Dom Pérignon Wine Prices, and What makes them Special

When we are talking about premium wine and Champagne, one varietal that you might know is Dom Pérignon. It is premium quality Champagne that set aside any lower quality wine and champagne, as there is outstanding quality of each. Each bottle of Dom Perignon has different quality in itself, there are good bottles, and there are outstanding bottles, but never bad quality Dom Perignon.

Dom Perignon itself didn’t invent champagne, however, it refines it to the highest possible degree, making it one elegant bottle for the very special and privileged people now to enjoy. 

It is considered luxury champagne that befits the royal wedding, and in the 1990s, it is well known that Prince Charles's and Princess Diana ordered more than 99 bottles of Dom Pérignon 1961 vintage, ordered specifically for their royal wedding. It gives them the royal seal of approval from the British royal family, and now, it stayed as one of the royal champagne, for very special formal occasions. 

What Makes Them Special And What Prices For Each Vintage Bottle

Dom Pérignon

Why is Dom Perignon so special? Dom Perignon has been well known as the royal vintage of Champagne, and a bottle of one vintage Dom Perignon could cost you around $185, which is only the starting price for one bottle. A special vintage of Dom Perignon could even reach for more than $250. It is not surprising, that Dom Perignon has been tied with the royal occasion, as well as special moments that require elite champagne.

The Dom Perignon itself is well-known for its delicious catalog of beautiful vintage bottles, with oak cork. It has been featured in many pop culture and movies, from James Bond movies, and featured in many music videos all across the globe.

Dom Pérignon price varied depending on the vintage bottle choices, the premium quality of the champagne bottle, as well as its vintage year. The starting price of this champagne would be around $185, while the elite vintage could be auctioned for more than $450. 

What makes them special, however, is that each bottle is meticulously crafted, with hyper-attention to detail, meaning that each Dom Perignon bottle has slightly different tastes of the brand, as well as a hint. For its namesake, the Benedictine monk of Dom Pierre Perignon describes this wine as one of the best, and tasting of stars. 

Where To Buy Dom Perignon

Looking to buy one bottle of vintage Dom Perignon? Here, you can find custom wine that provides you with customized wine bottle, as well as a premium vintage bottle of wine, champagne, spirits, and beer, delivered to you right to your doorstep. 

If you are looking for classy, elegant, as well as elite champagne for a super special occasion, then Dom Pérignon would be the absolute best choice. With its out-of-the-world taste, as well as the brand that earns a royal stamp, it has been standing the test of time.

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