Thoughtful Holiday Office Party Ideas to Celebrate With Your Team

Your employees have worked hard every year for the company's progress, and it's time for you to show appreciation for them by thinking about holiday office party ideas. Holiday parties are celebrated to release employees from work obligations, relax their day at the office, and a way to socialize with colleagues. Every party held by the office has a high-impact on employees, because they feel valued and can experience joy at the office in addition to the responsibilities they have while working.

What is the purpose of a party in office?

Parties give employees the opportunity to unwind, have fun, and understand other team members on a personal level. Sometimes the workplace is just a place to get work done and little collaboration is created. But by having a party at the office, you give employees the opportunity to get close to each other while enjoying the moment. Thinking about holiday office party ideas can boost employee morale and be a way to show your appreciation.

How do you navigate an office holiday party?

A party is an event that must be enjoyed by all guests without exception. Before you prepare holiday office party ideas, you must be able to navigate the employees as to the requirements they must fulfill when attending an office party.

First rule, employees are not allowed to activate their cellphones during the party. If there are employees who spend the entire party looking down at their phone, that means they didn't enjoy the party, and could be considered disrespectful by others. Advise employees not to activate their cellphones during the party, unless there is an important call from family.

Second rule, give employees the opportunity to meet new people in the office. Sometimes some employees will only hang out with their team or those they feel close to. However, encourage employees to interact with each other or meet new people to expand relationships and get to know the whole family at the office.

The third rule, plan the schedule of events for a holiday party, without having to be a party that just drinks or eats. You can organize several events such as mini games, speeches from higher-ups, corporation gifts, or employee recognition.

Best holiday office party ideas for work

Throwing a lively party will make a lasting impression on employees and they can enjoy the event while unwinding after work. We've put together some of the best ideas for events that you can include at your holiday party office.

  1. Fine dining with luxury wine

You can hold dinner at the office with a fine dining concept, by hiring a professional chef to handle the menu, and you prepare luxury wine to drink together at dinner later. Or you invite all employees to cook together, serving the best dish they ever created for a holiday party at the office. To make it more memorable, you can order a customized wine bottle from DesignYourOwnWine to be engraved in the middle of the bottle with a quote, date or name from the party. The bottle can be kept as a memento in the office, and the wine can be enjoyed together.

holiday office party ideas

You can choose from many types of imported wine, and can order a package with wine glasses, along with engraving. DesignYourOwnWine will make your dinner party unforgettable by providing the best quality wine you'll ever taste.

  1. Karaoke

A karaoke party can relieve fatigue while enjoying music with your team. Let each employee sing their favorite song, with at least them having to hold the mic and sing one song. Rent one or more karaoke machines and prepare some snacks and drinks for one night. Or you decide to invite all employees to a karaoke venue to sing together for a few hours, so you don't have to worry about equipment and song choices. If you want to stick to a theme, you can ask employees to choose special holiday songs or retro songs from a particular decade.

  1. Costume contest

Announce the contest well before the event is held. The costume contest is a great way to have some fun at the office together. Let employees come up with a holiday-themed costume and surprise everyone with their creativity. Don't forget to prepare a prize for the best costume from the results of the collective vote, and let each employee show and explain the costume they are wearing.

Provide a photo booth so that every employee can take photos together, encourage interaction, and have fun together.

  1. Gift exchange

Assign your team members to buy a gift for someone on their team. Adjust the budget so that each employee understands how much they have to spend to buy gifts for their partners. Ensure company has prepared several additional gifts to cover the possibility that there are employees who do not receive gift exchanges from their coworkers. Giving gifts to coworkers is one way of team bonding and increasing trust in each other at work.

  1. Guess the coworker

Make some fun at the party by asking employees to bring photos of when they were little. This activity will encourage every employee to reminisce about the past and talk about it. Each employee will tell their story with joy, while showing their smile at the photo or wearing a cute costume.

You can collect photos of each employee by labeling them with numbers, make a display on the board, and ask each employee to write down who is in the photo. The person who can guess the most coworkers as a child will win a prize.

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Holiday office parties will be more interesting when employees can gather, chat with each other, and be engaged when there are certain games or activities. Everyone will appreciate your effort to throw a great holiday party to help everyone connect, relax, and bond. We hope our ideas can help you in creating a great event, and ensure you prepare any prizes for employees for their efforts and liven up the atmosphere.

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