manager. They are busy people who have many appointments outside the office. That's why providing a high-capacity power bank can help them to keep their gadgets always with full battery, helping busy managers to always be ready with all their gadgets with their work day.

  1. A book on leadership or personal development

Everyone needs knowledge to stay updated in their life. Not apart from our managers, bosses, or leaders, they also need to learn new things for personal development. Providing books related to leadership and soft skills will provide opportunities for them to grow and improve as a leader. There are many good book choices on the market, such as the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey, which is a reference for successful people to change their habits to be more positive.

  1. Smart mug with temperature control

This item is often known as a self-heating mug because its function is to keep the drink we make in the morning warm and can be sipped at any time. Sometimes managers are too busy with their work, so the hot drinks they prepare become cold afterward. But with this smart mug, their drink will stay at the temperature they want and maintain it for hours.

  1. Suit accessory pack

Managers and bosses are people who pay attention to how they dress. They need clothes that are always neat and elegant, because they will often meet important people, business partners, clients or higher-ups. An expensive set of suit accessories will be suitable for them, because it can match their style for an appearance that is always a top priority. You can provide ties, cufflinks, brooches and tie pins as great options for those who always need a formal atmosphere.

  1. Business card holder

Managers use business cards wherever they go. If managers do not have a proper place to store their business cards, there could be a lot of damage and they cannot be given to potential clients or their prospects. Business cards can affect public perception and must always be in good condition. That's why managers need a business card holder to protect it from any damage.

  1. Travel gear

For managers who frequently travel for business purposes, you can provide several travel gear such as toilet holders, passport holders, travel bags and neck pillows to help make their journey more comfortable.

  1. Office plant

Indoor plants can be a new activity for managers to decorate their office and provide a natural feel in the indoor space. If your managers like gardening and natural elements, any plant can be a pleasure for them because they can care for it every day in their office. You can personalize it with the right sentence like "thank you for your guidance to me. Now it's time for you to grow this plant, just like you did to me".

  1. Desk toy

Every employee needs relaxation every time they have a difficult job, and so do our managers. Give them a desk toy to reduce their stress and at the same time decorate their work desk. You can give them a desk toy based on their favorite movie, TV show or character.

  1. Desk name plates

If you have a good relationship with your manager, and your manager is someone who is okay with the jokes you make to him, then you can make desk name plates containing humor about their personality. Choose desk name plates with elegant materials such as wooden and gold designs, but you can add a hint of humor to the writing such as "The greatest leader is here" or something like that.

  1. A mini humidifier

Managers will be happy if the room is always comfortable with cool air. You can provide a mist humidifier to make any workspace comfortable. The mist can run for 24 hours, making it easier for managers to get fresh air even though they are always in the office.

  1. Mini heater

For managers who always feel cold in their work space, or it is winter, you can provide a mini heater to help them stay warm in their office during working hours. The small heater is still powerful enough to maintain a hot room temperature, compact enough to be placed on the top or bottom of the desk, and the design is suitable for heating up around the desk in seconds.

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Now you can choose what gift suits your manager or leader's personality. Choose the best gift for them, don't forget to personalize it to give a long lasting memory and also bring your relationship with your managers closer to show how much gratitude you have.

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