Writing Retirement Wishes To Your Coworkers

In the near future, a friend of yours will be approaching retirement. As friends who are always with you at work, of course you will feel like they are part of the family, especially with their closeness in times of trouble or happiness. For your future special coworker, it's time for you to prepare retirement wishes as sentiments that are similar to employee appreciation or work anniversary messages. This will work for anyone you want to address, such as a friend, coworker, boss, long-time colleague, or your mentor. Let's check it out.

Do you say congrats when people retire?

If someone is retiring, you can encourage them as a form of celebration because they have completed their work life to this point. Sending them retirement wishes is a simple way to congratulate them on their successful journey and wish them to stay positive and do well on their adventures ahead.

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Someone who will retire will certainly feel like they have lost a lot because they will have a new routine apart from work and will no longer see their colleagues. But by giving heartfelt good wishes or some gifts you can revive their enthusiasm even though they are no longer in the office, and make any moment they have at the office even more memorable.

Simple retirement wishes for coworkers

If you are not very close to a coworker who is approaching retirement, you can make a simple wish for them and send it via note, email, or convey it directly. Here are some retirement messages to consider:

  • Congratulations on your retirement! We are happy with all your achievements so far, and best luck for your newest adventure!
  • I hope your retirement will not erase the memories of our friendship. Don't forget to stay in touch and tell me about how beautiful the world outside the office is!
  • One of the best employees has finished his term of service. It's time for you to enjoy the beautiful times, and I hope you are always happy with your next chapter of life!
  • No words can describe how happy I am when I find out that your work period is almost over. Happy retirement my best colleague.
  • Now is the right time to do the things you said back then. Tell me all the good things after you retire, and don't forget to invite me to your house someday!

Appreciative retirement messages

If someone who is about to retire is close to you, and you want to show how much you value and appreciate them, you can create a retirement message like:

  • I understand very well how hard you work and what you have achieved so far. You not only gave a huge impact to the office but also touched a lot of lives in this journey. I am sad and happy to welcome your retirement!
  • You're the best in this office! May your future contain the things you've dreamed of and less of what you don't!
  • It's obvious that you are the one who made this office reach this proud point. We will always love and appreciate you. Happy retirement!
  • Legends like you will always be remembered. Never forget about how we fought together in this office. Hope positive things always accompany you in your retirement.
  • I always respect your work ethic and hard work. Whatever you have achieved up to now will grow into good things later after retirement!

Funny retirement messages

Retirement is a bittersweet occasion. If you don't want to part with tears or sadness, you can make funny retirement messages to brighten their mood:

  • Don't make me jealous that you can skip work, while I have to continue working in the same place every day! Don't ask me to get a happy long holiday like you! But enjoy it, my dear colleague.
  • So, who else can entertain us during those boring hours? Our best people will leave this office, of course the days will be quiet and less interesting. But happy retirement!
  • Boss said you were promoted to the retirement stage? Please, I also want to live that happy chapter! I hope you enjoy with that promotion!
  • Are you sure you won't miss the office atmosphere and my cuteness? Well, good for you because you can avoid me as far as possible. Ensure you are always happy out there, my hero!
  • Good for you, you can get unlimited vacation time, while we have to continue this big tasks everyday. Don't mock us with that happy face please!

Tips on writing retirement wishes to your colleagues

If you think that some of the messages above are not suitable for what you want, the tips below are some guidelines for creating a memorable message.

  1. Congratulate the retiree

Adding a simple congratulations by adding what achievements the retiree has had in the office. Or you can give them self-awards with funny things such as being named the funniest employee, the most energetic employee, or the most hard worker in this office.

  1. Mirror the retiree’s feelings

We need to see whether retirees are excited about their retirement or feel hard time leaving employment. Make retirement messages according to their mood, or anything that can boost their mood.

  1. Add a gift

If you think a congratulatory message isn't enough to touch their heart, you can add a personal gift such as engraving wine with their photo in the middle of the wine.

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At DesignYourOwnWine you can choose several imported wines to get engravings in the form of photos, names and retirement dates. You can give it a package with hampers or wine glasses. With retirement messages and unique bottles with their photos, of course the retiree will remember them for the rest of their life and keep that bottle as an unforgettable item.

  1. Highlight special memories

Memorable moments will be the best memories for retirees. Make the retiree always remember moments with you during company trips, funny things during meetings, when the retiree taught important things in the office, etc.

Hope our list can make your retirement messages to your coworkers even more meaningful. Don't forget to add a retirement gift on DYOW and choose the best package you want.

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