10 Best Wedding Gift for Couples

Someone close to us in our lives is getting married, and it's time for you to choose a personal wedding gift that can celebrate a new couple starting a new chapter in their life. There are many things to consider when we give gifts to newlyweds, because we have to adjust them to what they like, our budget, or something that can be remembered for a long time. But don't worry, because we have compiled the best list for you, so you can give the best for their new journey of life.

What is a proper gift to give at a wedding?

All types of gifts are appropriate to give at a wedding. For whatever gift you give, don't forget to wrap it in proper packaging, or give it an envelope if you are giving cash. Whatever wedding gift you choose, always give it according to your abilities, don't force your financial condition at that time. Whatever you give as a gift will be appreciated, because your presence at the wedding has become a memorable gift for the newlyweds.

What is the best gift for newly married couple?

A newly married couple is a couple who is just preparing for their new life together. You can give them many things ranging from money, kitchen needs, household needs, office needs, or small trips. The needs of newly married couples will be many after their wedding. For example, they will live in a new house, have savings to buy a house, stabilize their finances after living together, or save for their children in the future.

What to look for in a wedding gift?

There are several factors that you can pay attention to for wedding gifts.

  1. Budget

Even though there are no specific rules for how many gifts you should give, you have to look at your financial condition when you come to the wedding party. Either you think about your personal budget, or adjust it to your closeness to the friends or family who will be holding the wedding.

  1. The wedding date

If you want to choose which gift to send, ensure that the gift is received several days before the wedding, or it can be delivered after the honeymoon. Don't make the mistake of estimating how to give a gift but not according to the date you specified.

  1. A personal touch

Personalized gifts will provide something special and meaningful for newlyweds. Think about the connection you have with the newlyweds, for example giving gifts related to their favorite restaurant, when they first met, what their hobbies are, or planting a tree in their name.

Top 10 wedding gift for couples

Now, let's get into the best wedding list that you can give to those closest to you when celebrating their happy day, before starting a new chapter in their life.

  1. Wine engraving glassware pair gift set

Wine is a symbol of celebration and is also a luxury gift that is suitable for weddings. You can choose the recipient's favorite wine along with the glassware pair, plus engraving on the glass along with the wine bottle. You can choose to draw the photo into a realistic style portrait in the wine bottle, engraved text on the wine glasses to become a best gift memory.

Wedding Gift

DesignYourOwnWine is the right place to get personalized wine gift sets for various occasions such as weddings, promotions, opening new businesses, anniversaries, etc. DesignYourOwnWine has been making the best personalized wine gifts for customers all over the world since 2012, with a large selection of premium imported wines and various kinds of wine glasses.

  1. The pin world map

For couples who like to travel, whether out of town to meet their family or like to explore new cities, this pin world map will be suitable for them as an elegant way to capture their memories. The world map is equipped with pins to mark travel, so they can organize which places they will visit in the near future.

  1. Ring video doorbell

For couples who already have something, you can help them upgrade their home security. The ring is equipped with a video camera that can be accessed via smartphones when someone rings the bell or there is movement on the property. This is the best gift for someone who is moving into a new house or adding security to their home for their peace of mind.

  1. Self-heating mug

For busy couples who often miss their morning drink so it's no longer as warm as morning coffee or tea. The self heating mug can maintain the drink temperature to keep it warm for more than an hour, it can be taken anywhere for anyone who wants to always enjoy their drink while still being active. Grab two so the couple can enjoy a warm drink together.

  1. Food processor

A food processor would be a suitable gift for newlyweds. The food processor has the function of slices, shreds, and purees up to eight cups of food. Whatever a couple wants to cook, such as salsa, soup, or coreslaw, the food processor can help them do it. A new cooking tool in their kitchen will be a new enthusiasm for trying every existing recipe, while cooking food for your partner in the early days of their marriage.

  1. Foot massager

You can give a relaxation gift to working couples. The foot massager has intensity levels with several modes to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation in the ankles, legs and feet. It is very suitable for use when sitting while reading a book, or when relaxing after work. This is a form of gift that no one would ever think they would need for their daily needs.

  1. Robot vacuum

Every couple definitely wants their house to always be clean. The robot vacuum can make that happen because it functions to clean every corner of the room automatically, it can be adjusted via the app to make it easier for you to clean hard-to-reach parts of the house such as under the sofa, under the bed, under the cupboard, or other difficult places.

  1. Instant camera

For newly married couples, of course they will often take photos together to immortalize their moments during their honeymoon or early days of marriage. By giving them a mini instant camera, you can help them capture all the moments, as well as a fun addition for them to take with them when traveling. Not only is the camera quality good, but having a physical copy of the photo can be a special memory for couples.

  1. Cookware set

Are you looking for a group gift to go on with friends? A cookware set is the right choice because you can give a set of pots and pans with the same color and pattern and are dishwasher-safe for convenience. Every couple who is just starting out in their new home will certainly need complete cooking equipment for their daily needs. The cookware set could be a solution for them to start cooking in their new home.

  1. Baking set

Another cooking necessity that new couples will need is a baking set. You can give this gift set to someone who has a passion for baking with a set of the same design, various equipment needed to make cakes, bread, or your partner's creations. The gift set contains a mixing bowl, cake pan, steel cooling rack, loaf pan, circle cookie cutters, muffin pan, piping nozzle, etc. This is a good thing to gift because it can give a couple the enthusiasm to make tasty baked goods for guests or for their new business in the future.

Modern Wedding Gifts For Newlyweds in Hong Kong

Giving gifts to those closest to us who are getting married will be a memory for them, and hopefully the gift we choose will make a good impression whenever they use it. Choose a gift with the best quality, and personalize it so that it shows how you have prepared the best for this new moment in their life. We hope we can provide gift ideas according to what you need, and happy shopping!

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