Wedding Gift Inspiration: 8 Gift Ideas For Friends Wedding

You’ve got invited! You have all the things prepared, like wedding dress or suit, shoes and everything else. However, you still have no idea what to bring to your friends’ wedding. 

No worries, choosing the best gift for a wedding might sometimes take a bit more time. To put it plainly, different people like different things. That’s why choosing the best gift that suits the newlywed couple is a thing! 

While the process can be difficult, here we got your things covered! We have some recommendations if you really want to give something off-registry or trying to find the just-right thing to put on your own. 

Please remember, you have also to consider a gift that the newlywed couple will enjoy or something that is useful for them for years to come. If you are unsure it's best if you stick with their carefully chosen selection or you may take inspiration from it. 

With those things in mine, here are some of the best registry items that the newlywed couples will be delighted to receive for their wedding gift. From essential things to daily needs. You can make it perfect! 

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Here are some ideas that you are looking for! 

Wine Glasses

Custom Wine Glasses Hong Kong

Giving wine glasses now is more popular than ever. Celebrating a wedding with wine is traditional at weddings. So what could be more fitting than a new wine glass set? The newly wed couple must be honored to receive these wine glasses. Absolutely, they can’t wait any longer to use it! 

To make it more memorable, you can give them a set of wine glasses with matching colors. Or even you can make it personalized. Each one is engraved with their name and the year they’re getting married. It becomes more memorable for them. They would thank you for the perfect wedding gift you gave. 

Think about this wedding gift carefully. Don’t forget to match the style with their taste and also preferences. 

Kitchen Set

Kitchen Set HK

Kitchen tools are always good wedding gifts for couples. Imagine that marriage is forever, and so is a good kitchen set. By giving newlyweds a piece of extremely long-lasting cookware, you’re ensuring that they’ll be talking about your gift for years and potentially generations to come. Think about something long lasting and they can use it until later.

Custom Wine Gift

Think that the newlyweds have got some of the best wedding gifts. Then, you have to make sure that your wedding gift is the best way possible! This Custom Wine Gift will add another sense of happiness. 

Imagine that they are really tired of wedding preparation until it happens. And after the wedding, they will have a good time together. Your custom wine gift will be a lit! They can enjoy the wine together and have a good time together. 

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You can customize the wine with their name, add a little wish or even you can make a custom wine gift. It’s gonna be something memorable and become the best wedding gift ever. You can personalize it in Design Your Own Wine and go get yours now!

Tumbler Set 

Tumbler Set Hong Kong

Think that the newlyweds are in love with beer. This idea of giving them a tumbler set can be really fantastic! Since they can keep the beer colder longer on the tumbler. The customizable tumbler set can be more memorable for them. You can customize their name on the tumbler with “Ms and Mrs”. It’s very sweet, right? Don’t also forget to add a greeting card for them to send your best wishes to them. 

Cheese Board

Custom Cheese Board Hong Kong

It might be surprising to you, if a cheese board can be a remarkable wedding gift idea! It will be very suitable to give your foodie newlywed. Choose a personalised cheese board. Get into personal, with personalized names on the cheese board. 

It gives a sense of recognition. You can also put special wishes on the boards, to get it personalized you can order a Personalized Cheese Board in Hong Kong. You can also request the design that really suits the home owners.

The couples might not even think about this gift, but surely they will love it! Especially the foodie couple. 

Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Classy but this one can be a perfect wedding gift ever! You can make your wedding gift stand out by bringing the newly weds a custom framed photo. It’s personal, unique and can be displayed in their house later. 

You can picture one of the couple's favorite memories together. This can be very special, especially if they will live together. So, they can still remember the good time shared together. And when they look at the picture, they will remember you for giving them that memorable picture. 

Another option is, you can make a custom framed photo with their favorite landscape. If they are an adventurous couple or they love travelling, you can pick good scenery on pinterest or any other website to find a beautiful landscape. Then frame it! 

Or another thing, you can frame your picture together.  But please remember that these ideas will be very remarkable if you really know the couples preferences and you really know what their tastes are. It will be memorable and get personal. 



Who doesn’t need a clock in their house? Especially the newlyweds who are going to live in a new house. Well, the unique clock is a fantastic gift for them. The advent of smartphones has dropped that, but let’s be honest! Who can’t deny seeing the clock in the house even though we have one on our smart phone. Looking at a clock is a lot more aesthetic, right? So, let’s make their home feel homey and cozy with a clock that suits their taste. 

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Brew up your gift to the newlyweds couple! This gift will suit them very well if they are both coffee lovers. Coffee drinkers are increasingly approaching their daily dose of caffeine as more of a hobby or passion project. 

With so many specialized makers and gadgets available, you can hand them a coffee maker. So they can both produce coffeehouse-quality brew for themselves. This gift is really a good move! Imagine that they will have a good time together accompanied by a cup of coffee. 

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