Best Employee Gift Ideas As A Form of Office Appreciation

An employee is someone who contributes to the progress of the office. If you see their hard work and their struggles all this time, of course you want to give a gift or show your gratitude with appreciation. Generally, the office will give corporation gifts by ordering them in bulk orders. But if you want to give a personal gift, you can look at our employee gift ideas and choose which one suits your needs or is the item you chose for them.

What is considered a gift to an employee?

In the business world, it might seem less common when offices give gifts to their employees. A gift can be many things, starting from the opportunity to develop new knowledge, a gift of experience, a physical gift, a well-being gift, or anything that the office can give to its employees on any occasion.

A gift, no matter how small, will mean a lot to employees, because no one will ever expect to get a reward for the results of their hard work or on their special day from the office. Thinking about employee gift ideas will ensure that every employee will get the best impression and feel grateful for whatever the office gives.

How much should you gift an employee or a coworker?

Giving gifts to employees needs to be assessed based on your purpose for giving them. If a company gives it to an employee because of their achievements, a company is expected to give a gift with a price or something commensurate with the employee's hard work. But if a company wants to give it to all employees for some occasion such as a work anniversary or employee appreciation, you can measure it according to the budget.

If you want to give something special to your coworkers, it depends on how close you are to them. If you want to give something useful or unique, you can give a personalized gift at a fairly high price. The range you can expect to give as employee gift ideas is between HK$100 - HK$1000.

Best employee gift ideas for gratitude purposes

Corporate gifts now have many options, and generally companies or coworkers give these gifts to show general appreciation, celebrate promotions, retirements, first or last day, observe holidays, or tokens of thanks. Whether the gift is from the office to employees or from you to coworkers, this will facilitate greater relationships between employers and workers, or fellow workers.

  • Noise cancelling headphones

Headphones are a work necessity because they can provide peace while working and reduce the possibility of outside noise causing employees to lose focus. In addition to boosting employee's productivity, noise canceling headphones can be something employees want to listen to their favorite songs while working. Choose headphones with wireless and Bluetooth-enabled with powerful microphone for work needs during meetings, recordings, or anything related to work.

  • Personalized wine trophy

A trophy is a gift that illustrates an employee achieving their best in their work. But you can elevate the gift with a personalized wine bottle and design it like a trophy as a commemorative customized gift. Where can you order wine with a portrait engraved in the bottle? DesignYourOwnWine is your answer. DesignYourOwnWine is your best place to design famous wines into the most unique trophies. The carving content is text and portrait carving + base pattern text for the crystal base.

employee gift ideas

Each trophy design and wine you choose will be placed in a beautiful box, so that the recipient can keep the wine bottle as long as they want, and let every sip of wine become a beautiful memory. Whatever the occasion, such as retirement, work anniversary, promotion, thank you token, the personalized wine trophy will be the best gift you'll ever give.

  • Event tickets

If you know your employees well, of course you will know what their preferences are in the areas of concerts, sports, games or shows. Give your employees the best by giving newest event tickets about something they love, and give more than one ticket so your employees can invite their spouse or family. If there are no upcoming events in your area, you can gift season passes for movies, local venues, or gift cards for live events. Thank your employees because their hard work can be done this way, because you can provide something they like, with an experience that they will probably never forget.

  • Brief shoulder bag

Everyone's work luggage is different, and sometimes the main needs are a laptop, stationery, water bottle and several chargers for gadgets. Incase will make it durable and stylish so that your employees will be proud to carry it every time they go to work. Since the recipient can use it to carry tech accessories, laptops, work documents, and personal items, you provide comfort for their work needs and protect their belongings. Choose a bag with high quality material and sleek design so that employees can use it for years.

  • Work from home kit

Especially for offices that use hybrid work and have remote workers, you can provide work equipment for your employees such as earplugs, throw blankets, laptop tables, webcam covers, stationery, or whatever they need to support productivity. A work from home kit is needed so that your employees don't have to prepare their performance needs, and they feel proud because the office facilitates their productivity.


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Employee gifts are an important factor for companies in showing their gratitude, and as an investment so that employees always work at their best. The many options for choosing online gifts make you confused about deciding which one is the best, but we hope some of the lists above will be your choice in trying to give the best to your coworkers or employees.

The most important factor for choosing a corporation gift is to think about the quality of the item you choose, whether it is useful for the recipient, and try your best to express gratitude from management and hope that the recipient can receive it with pride.

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