Hobbies to Invest On! Is collecting wine a hobby?

Hobbies. Everybody definitely has them. Some people like to watch movies, do some workouts, window shopping, or even write articles just like this! However, if you’d like to kill more of your time, consider collecting something you like. It will definitely be very addicting, but look on the bright side: you could decorate your house with displays of things you like to collect, right?

Without a doubt, finding collectibles of your liking is an enjoyable experience. You can spend hours browsing the web or stores just to expand your catalogue. However, some would consider it as a waste of time and money. Besides spending money for the collectibles itself, you would also need to purchase maintenance tools needed to keep them in pristine condition.

But do you know that over time, your own collection might be an investment? Indeed, some collections might rise up in value, and you can definitely sell them at a profit if you’d like it! So, if you already have some sort of unique collection stored somewhere in your basement, be sure to search and start taking care of them. There’s a big chance that you might earn double the price you spent.

If you are interested in starting a new line of collection, you might want to consider some of the list we provided below:

1. Stamp

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Without a doubt, this one should be on the list, right? Collecting stamps has been a huge trend since our grandparents’ era. Apparently, the trend of stamp hunting is finding a new breath of fresh air. Guardian reports that younger generations have found an interest in collecting them, despite the fact that they probably never send any postcards. Some would say that it has a nostalgic feeling, while some would argue that every stamp represents a unique story behind them. Whatever the reason, there’s no hiding behind the fact that valuable stamps could be worth up to thousands of dollars.

2. Comics

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You might think that comics are for children. Guess what, think again! Similar to stamps, certain comics can be resold at a high price. Usually, comics will be valuable when they contain certain milestones in a storyline, such as a character’s first appearance. Currently, the title for the most expensive comic ever falls to the first ever Superman comic: Action Comics #1, which has been sold for $3.25 million.

3. Funko POP Figures

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There are lots of action figures and toys out there to collect. But Funko POP figures have been one who stood out more than the rest. These four inches tall figures seemed to be a cute figure for you to buy as a present. However, be sure to hold out to some of them for yourselves.

Funko produced a wide range of figures, ranging from movie characters to music stars. There are thousands of different Funko figures out there in the market, and that’s the reason why production of certain figures will be limited. And if you managed to get high-demand POPs at a retail price, count yourself lucky. You might see them be listed at a price ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars in the near future.

4. Vinyl Record

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Nothing will ever top the sound of analog music. The clarity of a song which is accompanied by pops and crackles every now and then can never be bested by Spotify or other streaming services. And that probably explains the resurgence of record collecting.

But how is that possible? Perhaps tunecore.com said it best, as collecting and listening to records is an experience that can never be replicated by any other digital platform. Moreover, the older pressing of a record you own, the higher chance you can brag it to your friends. One could only imagine owning an original copy of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” valued at around $3,000, Soundgarden’s “Badmotorfinger” and other holy grails of vinyl records.

5. Wine

There are a lot of fancy and expensive drinks that you can treat yourself to. But you can’t keep those, as they will expire and eventually be worthless. Wine, however, will taste better and grow in value over time. Wine enthusiasts around the world compete to find and collect the best wine out there. And that’s why collecting wine can cost you a lot of money. The outcome, however, could give you triple the money you invest.

Now that we have listed out interesting collections to be your investment, we feel the need to warn you too! It is strongly advised to collect stuff that you really like. There is still a possibility that you won’t get any profit out of selling your collection. If you really focus on the business side of it, chances are that you will just get stressed out by it.

So, how can we start collecting? First things first, start by searching out stuff that fits your budget. Take wine collecting as an example. Again, do not worry that it won’t go up in value, as you will still enjoy the products you collect. You can start order from us. Designyourown.wine offers a huge amount of wine collection for you to pick. You can order from here.

On top of that, you could also customize your own wine for your liking. So, what are you waiting for? Happy hunting!

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