The Best Wine for Autumn Selections

The best wine is reserved for the best occasion, whether it is for graduation, retirement party, celebrations, festival celebration, marriage, and many more. We can’t have a festive occasion without the best wine you can get. If you are wondering which is the best wine for the autumn season, then you have come to the right place. Here, you can see our selections the best wine for autumn and early winter. 

10 Best Wine For Fall And Early Winter Treat

the best wine for autumn

Crisp air, cozy air, colorful leaves falling, and cozy fabrics, all of these indicate one thing, Autumn has come. When you want to relax and enjoy the seasonal bounties with Fall, enjoy all of them with these selections of 10 wines, perfect for the cooling weather of fall and early winter.

Treat us, so here are 10 recommendations for wine varietals that are the best wine for autumn season: 

Pinot Noir 

It is light red wine, that perfect way to greet the new fall season. It comes from a variety of regions from Oregon, Washington, and Burgundy. It is fruity and earthy, making it perfect to pair with Autumn seasonal ingredients such as Turkey and stuffed mushrooms. 


It has a richness that is similar to other wines such as Chardonnay, with aromatic rose and a bit of Mango. You will find this varietal in many regions of Australia and the United States. 


It is popular white wine, that is popular for its bottle of oaked variety. It has a rich buttery taste, with a hint of poached pear, vanilla, and butterscotch. It pairs well with rich creamy pasta, toasted hazelnuts, and seared salmon and scallops. 


Carignan is a medium-bodied red wine, famous for its fragrance, hints of cranberry, a bit of cured meats, and baking spices. It pairs well with beef brisket, and a lot of thanksgiving dinners, as it complements well with the meaty texture of Turkey and beef.

Italian Rose

The Italian Rose is made from Grapes grown in Aglianico, Carnival, and Sangiovese, three great regions for wine-making in Italy. It has a darker color, with robust flavor, a hint of cherry with orange zest, along with baking spices that makes it always great to pair with wild herbs, and mushroom. 


It has a slightly lighter body and makes it a great choice for red wine, especially for the autumn season. It has notes of bay leaf, plum, and vanilla, and it is great to be paired with turkey, and beef ribs. 

Chenin Blanc

It is a white wine with a rich taste, medium-bodied, and has hints of lemon curd, baked apple, and brioche. It pairs well with pies, roasted turkey, and tortilla soup. 


It is a medium-bodied red wine that pairs well with roasted lamb, and baked zucchini. It has hints of taste from dried figs, and baking spices like cloves and cinnamon, with hints of earthy tobacco. 


It is a light great wine that is considered a traditional red wine and has a hint of taste with a light acidic flavor, candied fruit, and mild tannins

Dom Perignon

Last but not least our recommendation for the best wine for autumn season is the Dom Pérignon. It has a naturally rich, and earthy flavor, along with a bit of acidic taste, that craves you more.

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