Top 6 Gifts With Alcohol for Any Celebration

If you are confused when choosing versatile goodies for celebrations, you won't be confused anymore when you start choosing gifts with alcohol. The alcohol gift is a symbol of celebration, consumable, and can also be memorable when you personalize it and include it in your gifting plans. This kind of gift can be for adults, coworkers, clients, or bosses who like alcoholic drinks. Get all the best alcohol gift ideas that you need, because the recipient of your gift also desires something luxurious and also memorable for their life.

Is gifting alcohol appropriate?

Alcohol is generally a welcome gift, but not all types of alcoholic beverage are appropriate as gifts. Pay attention to the gifts with alcohol that you choose, because you can adapt them to the person in your life according to their preferences and occasion. Giving alcohol is a perfect way to create camaraderie and celebrate milestones for whoever the recipient is if you choose the right alcoholic beverages.

There are things that must be considered regarding whether or not you can give alcohol as a gift, because you need to pay attention to company regulations if you want to give it to office friends or managers, and also diverse cultures and religions. Not all cultures and religions will be okay when you want to give alcoholic beverages. Please be wise about it.

Why does alcohol make people happy?

When a person starts drinking alcohol, their bodies produce extra dopamine which can make them happier than before. That's why alcohol is a beverage that is prepared during celebrations or big events, because it can provide calm, less anxiety and confidence after drinking it. Each person has their own strength level for the level of alcohol they drink, and it will have different effects for each person. But everyone who drinks alcohol will feel joy, euphoria, pleasure because of the release of endorphins.

Besides the person who receives the gift will be happy with your gift, of course you need to think about the best alcohol gift that is appropriate, starting from its quality to its appearance.

Top 6 gifts with alcohol for any celebration

If you want to choose gifts with alcohol for any occasion and an important person in your life, then you have to think carefully about the type of alcoholic beverages you will give, understand what the recipient likes or needs. Let's look at our list of the best alcohol gifts.

  • Engraving wine bottle and flowers

How about you give the recipient's favorite wine along with a box filled with flowers. Of course, you can choose a flower that has a nice color to match the color of the wine you choose, and you can elevate the gift by engraving it on the wine bottle.

Gifts With Alcohol

You can write the recipient's name, a cartoon illustration of the recipient's face, or initials. Choose the imported wine with the best taste of your choice, then wrap it neatly in a box with flowers inside.

  • Fruit hampers with luxury champagne

Fruit hampers can contain various types of fruit that the recipient likes, or you can request fruit of the same color to suit a particular festival celebration. You can add a fruit hamper with luxury champagne such as Moet & Chandon or Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut according to the reference you want. The hamper will look good if you arrange it neatly, adding a thank you note or message that you put in the middle of the hamper.

  • Make your liquors kit home edition

Every whiskey fan will love this gift because they have the opportunity to make their own whiskey. Simply choose a base alcohol, and in this gift set there is a step by step guideline and the recipient can make whiskey at home. There is a botanical checklist that is included in the whiskey gift set, such as 3 types of Scottish organic wood whiskey chips, 5 types of organic natural ingredients like cinnamon, orange peels, etc. There is nothing more interesting for whiskey lovers who are given the opportunity to make their own drink and be amazed by the work they create.

  • Premium food hamper

You can give premium food such as twining English tea, Australian Mocanna coffee powder, Italian black truffle sauce / jam, GuyLian Belgian chocolate, don't forget St. Louis wine or other imported wine in your gift set. You can choose how many premium foods you want to put in the hamper, or choose the wine you want. If you want to personalize it, you can engrave it to be more memorable.

  • Veuve Clicquot Brut with Engraving

Imagine you can give Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne in a unique container, and when you open the box, the recipient can see that the Veuve Clicquot Brut bottle has engraving in the middle such as a special day, promotional date, or any occasion. You can order the champagne of your choice with details of engraving and colors to make it look stunning.

  • Wine bottle and glasses gift set with engraving

There is no better gift set for wine than the one with the wine glass. You can give a personal touch to wine bottles and wine glasses with engraving, because you can put a photo, date, or a certain quote and engrave it in the middle of the glasses and bottle. The large selection of luxury wines might make you confused, but when it comes to engraving designs, you can request them directly and get exactly what you want.

How to Choose Wine That Fits Your Personality

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