4 Best Retirement Gifts For Bosses

Someone asked: "An old boss is about to retire. He treats me well on the pasted days. When I have any difficulties, he will immediately help me solve them. Moreover, his moral character is very good in all aspects. I want to give him a gift to show my respect for him. 

What is the best gift for retirement?

There are some gift recommendations for bosses that might inspire you. Here are the recommendations.

1. Eating utensils

Tea sets and tea pots are good choices. Tea culture is unique in China. Whether in the office or at home, sit in the corner of the sun and make a pot of good tea. Under the guidance of him, let him walk into the world of tea fragrance.

2. Interest of life

Blue-and-white porcelain objects bear the brunt of the problem. “The original embryo outlines the blue and white brush and the sharpness of the brush, the peony depicted on the bottle body is just like your first makeup, and the sandalwood is like your first makeup.

I know what I am thinking through the window A blue and white porcelain gift for the retired boss couldn't be better.

3. Hobbies

Give a pot of green plants to cultivate the old boss’s hobbies. The leader has worked his life for work. When he retires, life can be relaxed and comfortable. You send a bonsai to the old boss. In the leisure time of retirement, he can plant flowers and enjoy the fun that nature brings him.

4. First choicecommemorative gift

After decades of hard work, it is of course necessary to have a sense of ritual at the age of retirement. Recommend to prepare a commemorative crystal trophy as a retirement gift. It is also a recognition of the achievements of decades of work.

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Design Your Own Wine has the latest wine trophy in Hong Kong. In addition to the characters/patterns you want, the crystal trophy is also a collectible wines. 

Special Retirement Gift from  DYOW

You can engrave the portrait of the boss on the bottle, plus your blessings to him. The wine trophy is a mellow wine with many years of achievements, and the carving is permanent, which is of great commemorative significance. 

DYOW also have a variety of custom wines/wine glasses/fruit baskets to choose from, which will definitely make you send a thoughtful retirement gift that will impress your boss.

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