Is the fruit basket a good gift?

The answer is of course! Because it is suitable for all ages, and no gift is more intimate than a healthy gift. Now the convenient online shopping makes it very convenient to order fruit baskets online. The price of the fruit basket is more realistic than offline. The current beautiful fruit baskets can even be customized!

When buying a fruit basket, you are not arbitrarily choosing, who to buy it for, what the meaning is, which fruits are needed, the placement of the fruits, the packaging, etc., all of which are exquisite. 

Choosing appropriately reflects both taste and heart. Here we introduces some skills of fruit basket matching.

Fruit matching skills:

1. The number of fruits must be even

 A fruit basket requires at least 6 fruits, and the number of fruits must be even.

2. The color matching must be harmonious

The color matching of fruits is the most important, such as cantaloupe-golden yellow, apple-red, orange-green or yellow, grapes-cyan or red, mango-bright yellow or cyan, each fruit is It has its unique color. 

Just pay attention when you choose which fruits to match. They are all beautiful, but you should pay attention to staggering these colors when placing them.

3. Choose fruit varieties according to the actual situation

Generally speaking, the best fruit to choose for elders, relatives and friends is high-end, and you can choose relatively rare imported fruits to show the grade! If you send a patient, it depends on which patient you choose.

Consider the actual situation of the other party when fruit, such as patients with asthma symptoms are not suitable to eat longan, if the physique is weak and cold, bananas should be eaten less, these details can best tell whether the sender is interested.

Pay attention to the fruit basket matching:

1. Understand the taste of others. Know that giving gifts is not to make yourself happy, but to make others happy. Anything that is experimenting with other people’s tastes is not a good gift.

2. Whether your gift is 3 yuan or 300 yuan, you must first tear off the price tag. Sending a gift with a clearly marked price seems to remind the other party how much my gift cost. It is generally considered impolite to have a price tag on a gift.

3. Carefully select packaging. Gifts are different from personal use. Good content is important, and a good form adds color. The principle of gift-giving is to choose beautiful packaging as much as possible.

Latest Decent Fruit Basket Promotion

A high-quality imported fruit basket with a custom-made customer’s company name/logo and your blessings or noble engraved imported wine will be the best company gift for health and dignity.

DYOW is the first in Hong Kong to launch a fruit basket with customized wine: a variety of seasonal imported fresh fruit hamper, a variety of imported wine choices, and nourishing gifts, tea and high-end snacks can also be added;even cheap fruit baskets with customed wine in contained. It meets the company's high requirements and can also impress customers.

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